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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see!
What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?

Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

Scourge & Alicia Fused Bead Uncle Chuck Little Sonic Bead Large Julie Su Bead Construction
Mina Sonic Kiss Beads
Bunnie Rabbot Antoine Kiss Beads All fused-bead constructions in this area by SerenaAzureth Mini Bead Super Sonic Sprite Keychain
Dulcy Fly SatAm Sonic Gang Beads
Bunnie & Sonic Bead Sprites
A prolific fused-bead artist has produced all of these bead constructions. Pixel art, sprites & other video game items are ideal for this type of art. All the beads used here are the same, except the Super
Sonia & Manic Bead Sprites
Sonic 1 Large Bead Logo Replica
Each bead acts like a pixel, and when you heat-fuse them together, you get flat pixel figures you can hang almost anywhere.
Sonic keychain, who is made from MiniHama Beads. The logo is the largest, measuring 48 inches across and 28 inches high. As you can see, working with these gives you screen-accurate items that are cool and colorful too!
Customized Mini Mate Sonic Sally Figures These are MiniMates. They resemble little legomen, but they have jointed elbows and knees. Here, a Sonic fan has customized two of them by sculpting on shoes and head-styles to make Sonic & Sally. With a new paint job, they can still be posed and continue to act as action figures. Photographed and owned by Lee At Arms
10in Metal Super Re Paint It didn't take long before someone repainted the 10inch Metal Sonic figure. This one is yellow/damage for a sort of 'super Metal Sonic'. The one in Sonic & Knuckles (MechaSonic) did indeed go 'super' if it touched the master emerald. Discovered by milesprower22
Casino Night Bumper Yarn Ball
This is a customized yarn ball. If you have an extra ball of red yarn, why not make it into a bumper from the Casino Night Zone? So here is a sphere with felt star accent & colors to help it look like the bumpers/springs in that level. Photographed and owned by Frost The Cat.
Orange & Blue Fan Chao Plush
Customized Croc Shoe Werehog Design The Croc is a shoe made of a lightweight durable plastic. It is shaped like a clog and usually has holes in the top. You can customize this shoe with gel pens! Here, a roaring werehog design has been applied, along with the Sega logo and Sonic name. Croc even makes pens for you to customize with. Made and photographed by ShadoHejjihoggu
Here are 2 Chao fan plushes, one in orange, the other, the standard blue. Each is about 10in high. Photo discovered by Trogdorbad.
Sonic Movie Mini Fan Figures This set of mini fan figures is based off of the Sonic Anime movie. You can see Eggman, BlackEggman robot, Knuckles in his hat, and Metal Sonic in the background. The figures are cute and 'mini sized' either sitting or with short legs, depending the pose. They're a cute characterized style. Made by Torgetsu Kon
Simple neutral chao bead sprite Small, simple and cute here is a neutral chao bead art. You can see how the beads are melted together by: Yzzif
Amy Theme Chao Plush Tails Theme Chao Plush
Fimo Sculpted Chao Variety
Character themed chao are very cute & popular! But official plushes for them were never made. Here, an Amy chao looks innocent & cute, & the Tails chao is very happy, complete with prize ribbon! Both made by Britewingz
These little sculptures are so bright and glossy! Each chao is made of Fimo Clay, and very detailed. Even Omochao appears with this collection. All made by Leather Lynx.
Knitted Fan Plush Chaos Notice something interesting about the texture of these chao plushes? They are not made of cloth, they are knitted! With knitting, you use yarn to make your plush structures, then stuff them as usual. Felt details have been added for this Dark & Neutral Chao. Here's a little sculpture of an all-fly type chao. This chao variety resembles NiGHTS though it isn't considered a 'character chao'. When fully formed it gets the large yellow tipped feather-like wings. This is made of oven-bake clay with hand painted details. Made & photographed by Madmatica Nights Type Fly Chao Figure
Made & Photographed by VR Love Cats
Neutral Chao Grass Base This neutral chao figure is made of oven-bake clay, and stands on a little base textured like grass. Fishing line is used to hold the ball up over the head. Made and photographed by Meditor Planto Perfi.
Tails theme character chao is very cute and popular. This one is sculpted from oven bake clay and looks like it is sitting and thinking. (a common chao emotion) This is a cute little custom figurine. Made and photographed by Clara Coon. Tails Chao Figure Clay
Shadow Rouge Knuckles Fan Chao Plush Dark, Tikal, Cream & Hero Fan Chao Plush
Character chaos are quite cute and popular. Some of these are actual chaos found in the games (Shadow, Knuckles, Hero, Dark) and some are fan chaos. All of them, are fan made! The dark chao uses red velvet, the Hero chao uses curly soft fabric, the inside of Cream Chao's ears are crush-velvet. All are between 4 and 12 inches high. Made & photographed by Yutakayumi
Metal Sonic & Espio Fan Chao
Sonic Rouge Fan Chao Cream Espio Shadow Fan Chao
Still more fan chaos, each of these are little plushes with a character theme. The Rouge has a sparkly heart on the front, and Espio has his bracelets. Made & Phographed by Britewingz Two plush fan chaos of less-common characters, pre-SA Espio and Metal Sonic are here in chao form. Both of these are about 9 inches high. Made & Phographed by Furry-Bomb
Tiny Sculpey Chao This little chao is made from sculpey clay. Colored clay was used, so it didn't even need any paint! Made & Phographed by FourEyedAlien Fan Sculpted Sonic Shoe
Sonic's distinctive shoe, sculpted from colored clay. Because the clay is colored, it comes out nice and neat, without the need for paint. Made & Photographed by Matthew who is 10.
Sonic face carved pumpkin To celebrate Halloween Sonic style, why not carve a Jack o lantern? This cool pumpkin has an SA style Sonic face on it that really glows. His name is carved vertically down one side, and you can even see the candle in it. The art is very Sonic-like, letting the face glow. Made by TanyaHedgehog21
BoomBot Level BoomBot is an online game where you can use bombs to propel a robot toward a door. It's a puzzle game where users make their own puzzles
Happy Bokkun & Mail Fan plush In  Sonic X, Bokkun always delivered letters (and sometimes exploding ones) to Sonic & co. from Eggman. This happy plush version of him has his mail
and share them with other players. So of course, someone has made one shaped like Sonic! You can play it with this link: BoomBot and it was made by Berzerker.
Sonia Sonic Underground Plush Here's Sonia from Sonic Underground. For her bangs, they used fuzzy cloth, and she is made of fleece and stuffed with dried beans. Made & photographed by LiChiba
bag, and addressed letters. He is made of fleece, cotton and beans. The letters are real paper. Made & photographed by LiChiba
Knuckles Cosplay Costume Here is an interesting Knuckles costume. The face is part-stuffed, part mask like. The eye holes are larger, leaving the face skin to act as a type of eye/white for him, while the real eye serves as the pupil. The lower face is added with stuffing more like a plush. This is a creative cosplay costume! Made & photographed by SaaKawa
Multi Character Chibi Fan Sculpture Set
Chibi Style Fan Sonic Sculpture Here is a whole set of fun little fan sculptures. Each is a chibi style figure on a painted base. Some even have a favorite item, like Tails with a wrench, Sonic with a ring and Rouge with a jewel. Super Sonic is even gold, and on an energy-blast star base. This is a fun and colorful little set made of colored clay and paint. Made & photographed by BlueSonikku
Tails Head Fan Xmas Tree Ornament After a First4Figures Tails classic figure had an unfortunate accident that could not be was transformed into a Christmas Tree ornament with the addition of a sculpted clay Santa style hat. Tails is always cute is his head! Made & photographed by berzerker.