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Page 15 is for MODERN Sonic the Hedgehog accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Fidget Spinner Sonic Watch A Fidget Spinning Watch!
Well....that's something. Now that the fidget fad is not running high any longer at the end of 2019, here comes a fidget spinner watch. Well, spinners are good (I guess?) and watches are good, so why not combine them into 1 wacky item? For this kids-style watch, it has the usual / cheap 'tiny rectangle window' for the digital clock part & a classic Sonic face above it. The bezel & face are both also blue. Then, around the face of the watch is a 3 point fidget spinner, each rounded end having a silouhette Sonic face. The bad has stars, rings, and various classic stock art included less-common 'figure 8 peel out'
pose from Sonic CD. The buckle is also blue plastic. This is a bit of a silly item.
Red Toe Crew Sonic Socks BioWorld Here are some adult size Crew Style Sonic Socks by Bio World. These were sold at Game Stop in 2019. They seem to be about 7.99 for the pair, without a sale. They have red toe, heel and top cuff, gray stripes mid-foot, and a proflie running classic Sonic stock art on the leg part. The design is sewn into the sock, so it can't wear off. He is full color, but has a blue outline/border instead of gray or black, and also the pupil is blue. (no black thread used for the sock at all) It's good to see adults sizes socks that anyone can wear. Photo & owned by
Twinkle Wallet Target Tri Fold A twinkling wallet!
This tri fold wallet is actually pretty interesting. It is made with a twinkling fabric. It looks like it might be glitter in the photos, but it isn't. The fabric itself is somehow sparkly with super small specks of sparkle. However, it will only sparkle under direct light, if it is in shadow it won't shine much/at all so it is unlike glitter or a sequin. It has a somewhat rough texture. See this in person, if possible.
It is a tough nylon/weave material so it's sturdy, with CG Sonic, Tails & Knuckles on the exterior. The CG and glitter effect combine with that the characters are a separate piece, to make them seem more '3d-like'. The interior is very nice as well, with zipper pocket (uncommon!) plenty of room for cards and bills. It has the modern logo, and a velcro closure. This is by Accessory Innovations and can be found at Target for about 7 dollars in 2019. Photos by KennyThe Hedgehog, wallet is also in the Gear collection. Certainly a recomended item upon price & interesting-factor! Collect it if you can.