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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! Some were made recently, and others are older. Some of the items are also virtual, made inside of other video games.
What creative objects will everyone come up with?

Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

Perler Bead Knuckles Pixel Art Here are 2 more Perler Bead projects. There have been other perler projects featured on Fanworks, but they're always interesting to see. You can easily make sprites with them, as each bead serves as a 'pixel'. Here, Sonic Advance style sprites were used to help map where the beads should go. Made & photographed by Concept Junkie. Perler Bead Point Sonic Sprite
Perler Sally Fly These 2 perler works were inspired by SatAm Sonic. Sally appears to be either laying or flying, and the Sonic & Power ring is simply done in a more cartooney-SatAm style. The Sally is rather small, but the level of detail on the Sonic shows he is larger. Sally Made & photographed by GeekMythology, Sonic Made & photographed by SerenaAzureth. SatAm Style Bead Sonic
Hairy Fur Werehog Fan Plush
This Werehog plush is appropriately hairy! By using super shaggy fabric, this fan item imitates the look of the Werehog. With actual spikes sewn onto the shoes, and separate fingers, this doll is actually more detailed than an official one so far. Made & photographed by LiChiba
Custom Cosmo Plush Sonic X
Vans Shoes Custom Paint Green Hill
Here's a pair of customized Vans shoes. These shoes are usually white or patterned canvas, so they're great for customizing, if you've got the paint. Here, a scene of classic Green Hill, complete with palm tree, rings, and loop is combined with a more SA style Sonic. Look at the "together" effect, as Sonic's hand goes from one shoe to the other, as both are used to complete the scene. The back has the Sonic logo/font on a checkered background. Made & photographed by Chylde. Cosmo is the plant based alien from Sonic X, and a fun character for fan plush. This one is shown next to an official Tails. She's made of several different fabrics, and has a real plastic jewel accessory. Made & photographed by JunoLuver
Posable Character Plush Blaze Amy Metal Omega
All the plushes above and below were made by the same fan, and they're also all posable. As you can see, the hands open and close (and in Omega's case, he even has individual fingers) and they can be made to sit, stand or hold items. For some reason, some of the characters are wearing pants. Amy's hammer is also plush, and is not a plastic add-on. The Silver plush glows in the dark, thanks to the help of glowing paint. This is a neat set of Sonic character themed plushes. Made & photographed by Zero20-2
Posable Pants Plushes
Here are 2 different videos that show different sets of fan made action figures. For most of the figures, only the arms can be moved, but it's noteable since it isn't just a static sculpture. Neither set of figures appears to be fragile like some baked clay can be. The left video has Chaotix figures, which appear to be pretty sturdy, and the right has E Omega, Rouge & Shadow figures in a skit. However, the skit is in Spanish--but you can still see the movement for the figures and the sculpting. Right Video by Vectorfan, Left by E123OmegaShow. Both discovered by Shark.
My Little Pony Knuckles Here are 2 My Little Pony customizations. Apparently, if you find some old abused pony you can turn it into whoever you want! With new hair, sculpey and paint these ponies are Knuckles & Sonic. They usually have symbols so Knuckles has chaos emeralds. You wouldn't think a pony would really resemble the character, but these do. Photos & sculpt by WingsOfMasquerade My Little Pony Sonic
This video is basically a show-off for more fan action figures. This time, you can see fan figures for Sonic & the Black Knight...but they're all of the Chaotix in mideval type gear like capes, armor & weapons too. Made by Vectorfan, discovered by Shark. Silver Fanmade Figure
This Silver the Hedgehog figure is actually a combination of MegaBot official figures, sculpting and new paint. Several different figures were combined after being dismantled to make him. Then, original sculpting went over top, for the shoes, hands and front spikes. While this won't action, it does look cool. Made and photographed by Iron Hedgehog.
Sally Bratz Action Figure Custom Here's a cool customized action figure. Apparently ponies aren't the only figure you can customize! Here, someone has used a Bratz, and a lot of sculpting, to create a Princess Sally figure who really can pose. By adding a new paint job, and sculpting a new head, they've created a fan action figure. Photographed & made by JFox.
Chaotix & Amy Mini Sitting Fan Figures Tails Rouge Cream Mini Clay Figures
Plastic SonicTeam Ring & Earrings
These mini figures are all made of clay, and painted to add the detail. Each one adds a unique twist as the characters are all shown either sitting or laying down, which is unusual. All of the figures do not move, and are fairly small. You can see not only the members of the Chaotix, but Amy, Rouge, Tails and even Cream with Cheese. Photographed & made by ChibiJen Hen
If you know how to work with plastic, you can make fan jewelry! Here is an adjustable plastic ring, with the SonicTeam Sonic head logo for the top. The earrings are resin sheets hand cut to the shapes of the art they used. (It is not fan art, official art was transferred here) It's a neat idea to use Sonic for one and Tails for the other. Both items are made from resin and varnish. Made and photographed by PlasticParadox.
Fan Plush Multi-Character Collage Mighty Marine Charmy Fan Dolls You don't see much Sonic Underground fan works, but here is a set of 3 plushes. Sonia, Manic and the shape-shifting villain Dingo are all plush dolls. Each one has their signature clothes, and the hair is made from very furry fabric. Photographed & made by VictimRed
Underground Fan Plush Sonia Manic Dingo
Here's a whole collage of plushes to look over. You can see Sally, Blaze, Chip, Silver, (a second Blaze version) Vector, a flicky, Tikal, Jet, Storm, Wave Cream and Rouge too. VictimRed makes many Sonic Fan Plushes.
Rouge Fan Statue Painted Unpainted Rouge Leans Fan Statue Sally Running Fan Statue Painted
These three statues are all made of hardened clay. Rouge and Sally have had detailed paint jobs, while the top Rouge (pulling her boot?) is still raw. Each figure is quite detailed and relies on a base to keep it in the dynamic pose. Photographed & made by Mantti
Many Archie Series Fan Figures This prolific sculptor has created so many Archie comics based figures. At the top you can find the scorpian badnik, a grounder robot, a Metal Sonic, Uncle Chuck, & Muttski. The next row has the Chaotix, but with the addition of Julie Sue. The next has MechaKnuckles/Sonic, a white SwatBot and a ComBot. The last has the Archie main cast, including Antoinne, Bunnie, Rotor and Sally, who has her slingshot. All of the figures are made from colored hardened clay. Made and photographed by MacX5
Scourge Fan Figure This is a fan figure of Scourge, the alternate, evil Sonic found in another dimension of the Archie series. He has accessories which include his crown and sunglasses (he declared himself king, at one point) The figure is made of Sculpey & RubberSculpey. Made and photographed by MacX5
These six figures are not very large, but they're all quite detailed. Silver & Blaze have a special base illustrating their unique powers holding them up in cool poses. The next Silver is featured with his themed Chao. The Sonic is clearly from SBK, and Mighty is fresh from Chaotix, holding the special power ring.
This set of figures has not been painted at all. Each figure uses colored clay, and so must be sculpted precicely to get the colors just where they belong. But the result is always vibrant. Made and photographed by Archaedin.