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Page 14 is for MODERN Sonic the Hedgehog accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Fleecy Interior All Over Print Slippers Here are some kids slippers.
These are simple slippers, made only in small child sizes. They appear at Walmart in 2019 / fall season. As you can see at about 5 bucks, these are reasonably priced. They're modern, with an all over full color Sonic poses print on a black background. They're just kind of basically foot-shaped with an elastic upper edge so it stays on. The interior is made of white, textured fleecy material to help keep feet warm. The bottom has the tough fabric with rubber texture traction.
The fleecy interior is prone to getting dirty quickly, and then pilly if it goes through the washing machine. The best care for a slipper like this is to put it on over socks to help it stay clean and last longer. Wearing socks with it also helps the fleecy stuff keep your feet warmer as well. Photo by Taaron
Modern Breifs Underwear 3 Pack Designs More modern underwear...but this time it's breifs style for boys.
It's too bad these only come in small sizes because the modern designs are colorful and fun. It looks like there are 5 pairs here all in a pack to buy. The first pair has upside down/right side up Sonic graphics in all the same pose on a light blue background. The center pair has a checkered colors theme with Sonic, Knuckles, & Tails faces in the squares, and occaisionally a star or star bumper in the square. The next has Sonic & Tails on a white background with star bumpers. The blue border one has a sort of confusing pattern with maybe Sonic, Tails and some rings? The last has Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow on a white background with squares. This set appeared online in Fall 2019, but it doesn't say where to buy it, what the sizes are or how much it costs.
Kohls 4 Pack Sonic Boxer Breifs Kohls department stores adds this 4 pack of kids size boxer briefs to the list in 2020/summer season. The boxer breif is good if you don't want to choose your underwear style and just combine both, but it is also (seemingly) the least common sort. This pack has nice designs including a fully CG pair with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles plus a GHZ style background printed over the whole fabric. (unusual) Then there's a busy pair with a scattering of characters that's difficult to make out on a black background with aqua blue waist, a plain red pair with "Sonic" spelled out on the waist band with stars, and a yellow waist pair with light blue fabric that has a scattering of full color Sonics, logos and circle swirl shapes. They all have the same cut and are likely all the same fabric.
Breifs Underwear 5 Pack Kids Boys Kohls also adds this 5 pack of simple breifs underwear to their selections in Summer 2020. Each has a different color for the elastic & seams, but is the same cut and fabric. The blue border has a very busy character portrait pattern all over, the gray border has checkers with star bumpers, red/yellow & orange in them, plus Sonic faces, the yellow border spells out SONIC in big letters over the back, but has him in a circle on one hip area, the red border has full color jumping Sonic on a light blue background, and the black border has Sonic in a circle on one hip & Tails in a circle on the other one...aaand there's a design on the back too but you can't see it and they won't show more than one photo of this.
Target Sonic Underwear 4 Pack Boxer Breifs Target continues to favor Sonic in fall/winter 2020!
Now, they add this 4 pack of boxer-breifs type underwear in the boys/teens section. It will be on a hanger, likely on an endcap. The pairs all have a wide elastic waistband with either "Sonic" or "Gotta go fast" written on it. The top pair has various scattered rectangle shapes, each with a close up of a different pose for modern Sonic in it. The next pair is green, with 'graffiti type' and 'sticker style' graphics all over for Shadow, Knuckles, Sonic, rings, and words. You can read "ultimate power", Sonic spelled out in Japanese and more. The next pair is red with modern Sonic & black lightening bolt shapes scattered around. The last pair (always on the back) is gray, with rows of forward-facing modern character heads that includes Sonic Tails, Shadow & Eggman.
All the designs are fairly busy. The green comes across as loud and messy because of the clashing colors selected. Don't wear that red pair with white pants...gee.
This should be about 20 dollars in Target, so it's not a bad deal for a 4 pack.
Head Wear Sonic Cloth Bio World It's a cloth! For your head!
This is likely to be the first "multi functional adult unisex Sonic the Hedgehog head cloth" that has been made. It's basically a rectangle strip of cloth printed with an overlapping/collage type variety of classic style Sonic stock arts. You can spot some neo classic poses in there too. This is a Bio World item (you can see the logo toward the top of the package) This was found at Game Stop and appears to be about 11 dollars. The back of the package has lots of ideas on how you can wear it but...
hopefully it also comes with instructions on how to wind it up to get it to do the things you see mask...apparently. Naturally, this appears partially because of the virus, you can wear it as a mouth/nose cover, or neck gaiter. It also appears to wrap up hair, be a head band, a pony-tail wrapper and a wrist...cover maybe. It gets credit for versatility. It is an interesting collectible that is also an indicator of the times/sign of the times. Certainly something to hold onto.
4 Pack Boxer Breifs Modern Sonic Theme 2020 and 2021 seem to be the year for abundant underwear.
(Now where's the girls underwear? They're being cheated of fun designs...)
Here comes another 4 pack of boxer briefs style underwear for boys teens. Each one has a wide elastic waist band. 2 of the bands are just stripes, and the other 2 spell out Sonic's name and have stars. The first pair is all red, it has modern CG Sonic in a ring on one leg as the design. The next pair has the STK trio in CG with a GHZ type background. But look how annoyed Tails looks! He's aggrivated here for some reason. The light blue background pair has a scattering of different poses for modern stock Sonic, as well as rings and his name. The last and busiest pair has a dark blue background & is covered with modern Sonic Tails Knuckles and Eggman as well as lines & shapes. This might be a Target item, but it may also be on Amazon. If you can find it, it should be about 20 dollars which is an ok rate for 4 pairs.
Hooded Towel Sonic Pool Wrap How about a...hooded towel?
It seems so, with this "pool wrap towel" After swimming kids can wrap up in a towel that stays up because it has a Sonic face character hood at the top. The towel itself is modern, with all CG art for Knuckles, Sonic & Tails. There are stars, speed boost chevrons and his name for the background. Interestingly, both Tails and Sonic are shown pointing. Knuckles is the usual 'fists up'. This is colorful and fun, if a rather specific item. This is a 2022 item from Amazon, but it may be available elsewhere.