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Page 13 is for MODERN accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Flashing Spinning Sonic Watch JCP A watch that flashes and spins!
This is another 'gimmick watch' styled for classic Sonic. This is sold at JC Penny stores, in the 'kids accessories' area in 2018. The box is very Sonic-centric with designs and faces all over. The watch is a simple one though, it has that little rectangle window for the actual time-piece part (so, that is generic) and the face is printed with Green Hill graphics, plus a Sonic. The band also has Sonic art all over it, and a traditional metal buckle.
The gimmick is white LED lights under the face. They appear to shine 'colors' because they show through the colored art. The lights blink, and twirl when you activate it with the button on the side. It's an exciting gimmick to get kids to want to wear a watch--though it doesn't have a whole lot to do with Sonic, other than illuminating him with colors. This should be about 14.99 if you find it in stores.
Simple Sonic LCD Watch JC Penny This is a simple Sonic watch, also found at JC Penny Department stores, just like the one above. It too is likely to be in the Kids section, or in Kids accessories. This one doesn't have a gimmick, so it is only about 10 dollars if you can find it. It's carded, and has classic Sonic art all over the band, but a plastic blue buckle. The face has a Green Hill scene, and small classic logo. The clock part is that little simple/cheap rectangle which is always re-purposed into inexpensive kids' watches, no-matter the branding. With a blue edge part, busy band, and recognizable scene for the face, it's a well decorated, standard Sonic accessory.
Bio World Green Classic Faces Sonic Socks Is Bio World back on Sonic in 2018?
It seems so, because here comes a pair of simple socks. These are adults sizes Sonic themed socks. They have fairly large classic faces scattered all over. They're a normal length, & the designs are sewn in, so there's no graphics to rub off or wear out. They have a blue toe tip, heel & cuff. They are available at GameStop stores...but are they anywhere else?
You can see the BioWorld logo there on the classic type paper tag. Photo by Taaron
Slipper Socks Kids Sonic Rings Gray Here are Sonic "Slipper Socks" but only for little kids. Look at the proportion, they're not likely to fit many people. They're classic style, with Sonic faces & rings scattered over a gray background. The paper tag has 'collectors edition' (but why? it's a bit nonsense) Where are these sold?
5 Pack Boys Anklet Big Faces Socks Yet another 5 pack of boys socks...
But these are pretty original looking, each in a character color & with a big face right on the top of the sock, rather than a pattern. You get Sonic, Knuckles, Super Sonic, Eggman & Tails. This is the first time Super Sonic has been on a sock! Eggman's sock is black, it's the only one that doesn't go with the character color. It's 'wacky grinning big tooth/classic' Eggman. These are fun because they are both classic &'s too bad they're only in kids sizes so they won't fit most feet. But, where could you find them & how much does it cost?