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Page 15 is for MODERN Sonic the Hedgehog accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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A twinkling wallet!
This tri fold wallet is actually pretty interesting. It is made with a twinkling fabric. It looks like it might be glitter in the photos, but it isn't. The fabric itself is somehow sparkly with super small specks of sparkle. However, it will only sparkle under direct light, if it is in shadow it won't shine much/at all so it is unlike glitter or a sequin. It has a somewhat rough texture. See this in person, if possible.
Twinkle Wallet Target Tri Fold
It is a tough nylon/weave material so it's sturdy, with CG Sonic, Tails & Knuckles on the exterior. The CG and glitter effect combine with that the characters are a separate piece, to make them seem more '3d-like'. The interior is very nice as well, with zipper pocket (uncommon!) plenty of room for cards and bills. It has the modern logo, and a velcro closure. This is by Accessory Innovations and can be found at Target for about 7 dollars in 2019. Photos by KennyThe Hedgehog, wallet is also in the Gear collection. Certainly a recomended item upon price & interesting-factor! Collect it if you can.
Baba Fuzzy Slippers Kohls Kids The style of this slipper is called "Baba Fleecy", which I guess is just an all-soft fabric slipper with faux-tufty fleece interior. The bottoms of these would be slightly 'stuffed' and are all-fabric with the traction-dots on the bottom.
The pattern here is an overlap/scatter of Modern Sonic in various poses. The interior textured faux fleece is all black, as is the pattern background. However, because these are for little kids, the pattern never gets a whole Sonic on it because they're too small. This is a Kohls 2021/22 item, and should be about 12 dollars.
Handcraft Brand Breifs Sonic 5 Pack Boys It's another 5 pack of Sonic underwear!
That's 10 pairs so far in only month 2 of 2020...this time it's from the "Handcraft" brand. (Guarenteed to not be hand crafted so...why) and you can find this in Target stores any time after February. The pack of 5 comes in this hang tag/topper bag, but it has a picture of all the designs laid out. They are boxer briefs style, and boys sizes only. (Ex large may fit a teen, depending) You can see it has
All blue plain pair with Sonic name & face along the waist band, blue waist band with busy checker, "S" circle, Sonic face, Sonic stock art & Stock art scattering, a black pair with CG (probably tee-style pressed on) portraits for Sonic, Tails & Eggman on one leg, a checker theme white pair with square portraits for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow, and a white pair with 1 large jumping/pointing Sonic on small checker splash with "S" circle & his name.
In all, the set is actually pretty stylish. The designs vary nicely, there's a colorful range of characters, and nothing feels redone or boring. What's too bad is that they didn't also make it for adults or tall kids. This should be about 15.00 in Target which is an ok price for 5 pairs, really.
Multi Use Lanyards BioWorld Here are 2 new lanyards for 2023.
The left has a classic and checker theme, with Sonic, Knuckles & Tails on a black/white checker background for the strap. The strap is adjustable for length with the little buckle there. It has 2 metal clips to hold the plastic card holder. The holder comes with a finger-waving art/checker background card already fitted in. Because this is held by each corner, it's good to choose if you don't want the ID card flopping over.
The right side lanyard is fancier. It has a squeeze clip so you can detatch the card holding portion, comes with a flat rubber Sonic charm, and has peace sign Sonic with the classic logo in the card holster. The strap for this one has the logo, a bigger picture of Sonic & then a green hill background for the rest of it. There's also a neck clip there at the back. The deluxe one is about 10 dollars, while the regular is 7 at Amazon.
Sonic Mania Mens Boxer Breifs
Finally, some underwear for adults to wear!
This is a pair of mens' sizes only boxer breifs style underwear which appered in late 2020/2021. It is styled for Sonic Mania, with the game's logo as a patch on the black elastic waistband. The actual fabric is quite a dark blue, and has scattered 16 bit style pixel sprites for Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails. Each character sprite is always the same pose with thumbs up Tails, pointing Sonic & fist up Knuckles.
It's good to see underwear that's not kids size (finally) and also more Mania stuff is nice as well so it can be retro without feeling repetitive. But, where is this underwear available? How much does it cost? You can write in for credit if you have seen it.
Kiss the Hedgehog Apron Blue Likely the first of it's kind...2021 brings a...Sonic the Hedgehog Apron?
Indeed, with this plain blue apron. This is likely the first Sonic Apron ever released. Apron is a pretty specific accessory generally only worn for cooking or the BBQ grill. However, with a Sonic one, you might not want to mess it up. It has finger-waving classic Sonic in the winged star ring. Around it is the slogan "Kiss the Hedgehog", which is, of course, the funny variant on the normal 'kiss the cook' apron-slogans.
The item is otherwise plain, and has simple thin neck strap and waist tie. It's a no-frills thing...but maybe it could use a bit more of a Sonic element? Or a design feature such as a pocket or something? Either way, it's interesting to see. This is a Sega Shop 2021 item.
Nylon Sonic Group Wallet CG Art Target Target adds another Sonic wallet in late 2021.
This is an all-nylon fabric wallet so it should be pretty sturdy. It's a trifold type, with velcro closure. The art has a group shot of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and even Dr Eggman in the back. They're all CG art for the characters, and everyone's pretty happy except Shadow. What's interesting is that it is 'divided' by a yellow/black caution-type strip behind STK trio to 'cordon off' Shadow and also Eggman. Eggman is a bit vague because they chose a red background, so his jacket is 'disappearing'. There's also "Sonic" spelled out in a letterman font with a fade next to the velcro. It's a good item so long as the velcro closure doesn't wear out. This is an Accessory Innovations item. It is about 7 dollars. It is in the SonicGear collection.
Kohls Blue Sonic Bath Robe Kids Now, Kohls tries out a Sonic themed bath robe.
This one is the "Sonic Blue Kids Robe" in 2022. It's made of a soft moisture-absorbing fabric and should be about 25 dollars in kids/little kids sizes only. Its dark blue, with an all-over pattern of scattered poses for modern Sonic, rows of rings, and his name. It's a tad busy. It has a belt (hard to see, made of the same fabric) for the closure.
The Target robe didn't do very well in 2021 and was widely reported as clearancing everywhere when its time on shelves ended. This one is a bit costly at 25 dollars for some little kid item that probably gets worn for only 10 minutes or so at a time. (Bath robes aren't highly useful) so it remains to be seen if this actually does well or not.