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Page 16 is for MODERN Sonic the Hedgehog accessories only.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only (Dreamcast+onward)
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Classic Style Sonic Face Mask Cover It took until fall season 2020 but...
An official Sonic Face Mask / Cover finally appears. No doubt this is by any random company that could simply buy up enough official Sonic printed fabric fast enough to throw these together on one of the numerous existing 'youth mask' patterns, but, oh well because the bootleggers were having a field day with their phony fabric.
This is a 3 pack of masks, for about 12.99 at Game Stop. They're in the simplest of label-bag packaging so as to bring them to market faster. The fabric is blue, with classic Sonic faces scattered around, as well as rings. There's normal, 'steamin'-Sonic', aggrivated, forward-winking and probably profile faces.
They're a fine, normal and solid enough design for something with the classic type look. Hopefully more variety of Sonic fabric will become available/more mask styles could appear for all sizes of faces. Photo by Taaron
Now, you can see the Zen Monkey patch where it's out of the package.
This is a factory photo, but it's what it'll look like when you get it. Without the shiny plastic over it, you can see the texture/detail to the circle yellow background. It has alternating squares/checkers of different-direction stitched embroidery to create a texture. The Sonic is a neoclassic art where he's jumping forward but looking back, with his arms out.
The background makes the patch sturdy/no part of it is thin and hanging off it so it isn't fragile. The embroidery is thick, and looks quality. The neoclassic action pose keeps the patch fresh looking and good to collect, even if you had others already. This should be about 8 dollars. But, is it for sale anywhere else other than Amazon?
Zen Monkey Leaping Sonic Patch
Target 5 Pack Boxer Briefs Sonic Underewear
More underwear, more Target items!
Late 2020 and also 2021 at Target sees another kids underwear Boxer Briefs 5 pack. These are in kids sizes, maybe the largest goes for teens, so it'll be in the 'kids accessories' area of Target. It has a red pair with blue waistband with Sonic running in a star on one leg, a blue pair with red waistband with Sonic Tails & Knuckles jumping through a ring/swirl, a light blue pair with yellow waistband that has scattered characters, dotted lines and circles, an all-over CG print type one (GHZ looking) with blue waistband, and a busy Sonic and Shadow allover pattern blue pair with red waistband. Each one is appropriately Sonic-designed and colorful. There's also good variety among the designs as well. They're not a bad price at about 14.99 for all 5 in the package, either.
Old Navy Classic Style Kids Sonic Masks
Here's a better look at the Old Navy exclusive Sonic kid's face masks.
As the pandemic sort of winds down in summer of 2021, you can find this set of 3 soft cloth masks for about 12 dollars or so in stores. They're packaged in a clear plastic sleeve with the cardboard hang-top seen here. What's unfortunate of them, is that this packaging method HIDES the most attractive of the masks, which is the 'logo / title screen' mask. It is always sandwiched between the other 2, even though it is the most eye-catching / colorful one. The cardboard topper does not have a picture to show you what you get, you have to just guess that the 3rd mask is something good.
12 is a tad steep for kiddie sized masks if there's only 3. If you are an adult or a teen but have a fairly small head or low-set ears you should be able to wear them anyway but they are notably smaller than other masks. The fabric is really soft and the straps are stretchy, though. It is a comfortable set, and an interesting thing to have to mark having gone through the pandemic of 2020 specifically with something Sonic. These are in the SonicGear collection
Handicraft 5 Pack Underwear 2021 Handicraft makes another set of underwear for 2021.
It's a 5 pack of boxer-briefs type boys underwear. The designs are all bright and colorful, also featuring a new neon theme. The first pair is red with a blue waistband and blue star on one leg. The star has running modern Sonic in it. The 2nd pair has a ring with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles on a plain blue background with red waistband. The middle pair is light blue and a scattering of Sonic, Knuckles and Tails arts. The 4th pair is black with neon theme for logos and art. The last is a dark blue with thumbs up Sonic and scattered 'boost line' chevrons. This set has quite a good variety of designs! This should be about 9.99 for the set, which is also a good price. If these fit, pick 'em up!
Bio World Classic Sonic Masks Bio World gets into masks too!
With the pandemic still around in 2022, it's about time another company joins in by making masks fun...with Sonic, of course! Bio World releases 3 different (sold as a set) of classic style Sonic masks. The first has winking Sonic with red borders that have his name spelled out vertically in Japanese. The second has black/white only finger-waving Sonic on a checker background. The red bottom of this one spells his name in Japanese too. The last mask has an all over tiny black/white checker pattern with a scattering of classic full color Sonic art on it. The ear straps for these are thin-type, but they do have adjuster beads. These should be at Amazon....but they keep selling out!
House Shoes Slippers Modern Sonic Slippers that don't stink?
Seems its about time we got something good, with this pair of 'house shoes' type slip-ons with modern Sonic. They're not absurd, goofy, ill-concieved or poorly designed. They come in sizes for kids and adults. They have thick quality construction and use a good, large Sonic art for the design. There's a logo on the foot part/interior also.
This pair finally proves that you can put Sonic on indoor footwear and still have it be cool and normal looking. Anyone can keep their feet clean and warmer indoors while still being normal with this actually well planned out pair. What company produced these? They're supposed to be at Amazon, but are they sold anywhere else? These are a winter 2022 item.
Fila Movie 2 EVO Sonic Shoes Fila shoes releases this version of their EVO shoe in red and white, and have labeled it for "Sonic Movie 2"...but...there's no movie branding on them, no Sonic on them, or anything Sonic related. They are indeed modeled after any of Sonic's shoes: but so is any shoe with a red upper, white sole and white strip across the middle with lack of laces.
Did they modify a pre-existing shoe? Yes they did. The regular EVO looks similar but the band is wider at the edges and usually has the logo across the top of the band. This shoe also doesn't actually appear in the movie so it doesn't go onto 'movie merch'.* It sold out likely within 1 day of being on Fila's website,
and they were fairly costly at over 100 per pair (adult sizes) There is no news of a remake or re-release on the line despite it selling out so quickly. Which is stupid...they're an existing shoe just with a color change deletion of pleather accents and simpler strap so it's not like they'd be stuck with it being super expensive to make or somehow not selling. Ride the tide of the movie and just make more, o giant company.
*Movie Merch- If it's not in the movie and not branded for the movie it's not really a tie-in it's just something that co-releases to get the popularity of an item at the time. It's like all the classic Sonic merch coming around on tees & such whenever a new modern game comes out. If "Sonic in general" is riding high for whatever reason, everybody just releases stuff---and that's just fine! More merch is better. Also: yes I would own this if I could.
Green Hill Glasses Case Toddler
This is the Green Hill Glasses Case.
It's a soft-sides case with sunglasses set. However, it is only for toddlers and little kids so it won't fit anyone else. (These things are genuinely small) The sunglasses are non-polarized, and have a blue to black fade. There's a tiny modern Sonic face in the corner of 1 lense. (Would this be annoying to see/in the edge of vision?)
The case is cute, with Amy, Sonic, Tails & Knuckles modern art in front of a stylized Green Hill Zone theme. The top has a zipper closure. This is about 20 dollars at Amazon in 2022.
It's an ok idea...but getting little kids to wear sunglasses and even put them away in the safety case might not be a thing that happens very frequently.
Let's Roll Sunglasses With Case Kids
There's more than just Green Hill Glasses, now there's the "Let's Roll Sunglasses & Case Set". This is again for only little kids or toddlers so if you're reading this it's not going to fit you. Here, the soft-sides zip closure sunglasses case is checkered in dark/light blue & has the Let's Roll slogan and forward facing faces for Tails, Sonic and Knuckles done as full color modern art. That extra blue thing there on the left is an aluminum karabiner clip (so it could go on a belt or something)
The sunglasses are blue with greenish tint lenses and the frames have...3 little vent holes near the bottom? A design choice I guess, and it doesn't look bad or anything it's just unusual. The arms have red interiors and blue checker exterior, but with the trio of faces repeated. It's a great touch to have the glasses really match the case, and adding more Sonic elements is always a good thing. This is about 22 dollars and is a 2022 summer release. It is likely to be on Amazon.
Komar Kids Character Robe Sonic This is the "Komar Kids Character Robe: Sonic"
And, as with many Komar Kids things it should be at Kohls, but may also appear on Amazon or other retailers in spring 2022. It's a bath robe with a fuzzy blue fabric for the robe and the same type but in red for the belt. It has 2 pockets on the front and a hood. The hood is that 'character face' hood again, where it has a modern forward-facing Sonic face on there with little fabric flap ears and side spikes. The front also has a large embroidered Sonic patch on the chest area, and the back has his name in the logo font.
The fabric is thick and the embroidered details are nice/large, but it does add up because the robe is 47 dollars. long does anyone wear a bath robe for? Is it either take a bath and get in pjs, or take a bath and get in clean clothes?
That's about 50 dollars for something that's worn for such a short time...and it's kids they grow out of it also?
Prediction: This likely won't do very well, much like previous bath robe efforts for Sonic. It's quality yes, but it's an expensive item that nobody sees but you/the house.
Classic Style Checker Slide Sandals Something new? Seems so with Sonic Slide Style Sandals!
These classic themed sandals have black and white checker pattern for the whole foot part/sole, and a wide black band with the classic logo for the top. There are scattered running Sonic classic stock arts all over the checker pattern. The logo is full color. The whole thing is probably plastic. These are at Target in 2022, and only 14 dollars!
This is another example of a classic Sonic item, that has actual classic-era-look for the design. These look like something that would have been out in the early 1990s. A good move for nostalgic fans. At a store that's everywhere, with a reasonable price, and sized for anyone, these are a good addition to the merchandise line up.