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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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ZAK Always Running Sport Water Bottle The brand "ZAK!" gets a Sonic license in 2023, and uses it to make this colorful sports drink bottle. It's modern, with the slogan "Always Running". The front has jumping/reach modern Sonic (CG), with some speed lines and a frame background. The other side has the slogan, with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles ahead of color matched bars (so they're leaving a color trail behind while running). The bottle is semi-transparent mid-blue plastic so the design is a bit confusing without liquid in it to 'separate' the sides. The top is red blue & yellow, with a sturdy handle, pop up/shut for the drinking area, and the lid is screw-top for easy cleaning. This is 18 dollars at WalMart. ZAK brand is a sturdy one, it is not surprising to have the price, but it is something that holds up to use & is well designed.
ZAK Insulated Metal Let's Go Sonic Thermos ZAK! Brands keeps going with an insulated brushed-metal Sonic thermos. This is the "Let's Go Sonic! insulated bottle". It has 2 different designs, one for each side. The front has that design where it has his name 4 times in a thick font forward/backward and then superimposes a CG face but only where the letters are (somewhat of an abstracting effect) The back has the slogan and a CG running Sonic a bit over it. The bottle has a color coordinating blue cap with white sippy flip up. The lid & clip are hot greenish. It's about 25 dollars, but it is a quality thing with real metal & sturdy design. This MAY also be at Walmart. (Confirmation will be added if found)
Dave Rapoza Giclee Poster Print Classic This is a Giclee by Dave Rapoza, a famous artist.
But what's that? Giclee is an uncommon word. "Giclée is a neologism, ultimately derived from the French word gicleur, coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints made using inkjet printers. The name was originally applied to fine art prints created on a modified Iris printer in a process invented in the late 1980s" (So, it basically means to spray the art onto the surface)
It is different and costly because the printer isn't just something in the home, it uses special archival inks and superior paper surfaces to make something that's really quality and long lasting. So, it's not just some random poster or such you'd get in a store, it is a wall art.
This one has peace sign classic Sonic in a somewhat painterly style atop a grassy hill. Tails is arriving on one side while Sonic 2 badnicks (and flicky birds) are coming along in the background. (You can also spot the egg o matic) The Death Egg looms in the background/sky with checkered borders.
This is a 2023 item, and is about 50 dollars from Cook & Becker printing. (They do video game art and books, including Sonic)
Franco All Blue Sonic Tails Blanket Fleecy This is called the "Sonic All Blue Anime" blanket.
It's by Franco in 2023/spring season. It's another of the microfiber/ 'fleecy feel' blankets that they like to make. However, this one uses only 2 colors, blue & white for the whole design. It has thumbs up modern Sonic & peace sign Tails. The background is 2 different bands of checkering, and some rings in the upper corner.
A 2-tone blanket like this is good for busy rooms (that don't need to be busier), or to provide a big piece of nice accent color. It is 50 x 60 inches, so it's pretty big: good for beds or sofas. It should be about 25.00 and is likely on Amazon in spring 2023.
Pixel Frames Boss Fight Wall Deco Pixel Frames is apparently succeeding with their layered wall decors, as they release another 16 Bit Style Classic in spring 2023. (Despite not being very find-able in retail stores)
This one features an Eggman boss fight with Super Sonic, flying Tails and Gliding Knuckles going vs the Egg . (Ignore the reflection in the top, the Eggman figural mug is reflecting on the plastic casing in the photo) This frame is the size of their others, at 9x9 inches.
This was seen at Books a Million, but is supposed to be sold in other stores as well. Photo by Taaron
Igloo Playmates Cooler Green Hill A fun way to keep things cool!
Here comes the Igloo brand "Playmates" small size cooler, with a fun Sonic classic theme. It uses 16 Bit pixel style graphics all over the swing top lid. The sides/bottom are just plain red/not Sonic content. The front has impatient Sonic with the logo & a hill with rings, the back has Tails, Knuckles and Sonic on a bridge, one edge has Eggman in the Egg o Matic and the other has Sonic rolling through a famous loop.
The round graphic is very suitable for something that tilts/rotates so you can see they were thinking a bit about the design/how it would work. The all-over print ensures there's something Sonic at every angle as well. GHZ is colorful and fun, so it gives this Playmates a nice theme.
Igloo brand things are reputed to be quite tough and hardy, lasting for many years and that they do work well. They'll likely extend this quality to the toughness of the design here (Like, it's not just going to rub off) It's nice to see a quality company making a fun new Sonic item to collect or use daily!
Hood Towel Bath Kids Walmart STK A hooded towel for after the bath, or at the beach.
This towel has the usual CG art for cheering Knuckles, flying Tails and the GHZ style background, but instead of Sonic in the middle, the CG face (and ears) for him is on the hooded topper to the towel. This makes it structured a little more like a cape or so. The back side of it appears to be white and blue, while the CG art takes up the entire outer facing side. It's an all right idea for little kids after a bath.
This is a Walmart item in summer 2023. It should be about 12 dollars and is both in stores and online at their website.
Bedroom Surprise Sonic Box Items Well here's something new and somewhat unusual, it is the "Sonic Bedroom Surprise Box". It isn't a complete surprise though, because the box does list and show what all you'll get. Notice that it is pretty big also with the bottom photo.

This comes with a round Sonic face portrait throw pillow/accent pillow, a small size fleecy fabric blanket, wall decals, a 2 sided pillow case, a doorknob-pillow and coloring activity sheets. You can also use the handled cardboard box for storage of anything that fits.

And, this mostly makes sense because coloring is an activity generally done in the bedroom. The throw pillow and small blanket aren't particularly useful but they are ok. However..."Door Knob Pillow"????

Bedroom Sonic Surprise Walmart What? Why? A pillow to hang there for what purpose? Doorknob signs (do not disturb/etc) yeah ok, but a little pillowy thing on a string? It is so mysterious.
This is a Wal Mart item in summer 2023 and is 24 dollars.
Erik Calendars 2024 Sonic A 2024 calender has been revealed in summer of 2023.
Here is "Erik Brand" wall calendar for modern Sonic. This features 6 languages, a peel away sticker poster thing, and various art of the characters in settings or dressed in costumes. It's not just the usual stock art with fun backgrounds.
Each of the months seem to kind of match up with the picture, like Christmas has Amy & Sonic in a gift, there's a back to school bus, Tails at math, Halloween witch Amy, and Sonic Summer. (Plus more, of course)
Calanders like this are fun, because once the year is done, you can use the picture part as little posters by cutting them off from the (now irrelevent) dates part if you are careful. Price unknown. Photo discovered by TheTumblex
Just Funky Sonic Pillow Faces Just Funky did have a booth at the NY Comic Con 2023.
And, in their booth they showed off a variety of merchandise like home goods, plush, pins, and more for many different franchises. They've made Sonic stuff before, so seeing pillow faces isn't a surprise, (as pillows are somehow a really hot item across the board in 2023 for some reason) They choose cheerful classic Sonic on a tie-dye type background with rounded edges for the pillow at the top, and modern side/sweep facing Sonic with sharp 'die cut' type edges for the 2nd pillow. It is unknown whether the folded blanket is a Sonic item or not.
The top face is kind of a strange's neo-classic but almost off model in how extremely 'toony' it is? Like it's venturing toward cuphead territory. Where will these be sold? This is Just Funky's own photo from their booth.
Monogram International Sonic PVC Coin Bank Figural Here is a figural PVC coin bank from the (new to the license) company Monogram International. This is a sturdy feeling, fairly large PVC plastic coin bank that is completely hollow inside (except for the arms). It's modern Sonic in his finger-waving pose, but he is in small 'chibi' big head style so that the limbs/body can be wide and fused together to make it more like a container. Due to the general shape of Sonic though, and that the chibi type head is really big and the coin slot is in the upper back...really you'd have to turn him upside-down to fit the most coins in there.
With good attention paid to the spikes structure, ok sizing for the 'chibification', and good paint applications this actually turns out
pretty nice looking. It doesn't look 'distorted' like some things do, and the finger/glove detail is sharp. This has been confirmed to be sold at Hobby Lobby but it has to be for sale somewhere else too. This is their factory photo