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Still more Sonic the Hedgehog accessories!
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. Everything on this page is modern. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Accessories are still being made today, and there are still more vintage ones left to find, so keep on the lookout to collect them all.
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Rubber Bracelet Snap Close Classic Sonic
This rubber bracelet is a bit fancier than others. Following the trend of a large center design that the entire rubber bracelet fashion took on, here you have a centered Sonic with die-cut edges. He has painted details and stamped in/press in lines for his edges to add a layer of detail. The rest of the bracelet is plain. Unlike other bracelets, this one has a snap closure in the back with 2 snaps so you can sort of size it a little. Likely to be able to wear on ankle or wrist. Made by Bio World. May be available in the SonicGear Accessory Store.
Walmart Sonic Swim Trunks Here are some boy's swim trunks that can be found at Wal Mart in 2012. As you can see at the left, they come in a variety of sizes & will be found on a rack. They have a duotone cyan/blue color scheme going on, with a faint Emerald Hill ground-style pattern, and some bright and puffy clouds near the top around Sonic's head. (sort of odd, because there's no other background detail) Blue Classic Style Swim Trunks
A classic Sonic's on the right of the front, and the Classic-styled logo is near the left trunk. The back is plain, just the colors and the Emerald Hill pattern. There's two navy blue pockets on each side, and the waist has a draw string with 4 holes to put it through. Photo & discovered by: Tucker Bass
Shadow Lanyard Gray Clip This is a Shadow themed lanyard. It's gray tough cloth, with the word "Shadow" printed facing each direction. There are also little line-arts of Shadow's head. The end has a metal clip with a fine cord for kyechains/phones/accessories. Is this real, or a fake?
It's easy enough to fake simple lanyards like this one, but then, there are also official simple-design lanyards too. Write in if you have proof!
Checkered Classic Style Metal Buckle
Here is yet another Sonic themed belt buckle. It's all metal and enamel, so it will be tough/sturdy. It has a black & white checkered background, and is basically oval shaped. Sonic's top spike does come up away from the edge, to add interest to the design. It uses classic 'getting ready to run' Sonic. There's a peg and a loop on the back for attaching it to your own belt. (Does not come with belt) It is sold with the 20th Anniversary tag. This is available at Spencers Gifts in 2012, and should be about 18.00. (A little pricey, but it is all metal) For size, here, it's leaned up against the JW giant MetalSonic figure. Photo & owned by Pr0w1
Kmart Classic Style Boxers Here's a pair of boxers from Kmart. It was likely a store exclusive (and not advertised/displayed well, as this only turned up once it was on clearance) Rather a shame too, as the design is nice. It has 1 black leg with classic Sonic art printed large on the side. The other leg is all text with "Super Sonic Speed Demon Run Faster" printed in various lines all over. Photo & owned by SurferBrg Sonic Face BiFold Blue Wallet This is likely the first modern BiFold Sonic wallet. All of the others have favored either flat or trifold style. It's fairly simple, in faux blue leather, with interior folder style pockets. It's checkered in
blue & has a SA1 type Sonic face large on the front, backed by a thick black outline. Nice to see this offering for people who prefer the Bifold style. May be in the SonicGear Accessories Store in 2012
Sonic & Tails Classic Style Lanyard w/Charm Here's a fun lanyard! It's cloudy sky blue, with rings, large Sonic classic logos...and Classic Sonic & Tails too. This comes with a plastic card holder (usually for ID cards), clip and even a fun classic Sonic face charm. It's a tad more costly when you find it due to the charm, but it's still a fun addition. May be in the SonicGear Accessories Store in 2012 SnapBack FlatBill Embroidered Sonic Cap
This is the SnapBack FlatBill Sonic cap hat. It is likely to be made by BioWorld. The Sonic design is classic, with block font, and is all embroidered, so it will resist wear. The sticker says "Snapback" which details how the brim will stay flat and not curve while it's being worn...which is desireable for some reason. It's a nice, cleanly designed cap with the new flat feature. May be in the Sonic Accessories Store.
Lapland Styled Stripe Modern Sonic Hat This is the 2nd Lapland Style Sonic knit cap. It has shorter tassels, but more of them. For some reason, there are 2 on the top to go with the 2 that hang down. Sonic is modern here, as a rubber 'patch'. (seemingly the only Sonic element it has) The cap itself is knit fabric with dark & light blue stripes. A cold weather exclusive...if Lapland style is considered the time. This is by BioWorld. May be in the SonicGear Accessories Store in 2012
Sonic 3D Ears Ball Cap Hat Here's a little bit of a strange new Sonic cap hat. It's a variation on the classic style "Sonic face cap" which has only the front of his face (no spikes, no outline) printed on the front & brim. However, this one for some reason, adds odd little plush like ears to the top of the cap. This curious addition can be found at Walmart in 2012. Photo by DustinLeeAutry Modern Face Cap 2 - Brim Edition What's up with all these face caps? Here's a second modern one, this time with his lower face extending onto the brim. It is slightly different from the one that appears on
accessories 4, so either a new company is trying to copy/re-do the original design, or they're just changing it up for a re-issue, slightly. Discovered by SonicBoy19
All Blue Metal Buckle Sonic Face
Blue Sonic Outlines Cap Hat Youth This is a 'youth' size Sonic cap hat from Kmart. It has a scattering of blue-outline classic Sonic art all over. With different sizes & overlapping prints, it becomes sort of a pattern. There's a full color spinning Sonic on the front. This should be about 6.99 if you can find it at a Kmart in the USA in 2012. Photo by AskLiliumLily
This is an all-blue glazed metal buckle. It has just black enamel for the details/lines, but that's it. The blue gloss metal makes the face look a little plain, but it's a unique look for this very traditional classic Sonic face art. This is 19.99 at Spencers gifts in 2012 (likey, fall) It should also be on their website for the season/until it sells out. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Boxer Briefs & Sleepy Sonic Boxers Here are 2 different styles of Sonic underwear in men's sizes. You have the Boxer Briefs at left, with stripes, Sonic name waist elastic, and logo on 1 leg. The other has classic 'ready stance' Sonic art. The second is a pair of regular boxers with black/white checker pattern, classic logo in blue and all of the same Sonic face scattered all over them. Which face? The lesser-used "Sleepy Sonic" face where he doesn't...look particularly cool. Is it suggesting that these are sleep underwear? Why only that 1 sort of oddly drawn face? Both of these are 12.99 at Spencers Gifts in 2012 as well as on their web site. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Modern Sonic Blue Dog Tag Necklace Finally, an official Sonic themed dog tag appears. Bootleggers have had a field day spamming out lame tags, but this official one is from Spencers Gifts. It's all blue, smooth, & has modern Sonic pointing as the graphic. It comes with a blue glazed/metal beaded chain. It's 6.99 in store & online, which isn't a terrible price for a necklace. Discovered by SonicBoy19 Sonic Fade Snap-back Cap Hat
This is the "Classic Sonic Fade Snap-Back" cap. It has classic running Sonic toward the front, with 'after images' in orange & yellowish. Then, on the other side is a classic Sonic face with red border. The bill is blue, but it has black checker pattern underneath. On the back, it says "Don't Blink" in orange-ish & reddish. This is quite a detailed cap...much more-so than the usual hats produced. This is 19.99 at Spencers gifts in 2012 (likey, fall) It should also be on their website for the season/until it sells out. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Glitter Strap Phone Wallet Case Sonic
This is a "Phone Case Wallet". It combines a flat/snap shut wallet with a smart phone case. The other side is basically just a frame with a clear window in it. You put your phone in there & just shut that side. (It has no Sonic oriented design on that side) The other 'half' is structured like one of those ladie's flat purse wallets. It has slots for credit cards & bills. The sides are slightly padded & the design is on soft plastic.
This has the 'spin' design of solid silver glitter, some nice yellow stars & jumping-twist modern Sonic. At the top you can see it has a strap. The strap is all blue glitter plastic. (but why? you couldn't really wear this thing like a purse, nor would you want to, because it just shuts with that snap thing you see on the left side there. This is a Spencers Gifts store item in 2014 winter.