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Sonic American Modern Accessories
Page 17 is for MODERN Sonic the Hedgehog accessories only after 2010.
Accessories are wearable, but non-clothing items.They're usually not that big, and can be great to collect. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. If anything is currently available in a store, or online, the entry will mention it to help you find it. Everything on this page will be from the modern era only and from 2010 and onward only.
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Bio World Modern Portraits Wallet Bio World releases a velcro closure tri-fold wallet in fall 2022. It's modern, and has the theme of character portraits. It's made of that tough polyester plastic/weave fabric. The modern forward-facing Sonic face on the front is that layered/cut rubber, so the detail is crisp and good, and it's durable.
The rest of the fabric has various expressions in geometric shapes for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow. (Although Shadow appears the least) The interior is all black, and has the usual slots for cash and credit cards.
This should be about 11 dollars and is confirmed at Journeys (a shoe/accessory store) This is in the Sonic Gear collection
Lets Go Sonic Sunglasses Case Kids Another pair of little kids size Sonic sunglasses appear. This is called "Let's Go Sonic Sunglasses & Case". The case is a soft-sides with zipper and modern Sonic among triangle shapes for the design. The slogan "Let's Go" is large in red modernist font. The glasses themselves have red rims and blue arms. It's not readily apparent if they have a Sonic element to them. This is found on Amazon in 2022.
Remember: these are kiddie type glasses, they're genuinely small and only for little kids