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Still more Sonic the Hedgehog accessories!
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. These are a pretty even mix of old and new for your viewing fun. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Accessories are still being made today, and there are still more vintage ones left to find, so keep on the lookout to collect them all.
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Rainbow Foil Modern Checker Flip Wallet This is a large flat wallet, called the "Flip open" wallet. (the catch at the top flips up, then it opens like a file folder for your items. Originally for girls (as you can't put it in a pocket, but it will fit in a purse) this wallet type is now likely for anyone. If you look closely, you can see the whole exterior is printed onto tiny-fleck holo-foil material, which gives the silver/white checkers a sort of rainbow hue. The effect (much like a shiny collector card) is difficult to photograph. Sideways peace-sign modern Sonic adds interest to the front. It has a sort of plastic-cloth-like interior (not faux leather), with 1 zip pocket. This is 14.99 at Spencers gifts in 2012 (likey, fall) It should also be on their website for the season/until it sells out. Discovered by SonicBoy19
This is called the "Sonic Geometric Rings" belt. It's a black belt (likely in faux leather) with blue triangles & gold rings. It has scattered neo-classic Sonic art at various sizes throughout the length. The buckle is just normal metal. The design is nice for a long/thin object, as it ensures Sonic pictures at almost no-matter what the angle. This is 19.99 at Spencers gifts in 2012 (likey, fall) It should also be on their website for the season/until it sells out. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Rings & Triangles Classic Sonic Belt
All Blue Flat Clip Sonic Face Wallet This is a simple flat clip wallet. It's the usual rectangle shape, usually considered for putting into a purse since it's too big for any pocket. The interior has slots for credit cards, but not much else. These are generally rather thin. The bump on the top releases a latch to open it. It's nice & simple, with all-blue theme & classic Sonic face. Likely to be a shiny plastic or faux leather. This is a Spencers Gifts 2012 item, that should be about 14.99
Sonic 2 Embroidered Pre Order Cap This black cap is uncommon. It could only be gotten if you pre-ordered Sonic 2 in the USA. (But from which store?) The cap is just plain black, but both designs are fully embroidered. It has Sonic standing next to a white (with blue border) Sega logo on the front, while there's another nice big Tails w/logo graphic on the back. He's shown peeking out from behind the logo, though the art is simplified (ie no ear color) for the embroidery. This is a nicely detailed hat for a freebie/bonus item! Owned by ShadowFoxx757
Classic Style Sonic Plush Face Slippers Yet more Sonic slippers...for people who really want plush dolls for their feet. These all-blue fuzzy slippers have classic Sonic plush faces for the toe part. The logo is embroidered under where the foot goes in back. These are merely fairly designed. His spikes are greatly reduced and/or missing so that a foot can fit inside. This gives the face a bit of an odd look. This is 14.99 at Spencers gifts in 2012 (likey, fall) It should also be on their website for the season/until it sells out. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Embossed Classic Rubber Wallet Bifold This is a rubber bifold wallet. It's got some good detail, including blue pixel-style stripe, nice offset / overlayed classic Sonic & interesting embossed "SONIC" word stamped into each side 4 times in a blocky font. The embossing adds interest & texture to the design. The interior has a pocket for money & slots for credit cards. There's also a clear ID window. Likely to be a BioWorld item, but not confirmed. Found at Spencers in 2012 for about 14.99
2012 Sheet Temporary Tattoos Here's a new set of rub on temporary tattoos. It uses 2012 new stock art & you get 2 sheets (12 tattoos total) It has action/running Shadow, action Sonic, Knuckles with fist up, skidding Tails, thumbs up Sonic & peace signs Amy. A good selection with cool fresh art! But what company produced these, and where can you buy them?
This is an uncommon promotional hat. It's a baseball cap style hat that's a co-promotion with Sonic Spinball & Life Savers' candy. Sonic & Life Savers had co-promoted before, with 'hot rings' flavored candy, & mail-away warpper contests. This hat could have been a prize for one of their contests, or possibly a 'swag' item at an event. The hat is white with a blue brim and dot on the top. The front has an embroidered design with a large yellow Life Saver candy that Sonic is jumping in front of. (Uncommon art)
Life Savers Spinball Promo Hat Cap
The back has embroidery for the Lifesavers logo & the Spinball logo. This is no cheap piece of merch with all the embroidered detailing, it's a quality cap. But how could it be aquired?
MIB 1990s Sonic Slippers Here's a good look at the 1990s pair of kids-size Sonic slippers, complete with very-rare box. Most people throw away shoe/slipper boxes right away, so this one is unusual to see. It's simply checkered, with the Sonic 1 logo on it, which tells you about how early these slippers are. They've got striped ankle cuffs, plush Sonic heads & belly dots, but no arms or other 'doll like' details. The eyes are a little odd looking, due to the 'eye shine' on the plastic pieces. These are interesting to see in the original package! Discovered by MrCalistine
Think Fast Pixel Sonic Cap Here's a cool hat with lots of detail! It has a 16 bit look pixelated Sonic & Tails sprite running on the front. They look embroidered in that pixel style, for a unique look. Under the bill of the cap you can see "Sonic" embroidered in thick letters. The back says "Think Fast" in blue embroidery. This is a well designed cap, it has been seen at HotTopic. Photo discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Trifold Chain Sonic Tails Faux Leather Wallet Hinge Flat Sonic Tails Wallet
Here are 2 wallets by Bio World. They both have the same theme, but are in different formats. To the left is the usual tri-fold faux-leather type wallet with chain & strap that Bioworld makes
in loads of Sonic styles. It has Sonic on one side & Tails on the other. The background is the modern Sonic logo in English & Japanese. The interior has the snaps, usual 3 pockets & ID window area. The flat wallet has Sonic & Tails in the same poses, with the same scattering of logos, but adds a yellow starburst as part of the design. Now you can have a Sonic & Tails wallet no-matter which style you prefer. Photos discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Sonic 3 Embroider Logo Cap Hat This is likely an uncommon cap. It's for Sonic 3, but it has JUST the logo for the game and nothing else. Usually Sonic stuff will have a Sonic at least somewhere on it, but not this item. The logo is big, & all embroidered, so it's a good quality. The hat appears to be a dark navy blue and is otherwise plain. Was this some sort of bonus item, or booth item?
Yarn Shadow Hat Here's something new and slightly strange. It's a Shadow themed winter hat, but it's decorated with some kind of strange yarn mowhawk. The hat has two braided side tassels. The Shadow face is very vivid and clear & actually looks really good. (Is it plastic, or embroidery?) But what is the red & black yarn supposed to represent? Spkies? Or is it just a color-themed decoration? This is available at Wal Mart in fall 2013 for about 10.00. Photo by Dustin LeeAutry Foil Checker Wallet Modern This is a cool modern Sonic wallet. It's faux leather & plastic. It has a large Sonic portrait with (what is that, sideways peace sign hand?) & logo on the back. It's partially checkered, but the checkers are rainbow-tone foil. (Sort of like the holofoil on special cards) It's a bifold, with interior pockets & a single clear front pocket for ID. This is a Spencers Gifts item in store & online in 2013, it should be about 14.99 which is pretty reasonable for a wallet.
Sonic Game Gloves Game Glove Put On
Video Game Gloves "Padded for super video game play!" The back of the paper package has a hand measuring scale so you can choose a size before you buy a glove pair.
Glove Size chart paper & glove package These are supposed to be gloves that enhance your video game playing...ability?
The thumb of the glove is indeed slightly padded. They fit likely mostly children's sizes, to teens. (Big hands or long fingers don't work here) As you can see in the photo, they've been used some, by someone who has stained the thumb tip. Supposedly, there were also pairs in blue and red, but no one has ever seen any. They are fingerless except the thumb, and have a black leather palm. The Sonic panel there has a raised design, and it flops over to velcro shut the glove. These were aquired from someone who was selling off their entire Sonic the Hedgehog item Collection long ago. These are now in the SonicGear collection.