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Sonic American Modern Accessories
Here's a page for MODERN accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Gray Winter Hat Scarf Gloves Sonic Set In time for fall 2014, here comes a 3 piece Sonic set. This winter set features a knit cap, scarf & gray stretchy gloves. The hat has a blue rim, band of black checkers & classic style Sonic face (probably an embroidered patch sewn on) The scarf has the same band of black checkers, 'ready position' classic style (or a neoclassic redraw) Sonic & a few tiny white 'sparkle' marks above him. Oddly, the gloves are not decorated at all & have 0 Sonic features. (Which is too bad & makes them look like some un-matching tack-on item, sadly) The set is still an interesting one to get, as accessory sets are uncommon & scarves even less so.
This hat is called a "Pom Pom Beanie Slouch". Clearly it has that multi colored large..."festive (?)" pompom on top, & is referred to as slouch, because the bottom can either be folded over, or scrunched/slouched. The hat itself is called "Day Glo Sonic", though it doesn't glow, it just uses bright yarns/threads for the design. It has a 3 color only Sonic, but sort of in reverse. (eyes are white while background is black, etc) The front MAY have "Sonic" spelled out on it. It's an ok cap if pompoms are actually in fashion enough to wear. (Are they ever?) Where can you find this cap?
Sonic Face Pom Pom Beanie Slouch Hat
Sonic X Character Cap Demo This is the Sonic X branded 'character head cap' , as demonstrated by a fan. The caps are generally photographed just laying there, so this picture shows you what its like when actually worn. The 'face' doesn't go that far down on the head. It is made of soft fleecey material that's somewhat stretchy to keep it on without getting tight. It has 6 spikes, but they're kind of small & thin, likely because the hat is only there for the 'upper part' of Sonic's head, & giving him actual size spikes may make the hat huge. Photo by RaeLogan
Silver Fleece Character Head Cap GE Entertainment adds a Silver the Hedgehog fleece character head cap to their assortment. Much like the Sonic cap above, this has a stretchy base & soft fleece like material. However, it seems better constructed. Silver's front-spikes are all nicely stuffed, not droopy or thin. His back spikes are smaller than usual (or they'd hang too far off the cap) but, they're independent & not flimsy or finger-like. The whole hat seems plush/constructed more like a plush doll head than an empty cloth item. GE added the hat in 2015 to their character line up.
Amy & Sonic Hinge Flat Wallet Amy & Sonic are teaming up for cool design on this great flat wallet!
This is another hard-sides wallet (Generally meant for going in a purse) with a cool design. The front is half Amy, half Sonic, where you see a big portrait and name logo for each, plus a pink & blue stripe with modern 2014/2015 art for each of them which keeps it looking fresh. The back is all pink with stripes, plus white line art of thumbs-up Sonic and stepping Amy. What's the text at the bottom? Appears to be copyright information. For any Sonic+Amy (together) fan, this wallet is a must-get. It should also be in the Sonic Gear Accessories Store.
GE Blaze the Cat Sol Emerald Wallet
Wow, this flat hinge wallet is a must for Blaze fans!
GE Entertainment has made a wallet with JUST Blaze the Cat. The cool purple and white wallet has a big Blaze character art on one side, and the Sonic modern logo on the other. It has her name in a pink band across the bottom, to match the emerald's color. And what's that behind her? A Sol Emerald...because GE is paying attention to how the characters actually work, and that's fantastic.
The background pattern (rectangles) is probably line art of the sol emeralds. The text underneath the logo on the back is extensive copyright information. This wallet begins appearing in fall 2015. This one's a must-buy for anyone who loves Blaze. It should also be in the Sonic Gear Accessories Store. (Though beware, because single-character (where its not Sonic) items like this tend to sell out)
Outa Here Sonic Wallet A simple, classic style single fold wallet appears in fall 2015. This is the "outa here wallet". It has a Green Hill theme, and large 'getting ready to run' neoclassic Sonic art. The words "I'm outta here" are embroidered (the words are thick/3D) behind him. The back has his name, with Sonic popping up through the ring-styled "O", and two of the familiar palm trees. It has a black interior and is all artificial plastileater. It should also be in the Sonic Gear Accessories Store.
Picture Handle Sonic Blue Umbrella Is an umbrella an accessory?
Not really...because you don't wear it...but you do carry it much as you would a wallet, and most stores place them into their 'accessories' category, and so here it goes with SonicGear also.
This is a nicely styled kids umbrella. It has picture panels & name panels. The picture panel is full color, with Sonic Knuckles & Shadow art. The name panels are all blue, and each one is different. Each character gets a name panel with their line art in light blue & name in aqua at the bottom. The umbrella is further decorated on the handle. It has a clear plastic tube for the handle that has pictures of Sonic inside. Where can you find this umbrella for sale?
Figure Handle Sonic Blue Umbrella
Another umbrella for 2015!
Stay dry with Sonic, as this umbrella has a special figural handle! Look at the inset photo, there is a 3D molded Sonic bust that serves as the handle for this nice blue umbrella. This one is similarly themed to the one above, but it is a little bit larger. It has 8 panels. There are 4 full color panels for Sonic, and each one has art of him doing a different pose, with the logo at the bottom. The other 4 panels are darker blue line-art panels. These have line art in light blue for Shadow, Tails, Dr Eggman & Knuckles, with their names written at the bottom. Isn't it interesting that this includes Dr Eggman? Great for his fans!
*Also notice the water mark here, it's for "CuteSense", which you'll recognize easily from how to avoid bootlegs page. Does that mean this is fake? No. It just means that this seller does not discriminate between real & fake items. Notice the paper tag there in the photo base, along with the ruler for the size. (Ruler is 1 foot long)
Leopard Spotted Classic Face Cap
Here's a rather mysterious cap. making one wonder why it was made this way. For some reason, the cap-makers have chosen a blue & black leopard spotted fabric to make the hat. Sonic, however, has never had any such pattern--so it makes even less sense that this is a 'face cap' where the blue portions of it are supposed to be resembling his skin/surface. Printing a picture of Sonic onto spotted material is normal/fine, but using it as if Sonic himself is spotted is just somewhat confusing. The hat has a flat brim, stand-up little ears & a classic style. The lower face area has a slight doubling problem (same portion printed on upper part & brim, giving the edge a wiggly look) This is certainly an unusual hat from 2015.
Sonic Run Flat Bill Gray Cap Hat This gray flat bill ball cap has a classic style. There is a fairly large all-embroidered classic Sonic face (it's pretty thick) for the front of the hat. Then, on the flat blue bill of the cap, they've added a classic running Sonic design, with "speed streak" sort of shadow effect behind him. He's almost exactly the size of the bill, so appears to be running almost off the edge. This cap appears in fall/winter 2015, and should be about 20.00 at Spencers' Gifts