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Here's a page for MODERN accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Hologram Face Swatch Sonic Watch Here's another (well deserved) look at the uncommon Swatch Watch with Sonic Adventure theme. The watch itself, and it's trasparent plastic 'box/tube' thing already appear on Gear accessories, but what didn't appear is the special feature!
The watch face has a normally (from straight on) invisible hologram effect in it! When turning the face / tilting it in the light a Sonic face appears in shimmering hologram color. This is hard to photograph, but they've sort of caught it in 3 phases there at the bottom.
Why wasn't this known before? The package didn't describe it as a feature, the watch itself is uncommon, it started off expensive so nobody much got it, and you probably have to debox it to really access/notice the feature.
Still, this is cool to know about and to see. It makes the watch even more desirable as a collectible.
Sonic Sunglasses?
Maybe so. These have never been found by a fan.
This is a factory photo of the sunglasses, but no site was ever found selling them. They have a classic theme, with flat-back plastic running Classic Sonic on the side bar & a row of rings printed on it. The middle is red, with a fade to blue as the frame goes over the dark lenses. It probably has a "Sega" logo in the middle over the nose area. They are probably little kid sized / likely to not fit adult heads. Were these made? Write in if you have proof.
All-Around Design Green Hill Zone Cap Hat Here comes a new type of hat, the 'all around design hat'.
Instead of featuring embroidery, or a design on the front, this cap has Green Hill everywhere. Notice also how it isn't made of panels like a usual hat, it's one piece but stitched at the top to form the cap shape with the usual dot on the top. This different way of forming the hat lets them use all 1 piece of Green Hill Zone printed 16-bit look (notice how Sonic is pixelated) fabric to create it and make it all 1 really big design. The edge near the brim has the usual checkered ground & Sonic is a sprite who appears once on the front, leaving the rest to be the zone he's running through with the usual palm trees, sunflowers & clouds. The all around design keeps this hat looking fresh, though it is all classic. This hat can be bought at Hastings in 2016. Photo by Taaron
Sonic 3 Special Stage Allover Print Cap A Sonic 1 allover print cap is followed quickly by a....Sonic 3 allover print cap!
This one follows the same new hat making format where it's all one piece of printed fabric sewn into the cap shape. Here, the design is the Sonic 3 'spheres planet' special stage. You can see a shot of it for the 'background', then the art of it too where it has the checkered flat 'ring' around it. There's a large airbrushed looking Sonic splashed over the front giving the "3" sign. The logo appears to be either added over top of him, or it's embroidered on. So this hat doesn't make a 'scene' like the other one but rather a collage. The brim is all black without any designs. This hat can be bought at Hastings in 2016. Photo by Taaron
Sonic Shoe Plush Slippers 2016
Uh oh, it's 2016, are these fabeled "Sonic Shoe Plush Slippers" ACTUALLY going to be released? They appeared years ago as a 'europe item', now the USA is getting factory photos for these fan-must-have accessories. They're still looking just as good with stuffed buckles, actual sewn on (not just colored fabric) shoe stripe & sculpted sock. Since it's actually a replica of Sonic's shoes at (probably) life size, of course most fans want them whether to wear or as a display item. Entry will be updated if/when the shoe slippers are actually found by any fan in any store.
Gray Embroidered Title Screen Type Hat Here's a cool classic cap hat. It's a bit mottled-gray with black bill. Embroidered onto the front is the winged ring from the Sonic 1 title screen. Sonic is in the ring, with his 'finger wagging' pose (where he originally pops up at the title) The design is all embroidery stitching. But look closely at the word "Sonic" on the 'ribbon', it's done with a different type of stitching so the letters are very thick and 3D for a nice added touch. It looks like this hat is about 17.00, & appears in spring 2016. It has a paper tag, but what company produces it?
Sonic Pixel Stitch Die Sprite Cap Here is another pixel-stitched cap.
Pixel-stitching is embroidery that's overlapped in squares so the design looks pixelated even though it's interwoven. This makes it look extra classic with 16 bit style sprites & lettering. This all black cap has a blue flat bill & large bent embroidered block/pixel word "Sonic" spelled out. However, the use the "Sonic is dead" sprite's torso for the design. He's falling, so that everything below the lower chest isn't included in the cap design. Why would people want a cap for when they lose the game? This cap appears in summer 2016.
Spiked Sonic Pocket Watch Quick!
Design an object that defeats its own purpose!
Spencers Gifts (online & in malls) carries out this task quite handily with this "Sonic Spikes Pocket Watch". It's the spiked watch on a chain....with 3D that it specifically WONT fit into any pocket....despite being a pocket-watch.
The idea is fairly interesting, with rubbery big 3D spikes set into the outer cover. They're accuratly placed for the back of classic Sonic's head & nicely shaped. The metal parts of the watch are blue & the analog face has the classic logo in black/white. The other function of a pocket-watch is to have larger easy to read numbers so
that when lifted out of the 'watch pocket' (there used to be a specific one) or today--any pocket--the watch could be read without having to bring it right up to your face. This watch doesn't succeede at that either, the numbers are all minute, and in low-contrast black against the blue face right around the very tippy edge of the dial. Look closely here, and you might see them. So it doesn't go into a pocket, nor can it be read like a pocket watch. But it is 22 dollars? SonicGear will call a spade a spade & then call this item plain odd. Summer/Fall 2016
Glastache Sonic Plastic Face Mask What's this strange contraption?
It's a "Glastache". Never heard of such a thing? Probably. It's a combination of the words 'glasses' and 'mustache' & when you combine these two you get wierd. What it really is, is a "half-mask". You put this on like a sunglasses & can see through Sonic's eye area. Your nose goes in the middle, so it only covers the top part of your face. (Hence the half) but why the 'stache'? It doesn't cover/go where the mustache would be. It is classic styled, and could work for a Halloween costume or as some type of dress-up item? It's certainly strange. It should be at Spencers Gifts in 2016.
Pixel Style Bifold Faux Leather Wallet This is the "Pixel Style Wallet"
It's a bifold wallet made out of faux leather. There are slots inside for credit cards, but it does not fasten shut. The design is pretty simple, just a blue & green background with highly pixelated Sonic on one side. He's so pixelated though, that it's a little hard to tell what's going on with him, especially with the forehead area being all quite pale blue somehow. Is the design textured at all? This is a Spencers Gifts item in 2016, and costs about $22.00
The World Is Mine Eggman Hat Eggman fans only need apply!
For this fun, black & white cap hat. It has an old-fashion looking design with Eggman in a simple ring shape with curly designs at the bottom, an 'old west' type looking font for his name & sort of 'wood sign' type bar for the catch-phrase for this hat which is (appropriatly for him) "The World is Mine!"
There's no sign of Sonic here, which is good, because each character has fans and should be able to be the star of their own merchandise. With the grand-standing Eggman art, fun phrase & bold name placement, this is likely a cap even the Dr. would approve of. But where can you buy it? This is a fall 2016 item.
Seat Belt Style Sonic Belts Here are 2 fairly unique belts!
These are "Seat Belt Style" belts. The buckle is metal with a button in the middle. It resembles an old-style car seatbelt. The belt material may be that heavy/thick woven nylon stuff to help the belts further resemble a seatbelt. Each belt has a Sonic image on the button & both appear to be printed on both sides. The top belt alternates blue line art & full color classic stock art & it's buckle has arms-crossed Sonic. The bottom belt has a pixel-look with rings, checkered ground & Sonic sprites. Its button is the 'extra life' icon square from the games. These MAY be a Spencers gifts item, but they are certainly summer/fall 2016. How much does each belt cost?
Archie Sonic Comic Panel Wallet
Here's an unusual wallet...
With a character style that's gone away. This wallet is based on Archie Sonic comics back when they were $1.50 at in store price (particularly #19 for this one). It uses a color cover portion, the Archie label and some black/white art in overlapping panels for the rest of the design. It's a bifold faux leather. But look, they chose a panel with SatAm / Archie original style Robotnick. (Since Sega is/was trying to unify the look of Sonic characters, Archie has had to dismiss that look for him, so it's surprising to see it used here on a piece of merchandise) This is 14.99 in Spencers' gifts. Photo by Taaron
Hot Topic Race Team Style Hat This hat is likely to be a Hot Topic exclusive.
It's the "Race Team Style Sonic Cap Hat". The black cap is covered with lots of colorful, embroidered patches to resemble a race-car drivers' sponsor-covered hat. Only these patches...are only to do with Sonic!
The front of the cap has a nice classic Sonic art embroidered large in a blue rectangle. The sides have a "91" disk (for the year) the word "Cham-Pion" in a square, rings, the #1, the word "Sonic" in a circle & "Speedster". The various patches give this a unique look for your cap collection. This is an early 2017 item.