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Naturally, Fan-Art is what comes to mind first when you think about Sonic the Hedgehog fan-created items. Although, the things on this page are art, it is not the usual 2D kind you find about the internet.

Here you can find the interesting efforts of fans to create Sonic the Hedgehog items and goods. Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

Fan Knitted Shirt Someone has knitted this whole shirt! Most people do not know how to knit things, as it is a time-consuming process. Although, if you are going to knit, why not have a Sonic the Hedgehog sweater?
Someone has re-decorated their room, Sonic style!

Check out the 3D Metal Sonic coming out of their wall! It is made of painted paper mache. They also painted a 2D Knuckles onto their stripy background. You can see Sonic posters and toys in the distance.

They have even put a note on a paper for you to read. It is not known if this construction still exists. It was originally uploaded to Deviantart by Astrima. It is in Scotland. But it is neat!

Metal Sonic Wall Sculpture
Rude Doll Parts Amy Rose Cosplaying Doll Sonic Sweatshirt Boy Figure
Here are some mini-figures from Japan. It looks like these are snap-apart action figures that you can customize with different accessories. A plain version of the boy in the background is not pondering something...he is rude instead! Here is the gloomy boy, dressed in a Sonic Hoodie (hooded sweat-shirt with spikes and ears) His shorts even have a tail. You can see the hand-painted shoes.
Someone has customized an Amy Rose girl. Her ears are on the head-band.
Droopy Sonic Blanket
Another piece of cloth-goods, this one is a blanket for your bed. This may be made of knitting, weaving or possibly crocheting. While someone attempted to sell this (no one bought it) it is still the only one of its kind. Sonic may be a tad 'droopy' but, it was an interesting effort.
Sonic print cloth set for females This is called "A sleep outfit for females". Someone has taken Sonic print cloth (Likely the sheets set) and sewed a pair of shorts and a cloth top. You apparently tie the piece of cloth to your body with the straps.

Why is it for sleeping? Possibly because you can sort of see through the fabric (look at the shorts) and you wouldn't want that outdoors.

This seems to be a well-crafted unique item--a great way to recycle sheets that may be worn out or fuzzy. The print is classic and fun.

Un-Painted Wooden Cut out Sonic plaque
A wooden plaque for your wall. Someone took the original Sonic Adventure stock art, applied it to a thin pale wood, and then cut the complex shape with a fancy saw. A difficult but fun feat, if you are handy with wood working!
Fan Chao Plush 4 different types of normal chao. Someone made a pattern, and then used different colors of cloth to sew their own chaos. What are the eyes made of? Who made these chaos?
Blue Metal Sonic Skin Model These aren't actual items, but rather "Skins" for use in a 3D shooter video game. It is Quake 3. These were some of the very first 3D efforts of Sonic, even though they're fan-created Metal Sonic enemies for you to fight. They are curious and interesting, although they are visually distracting if you play the game. The original file names were kept, so you might be able to track down where they're from...
Info courtesy of CDF CompleteDoomFanatic.
Red Metal Sonic Skin Model
This is interesting!
Here is a female human dressed up as Knuckles! This is a nice costume, made of spandex and stuffing. The costume uses the wearer's face instead of a mask. It even has custom shoes! Worn, made & photographed by Jonna.
Sonic the hedgehog pumpkin carving
Ah, the traditional art of holiday gourd carving. Here is a Sonic pumpkin for Halloween! What does it look like if lit?
Sonic the hedgehog fan flipping toy A swinging, flipping toy from the UK.
This is made of plastic, and the Sonic spins and flips when you squeeze the bottom. This is a modern varient on a rather old concept toy which usually had trapeeze people. A good shop project to try. But who tried it here?
Sonic Gear Ginger Cookie
One of these Ginger Bread cookies is not like the others...Because it is shaped like a Sonic face! This cookie was made by Sonic Gear to celebrate the season, 2006. Here it is among other 'normal' ginger cookies, complete with red-hots, raisins, sugar-stars and nonpariels. The cookie did look a bit more 'Sonic' before it was baked, though.
Here's a great 3D diorama of the Marble Zone. It has the tilted pillar, lava, & checkered ground, totally recognizable from the game. Classic Sonic is all hand-sculpted from sculpey & hand painted. (only the glove-cuffs are pre-made...beads) Made & photo by JoltTheHedghog09
Silver Sonic Earrings A pair of silver post-back earrings. These MAY be a bootleg item. Cut with a die that is also a stamp, many could be made...but only 1 pair was ever seen. They're a great way to carry Sonic over into jewelry. This particular stock art makes a fun pair.
Grounder robot fan figure Here's a fan-customized Grounder robot made from an Androidz toy. The head is sculpted from clay, & the drills are painted & sharpened dowels. The size of the Androidz line keeps it fairly close in size to Sonic figures. Made & photographed by WakeAngel Sonic 1 Title Ring Sculpted Relief This is a relief sculpture of the Sonic 1 title screen ring. It's not fully 3D, so it is a high-relief. Sonic looks great, actually leaning out from the ring, & the title banner seems
metallic, and is nice with added actual depth. The background is painted in. Made & photo by Aoi-Bonyari
Here are 2 'gourmet style' cookies. These shaped cookies are covered in a type of hardening (Royal) icing. These were made by Sylvia Sweet Delights, and they aren't official. The company makes custom cookies, BUT they're not mass producing them, these particular cookes likely can't even be ordered. They're in a gallery of work. It's another 'thin line item' which isn't 100% bootleg, nor is it 100% the real deal. It should be considered a fan item done by a professional. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Egg o Matic custom vehicle This 3.5 scale egg-o-matic is made from half of a mini basketball. As you can see, it's the perfect size to fit Jazwares Eggman inside. There's
Speed boost lego ramp
Even room for a control panel, and a real clear windshield has been added. Using red legos...and some paper decals, a speed/boost ramp can be created. Since it's Lego, it's pretty much right on scale to the figures already. With the shot from the bottom and back, you can see which pieces you'd need to make this. Both items by CPKStudios
Lara-Sue Archie Fan Figure Here is a customized figure for Lara-Su the Archie Comics character. She's made from a JW Knuckles, Amy (legs) & Sonic (hands), with added clay details & new paint. Made & photographed by WakeAngel
Marble Zone Diorama 1
Here's a great 3D diorama of the Marble Zone. It has the tilted pillar, lava, & checkered ground, totally recognizable from the game. Classic Sonic is all hand-sculpted from sculpey & hand painted. (only the glove-cuffs are pre-made...beads) Made & photo by JoltTheHedghog09
Marble Zone Turn Arounds 3D
Sonic fans are always making new items, so it's time for Sonic the hedgehog fan items Page 2!