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Housewares are perfect for making up a dedicated Sonic room, or adding a cool Sonic theme to your room or house. General household items can also appear here, it's not just limited to rooms or bedrooms. You might find Sonic stuff for your kitchen, bath, or almost anywhere! This page will have a mixture of new and vintage items, each should list what era it's from, and will list where it can be found, whenever possible..
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Ukonic Mini Fridge Sonic Cube Start off with a real household staple: the fridge! Or, a mini-fridge, at least.
This isn't the first Sonic themed mini fridge, but it's probably the first widely-available to the public one.
This is made by the Ukonic company, and will sell through Walmart. Does that mean in stores or online? (Seems likely to be an online-only item as it's fairly niche and also fairly large--Ukonic has more licenses for fridges than just Sonic of course & they want to sell them all)
The branding here is ok, with a nice big & colorful CG scene with running forward Sonic on the front door.
The rest of the item is a good solid blue color, but has no other Sonic elements. Of course...that's a good opportunity to apply your Sonic magnets! This is meant for rooms or game rooms as it only has room for about 9 cans (or something of a similar size) It should be about 60 dollars and will release in Winter 2023.
Cook Becker Veer Giclee Pixel Print Cook & Becker (the video game art and art-book publisher) ends 2023 with a large Giclee Sonic art print that is 36 x 24 inches and ready to hang on the wall.
It is done in pixel-like style by artist Veer, who also worked on Sonic Mania games. It is another 'fit all the cast' into 1 image type, but, notice that this works a bit better than others because it is not afraid of white space and lots of different poses. The edges of the art also feature the shapes from the Japan box art for Sonic 2/3 etc.
Who can you spot here? Sonic Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Charmy, Espio, Vector, Big, Rouge, Shadow, E Omega, Jet, Wave, Bean, Bark, Ray Mighty, Tikal, Emerl, Fang Knack, Storm, Silver, Chaos 0, Blaze, Motobug, Caterkiller, Orbot, Cubot, Metal Sonic, Eggman and the Tails Doll. Interestingly, Mecha-Knuckles also appears despite some kind of copyright issue? Is anyone missing? (Maybe Marine, who is from Blazes' dimension, but she never dimension-hopped unlike Blaze so...?)
This is quite a nice art piece, very colorful, the composition is good, everyone is in a cohesive style, and the white space keeps it from going too busy. This would look great on a game room or Sonic room wall.
Zak 2 Pack 16 oz Bottles Sonic Tails This is a water bottle 2 pack by ZAK! With it, you get two 16 oz size bottles with flip up drink spout in the lid. There's an orange top bottle for Tails, and a blue top bottle for Sonic. They're both semi-transparent, with a full color art on the front and a line art on the back. Tails has him flying with a square background, and the back
has finger-waving portait Sonic. Sonic's has him looking a bit grim/getting ready for action pose with a series of smaller squares background, and on the back of his bottle is fist up Eggman in the egg-o-matic. They're all good, colorful designs, and the bottles feel well branded with art and shapes/colors. The appropriately colored tops help these as well. They're very reasonably priced at 20 dollars for the 2 pack on Amazon.
Zak Kelso Tumblers Straws These 3 items are Zak Kelso Tumblers.
They're meant for little kids who dump drinks or spill things. They have big and simple sippy-straws in the screw-on lid tops. There is anti-spill built in (with the way the straw fits in/etc its more difficult to spill these. Each one is 12 ounces. The white has STK in forward-facing faces scattered all over, the blue has forward facing Sonic/big face only, and the light blue has a scattering of character silouette faces/collage style (includes, Shadow, Amy & Eggman as well as STK) It is confirmed at Amazon, but where else?
Pods 4D Sonic Tails Hexagons
Remember "WOWPods"?
They're on another page of Sonic Home Decor. They also didn't succede at retail, largely showing up at people's houses broken (somehow) or with the figure missing. (Regardless of brand) They got widely panned (and maybe banned?) and so now the...rebrand. (Dr. Seuss needs a sleuth to find out what happened but all that really did just rhyme)
Anyway, these are extremely similar hexagon shaped wall hangings to the previous, but now called "Pods 4D" which will annoy physics (The 4th dimension is largely thought to be time.....not a lenticular insert) but satisfy customers because the figure is now held in with a metal screw/bolt thing and highly unlikely to come off. As before, the groove/slot and ridge areas can slide together so you can hook them together and not need to hang each one. The background (Green-hill like) is a lenticular insert, so when you look into it, the background 'scrolls' a little like the games, which is a cute idea. The packaging is good, with a window to the figure and tells you about how it works/hang/link it.
The figure itself is 3D, so it's basically a display figure mounted in a hexagon. The sculpting is good, as is the paint, especially for Tails who gets 2 colors in his mouth (add depth) However...the Sonic seems to come with his mout completely UNpainted which looks terrible because he is based on the old SA1 stock art of him running in that pose with the "Toothy grin" and the teeth are sculpted in there and then just...beige. And his mouth is big so it's pretty noticible too--
And it's extra-odd because of the care they did with tails, 2 colors for just his mouth so it's not like they were trying to cheap out like some companies do, so it seems more like an actual mistake. (It's easy to fix with a metal dotter-tool and some inexpensive craft paint) They're reasonably priced at about 16 dollars for both. This is in the Sonicgear collection
POP Creations Block Art Wood Tiles A new home decor company appears: POP Creations
This company seems to focus on wall art, and they've got Sonic a-plenty! Great news for Sonic rooms and game rooms too because it's all reasonably priced and the quality & design choices seem nice as well.
Here are 2 wooden tile/block things that you're supposed to hang on the wall. (See that slot on the back) They are about 1 inch thick and about 6 inches on a side...but curiously they are solid material and each one wighes ONE POUND and at least 6 ounces. So they're super heavy for some reason! The material seems to be some kind of recycled chipwood with satin-finish art print mounted to the front. So, watch out for shipping if you're trying for these online, I guess.
The first has modern Sonic & tail-holding Tails with "Too Easy" as the slogan, and the 2nd has triangles with chemical plant zone background (kind of neon-ized) and the logo in 'neon' type at the bottom with running Sonic. They're interesting pieces, and really at 4 dollars each
are a no-brainer to pick up. These are confirmed at Burlington stores, but where else? These are in the SonicGear Collection.
Zak Beacon Insulated 20 oz Bottle This is the Zak! "beacon" line insulated Sonic 20 ounce water bottle.
It's their nicer/higher end bottle with thermos type insulation, thick carry handle, and snap/hinge cover for the drinking spout. As it's fairly upgraded, it is also 23 dollars, and confirmed at Amazon in winter 2023.
The bottle is white with a checkered theme, and dark blue bottom and lid. There's jumping twist modern Sonic fairly large on one side, smaller arts of him among the blue/white checkers and the slogan "Too Easy" on the back.
Zak's bottle variety they're doing for Sonic in 2024 is nice, everyone should be able to find something to fit their needs that's also pretty stylish with a lot of good Sonic design/content on it. They never (so far) feel like they're just rebranding something and they don't phone it in.
Gaming Station Sonic Set Now here's a real big first!
This IS the first Sonic Chair ever done, but some of these items are indeed a repeat (and seen on Sonic Electronics pages) The chair though, puts this onto Home Goods / Home Decor.
So this is the Sonic 5 Piece Gaming Station Kit for kids. It has the LED rainbow lights/rings theme mouse, the Sonic themed keyboard (also rainbow lights) it brings a new earmuff microphone headset, and a Sonic face siloutte mouse pad. The chair is 'gaming like' with the rolling base & plastic arms. It's all blue with the siloutte at the top, hole in the back, and the modern logo & speed chevron arrows on the back too. It is probably plastic over foam. While it does have an adjustable height, it is probably smaller than a usual chair because it is marketed as 'for kids'. (So, the chair likely isn't all that comfortable nor ergonomic, but it is interesting to see)
This was found (and pictured) in a Ross store, but that is a clearing store so it had to be somewhere else first. It's 70 dollars (about) for everything, which is actually pretty reasonable considering the price of the electronics by themselves. Do you know where this was supposed to be sold? You can write in for credit with more information. Photo discovered by GinyuuForceFan
Geek Life Melamine Sonic Face Divider Plate Classic style with a classic function...
This is the Geek Life Sonic Classic Face Melamine Divided Plate. Dividing the food up into sections on a 'tray like' plate may be old fashion, but this plate is new for 2024. It is a classic full color Sonic face shape, but the plate is ridged to section off the far ear, the eyes/face area and the rest of the head to keep different foods from spilling onto each other. A good idea for sauces or wet items.
Melamine is a type of thick hard plastic that usually won't break if it falls on the floor. It is very important that it not be ground to dust/if it chips no one eats the chip. It is generally pretty tough. This is 17 dollars (a tad costly?) and sold at the GeekLife website (and where else?) Discovered by Taaron