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Page 14 is for MODERN Sonic the Hedgehog accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Step it Up Kids Sonic Sock Pack Walmart
This is the "Step It Up Sock Pack"
It's a Walmart exclusive, and,'s another pack only for little kids. Your feet probably won't fit into these if you're over 7 years old, which is too bad because it's a fun, bargain priced set. There are 5 different ankle sock pairs here. The first is blue with running Sonic & rings. The next pair is gray with the slogan "Step It Up" written in blue. The white pair has only the 'speed booster' pattern from the games across the middle. The middle pair is blue with black tips & has a Sonic portrait in a red cog / gear shape. The last pair has 'looking back' Sonic with more rings.

The designs are woven into the socks, so they won't wear off with washing & use, which is always a nice feature. It's great to see modern Sonic in action oriented designs for something fresh...just too bad they're so small. This pack is about 5.50 at Walmart in 2019. It should be in the boys clothing section. The paper tag is modern with checkers, and is that "SEGA" tag that keeps popping up. It is distributed by "High Point Design" but that's not the same thing as a maker, like bioworld etc, would be.

Team Sonic Racing Froggy Cap Hat It's a ....Froggy character cap?
Indeed, of all the (fairly) obscure characters to choose from, here comes a Froggy hat. This is a 'character cap' style, where the hat itself is made to resemble the character's head. It has the eyes on the front, the yellow top marking, the two side markings are on the back & there are also the cheek dots. The bill is right below where the lip would be.
The hat is a curious choice but....
It DOES come with an explanation. If you watch the little shorts Sonic 'cartoons' on Youtube, you'll find the Team Sonic Racing ad / mini-show. In it, Eggman tries to trick Big (of Team Amy) into quitting the race by putting up a "Frog Merchandise Stand" with all frog themed items. This cap, and the t-shirt are among them. Wacky hi-jinx of course, ensue...but what's even wackier is that the Sega Shop decided to make the hat a real thing.
This hat is about FORTY dollars! Plus, Froggy is fairly abstract to begin with so it's almost in "Secretly-Sonic" territory where even a big fan might not recognize what the cap is all about. And it's a 40 dollar hat. Is this even going to sell? Isn't the joke from the mini-show that the hat and tee are so silly & wierd that only Big the Cat would ever wear them? Even though it is explained, the whole situation remains strange. And Green. This is a 2019 item.
6 Pair Modern Sock Pack Walmart 2019 6 Socks! 6 Dollars!
It's a deal for your feet! And this time, most people CAN probably wear them. This 6 pack of socks is in Walmart in 2019, and everyone should take advantage of the low price & fun designs.
That's because they're in the boys/teens area, but the packs come in various sizes, from kids through LG/XL that would probably fit many adult feet too. These are no-show-anklet-socks. The designs are woven in, meaning there's nothing to wear off. Each pair has a modern character face, but you can spy some new art being used here...which is actually really unusual for socks.
Super Sonic is usually only shown mad or determined, here, he's smiling. Shadow is generally shown aggrivated, but here he's merely frowning, though look how close together his eyes are. Metal Sonic is...Metal so no expression to have. Knuckles has a less 'bully' style expression, and Tails has his mouth open as if cheering. The ears of the characters are all really far to the sides of the sock (so, it doesn't photograph super well) but that does keep with the head structure. Whoever made these was paying attention.
They don't have a package, just a tie with the paper tag you see there. It's that "Sega" copyright tag that doesn't have a maker name. It tells you what they're made of, the size, and how to wash it. With good varety, fun faces, nice design, ability to fit fans feet AND easy availability AND good pricing....the foot may be on the bottom...but these socks are tops! Collect these while you can.

Aaand they also released a 'baby version' of this sock pack. It's the same exact pack of 6 socks, but in super tiny baby sizes for toddlers & very small kids. Now, these socks can include everyone. Baby version photo by Taaron

Tails Snapback Cap Classic Ears The Sega Shop online gets into the 'character cap' trend with this, the Tails Snap-Back cap. This orange baseball cap style hat has a flat 'snap back' brim & stuffed/plush type ears on the top. The white brim represents his lower face, and includes the little nose triangle. The eyes are embroidered on. This is classic style tails. It has a plastic adjustment band in the back.
It is fairly expensive at 27.99 , but the price does fit in with their above average prices. It's a cute enough cap, but character caps are inherently nerdy? This is a fall\2019 item
Sonic Rings Tall Crew Socks
It's still sock season in 2019!
Here comes another exciting pair to collect. These are called the "Sonic Rings Crew Socks". The 'crew' is the style, meaning they'll go up to mid-calf or so. They're made of a stretchy material with slight ridges on the leg area. What's special about them though, is the process used to put the dye on. It is "Dye-Sublimated" socks. That means the dye was vaporized onto the socks so it can't come off/wear off or get raggedy like other types can. Anything with this special process will cost a little more, but will be much more durable.
The design is pretty fun, with bright blue background, scattering of gold rings, the modern logo, and Jumping-twist modern Sonic art. He's really big too, so he'll go across the top of the foot and up the leg. The toe tips are black. These are adult size socks reported to be on Amazon in spring 2019, but how much do they cost?
Die Sonic Socks Black Crew Sock Here it goes again...
Sonic shown 'dieing' on his own merchandise. Here, a pair of black adult size crew socks has the 'death of Sonic' sprite used as he 'loses his rings' as the all-over design for the socks. This is caused by designers not known what each sprite means in the game, and they just pick 'any upset looking one' to a scatter ring background and call it a day. However, they seem to always wrongly choose the one where he's dead already. Why Sega or whoever looks over the license doesn't correct them is a big mystery.
The design would be ok otherwise, as the rings are a nice contrast with the black, the Sonic design is colorful, and everything is a part of the socks/threads/weave itself so it's not going to just wear off. These were found at Walmart, but is 1 pair really 8 dollars? It seems a little steep for that store, even in the adults area. Photo by Taaron
Kids No-Show Low Sock Set 5 Still socks! Sets of socks! Sonic socks....
Fall 2019 brings yet more Sonic socks. This time it is a set of "Kids No-Show" socks. There are 5 in the set, and the cut is made to be below even an ankle-sock. It is to hide that you have socks on at all. (But what is the point of that?) The designs are nice, as they are woven directly into the fabric, they won't wear off. The theme here is modern, with the character name along the bottom of each sock & the portrait on top.
You get arms-cross Sonic on a black/gray, a white sock with rings, fist up Knuckles on a gray/red, a black sock with rings, and standing Tails on a gray/yellow.
It's possible that these are a Walmart set, but they are child sizes only. They may also appear on Amazon. However, they should always be reasonably priced at about 9 or 10 for the set.
Fleecy Interior All Over Print Slippers Here are some kids slippers.
These are simple slippers, made only in small child sizes. They appear at Walmart in 2019 / fall season. As you can see at about 5 bucks, these are reasonably priced. They're modern, with an all over full color Sonic poses print on a black background. They're just kind of basically foot-shaped with an elastic upper edge so it stays on. The interior is made of white, textured fleecy material to help keep feet warm. The bottom has the tough fabric with rubber texture traction.
The fleecy interior is prone to getting dirty quickly, and then pilly if it goes through the washing machine. The best care for a slipper like this is to put it on over socks to help it stay clean and last longer. Wearing socks with it also helps the fleecy stuff keep your feet warmer as well. Photo by Taaron
Modern Breifs Underwear 3 Pack Designs
More modern underwear...but this time it's breifs style for boys.
It's too bad these only come in small sizes because the modern designs are colorful and fun. It looks like there are 5 pairs here all in a pack to buy. The first pair has upside down/right side up Sonic graphics in all the same pose on a light blue background. The center pair has a checkered colors theme with Sonic, Knuckles, & Tails faces in the squares, and occaisionally a star or star bumper in the square. The next has Sonic & Tails on a white background with star bumpers. The blue border one has a sort of confusing pattern with maybe Sonic, Tails and some rings? The last has Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow on a white background with squares. This set appeared online in Fall 2019, but it doesn't say where to buy it, what the sizes are or how much it costs.
Game Stop Adult Crew Socks Mania Art Game Stop's branch-out into merchandise continues with some socks.
Sonic socks...of course, and each pair here is 8 dollars in 2019. They are crew style socks for adults, so they'll fit anyone which is good news. The other bit of good news is that it uses Mania type classic art (good for promoting Mania) that's sewn right into the fabric so it won't wear off. The aqua pair has fist-up Sonic with squares & triangles on a sparse background. The blue pair has leap/side Sonic with the date 1991 in black down one side. That one is interesting because it uses a sort of 'cut out' look white line around the stock art to highlight the edges in a new way. The other pair, having the Sonic art at the top is a good move, because that way it's easy to see/doesn't hide inside a shoe. Both pairs are good picks, and are made by Bio World. Photo & owned by
Classic Style Crew Sonic Socks Target Classic Crew!
These taller Sonic socks appear in Target in winter 2019. What's great, is that they're in the Men's socks area, so they will fit anyone. They are both blue, and classic style with the design woven in so it can't rub off/wear out. The first pair is more of an aqua, with checker stripe at the top & middle of the foot. It has gray toe & heel, and 'getting ready to run' Sonic stock art. The 2nd pair is more of a middle blue, with red toe & heel, plus a white stripe around the foot area. This spells out Sonic's name in red vertically on the leg part. The Sonic art here is neat, because he's a white line with white detail on a blue background, with red shoes. This keeps the stock art looking fresh by doing something new with it that's fairly complex...yet the stitching does hold the detail and it looks nice! Photo & owned by:
Bio World Casual Crew Sonic Sock 5 Set Socks a-plenty!
Here's a cool 5 pack from Bio World. These are "Casual Crew" style, and they are in adults sizes so they should fit most. They are cheerful, slightly pastel, and classically styled but likely with neo classic art. The colored backgrounds, scattered characters & complimentary trim keeps the set
looking fresh while still fitting with classic. The first pair has light blue with various poses for Sonic, the second is pink/brown with various poses for Knuckls, the third is peach with various poses of Tails, the 4th is sort of aqua with all the same running Sonic and the last is also aqua but with yellow trims and mostly just rings with 1 Sonic face near the top. These can be found at # in winter 2019. Photo & owned by