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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! Some were made recently, and others are older. Some of the items are also virtual, made inside of other video games.
What creative objects will everyone come up with?

Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

Sonic 2 Bosses Lego Machines
Get things started with some cool legos. Each of these lego creations is of a boss from Sonic 2. Eggmans' drill car (with little egg-o-matic in it) Silver metal Sonic (with little wheels on the feet) and even the big Egg mech thing that stomped around at the end! Eggmans' creations lend themselves well to legos as each of the items really looks video-game-like. Made & photographed by Anonymousawhorse
Sonic 2 Silver Sonic Boss Robot Lego
Here is a lego of the silver-metal Sonic boss from Sonic 2. Here, it's shown crouching down as if to go scooting across the screen like in the game. (screenshot above for comparison) It has the clear mono-eye red dot, and even wheels on the backs of the feet so this may even roll along like it did in the game. Made & photographed by Anonymousawhorse
Custom Painted Xbox 360 Sonic
If you don't like any of the available Xbox 360 'skins'...You can customize your Xbox 360 by painting the outer shell. Ricepuppet has painted this one with a 'gritty' style Sonic based off of the art with his spikes in the wind. The close-up nature helps make it dramatic on the side of the console. Made & photographed by  Ricepuppet.
Decorative Sonic Storage Box
Here are some Rouge and Shadow sculpture figures on a base. They're shown gathering chaos emeralds and striking poses. Shadow even has his gun from the Shadow the Hedgehog game. Made & photographed by Archaedin.
This is a decorative wooden storage box with a Sonic motif. It uses wood paints as well as wood-cuts (see raised close up) to make the design. It is all SA1 themed, and fairly large. Made and photographed by Imer Atelie.
Archie Bunnie Rabbot Turn Around Archie characters are less common in the fan items, but here is Bunnie Rabbot. She is made of Sculpy3 clay, glaze and paint. This is about 6 inches high with a wire-frame interior. Made and photographed by MacX5
Fang Nack mini figure Nack Fang gets the mini figure treatment here in painted clay. Despite the small size, he still has his detail like hat band and glove-plates. Made and photographed by ChibiJenHen
Bored Sonic & Tails Stylized Action Fan Figures These fan made figures may be sculpted, but they can actually action, too! You can see the joints on the hips, shoulders and knees. They also use a style which makes the characters look somewhat 'gritty'. The combination of the scratchy detail and styled faces has Sonic & Tails looking rather bored as they pose near an apple. This is an interesting and different pair of fan figures. Made & photographed by Raitei
Mecha Sonic Figure Combo Both of these figures are unusual in that they are not fully sculpted. It uses other action figures (MegaBot Line) as a base, and then has miliput epoxy resin to do the extra sculpting. (for example, SS uses Shadow's upturned spikes to help get the 'super Sonic look') It was then smoothed and finished with acryllics. As you can see here, it really kept the detail and proportion of the robot, and is even shiny, too. While SS won't action any more, his in-flight pose and base ensure he'll always look just right on display. Made and photographed by IronHedgehog. Super Sonic Fan Figure Remake
Bake and Bend Super Sonic Figure This Super Sonic figure (yes the fans still want a real one!) is not painted at all. Instead, he's made from pre-colored Bake & Bend clay. This clay stays slightly flexible even after it's been set, so the figure won't be ultra fragile. This was made to scale with the ToyIsland figures. Made & photographed by Wakeagnel Look at these fun, brightly colored chaos! There were so many different kinds in the games, it would have made a great toy line...but because that didn't happen, here are some great fan chao figures. These are made from Fimo clay and have been given great and vivid paint jobs to match the games. You can see Hero Swim, Power/Fly, Power, Sonic Character, Nights, & Swim types. Made & photographed by Leather-Lynx Fimo Clay Chao Type Figures
Sonic Advance Lego Sprite Lego 'sprites' are popular to make because you can use a brick for the 'pixels'. Here, a Sonic Advance sprite was used, so it's actually pretty big. (seen in comparison with a TI Bendy) Since these are "2D" any sprite type lego construct needs a base so it will stand. Made & photographed by DarkShinkei5
Master System Sonic Sprite of Legos This small sprite is a copy of the one from the MasterSystem/Genisis so it isn't very big at all, only a bit over a baseboard high. This uses a brick for every pixel as well, but must lean as it has no base Made & photographed by sephorangelus.
Sonic & Mario old Sprite Legos What if the Sonic sprite was only the size of a small Mario? Then, it might look like this lego build here. Despite the small size, he still has This Knuckles figure isn't made out of your usual lego bricks. This is a different type of lego, likely a Bionicle kit was used to make him. With hinges and joints in the build, this isn't just a static figure, it can likely be posed too. Made & photographed by SigmavsZero Knuckles Lego Action Figure
a green eye, and you can tell right away that it's Sonic, though not that many 'pixels' could be used. Made & photographed by AngusNitro41
Metal Madness Boss Monster Lego This is the Metal Madness boss, done with a full body lego sculpt. It includes the back tentacles and even the claws. Many different parts (not your usual bricks) were used to make this complicated monster. Old Style Wacky Sonic Lego This lego construction is reminiscent of the very old Japan Sonic where he had tiny feet and a huge head. Made & photographed by Shadowed White Angel.
Made & photographed by KnuxMaster.
Perfect Chaos Boss Sculpture Perfect Chaos was the final dragon-like form of Chaos from Sonic Adventure 1. Since it was made of water it was mostly clear, but did have textures like eyes, teeth and scales. This sculpture (not exactly a bust--it had neither arms nor shoulders) is the detailed head. It is made from super sculpey clay and decorated with iridescent sequins for the scales. The paint job does make it look 'watery' which is a neat added touch. Made & Photographed by KM Carroll.
Scratch & Grounder AOSTH Sculpture You don't see Adventures of Sonic fan items often, but here are Scratch & Grounder from the show! They're sculpted from colored clay, and look rather 'cartooney' just like in the show. Grounder is holding something, possibly a flower. Made and photographed by ZuperZora89 Small Sally & Nicole Sculpture
This Sally figure is only about 2 inches high! She is shown sitting on a stump using Nicole. This is made of sculpy, and painted. All by Kaikaku
Adventure 2 Battle Dark Chao Walker The "Chao Walkers" were drive-able robots that appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle's VS area. With these, you could play as a chao and fight the other characters. These sculptures use clear plastic portions for the glass, and you can see they've even added tiny chao sculptures inside the walkers! You could choose from a neutral chao, or a dark chao. Made and photographed by 123Omega. SA2 Battle Chao Walker
Tails Double Guitar Sculpture Amy Daydream Sculpture Here are Amy & Tails sculptures. Tails is using a rather appropriate 'double' style guitar as he stands under a spot light, while the Amy sculpture's picture uses a little bit of photoshop to add her ''thinking" of her day-dream romance with Sonic, all in front of a fan-made background. Made and photographed by 123Omega
Chocolate Shadow Reclines Here is Shadow reclining on a non-finished wooden heart base. He's called Chocolate Shadow, but is he really made of different types of chocolate? It certainly looks like it... Made and photographed by RallyCheetah. It's always interesting to see art or items where it's from a specific game. Here, you can see Sonic in his Riders accessories, including the different style gloves, shoes and sunglasses. He is made from baked clay. Made and photographed by RallyCheetah Sonic Riders Sculpture
Sonic & Tails Sculptures Here are 2 simple sculptures of Sonic & Tails. Sonic is giving the thumbs up, while Tails is just standing. Both are made from colored clay and are about 4 inches high. Made and photographed by SilverAlchemist09
My Little Ponyville Knuckles Custom
This is a My Little Ponyville, which is a derivitive of My Little Pony, the popular toy. This one has been customized (it is a pre-made figure) to have a Knuckles theme. Made and photographed by Wylf.
Metal Sonic Sculpture Shadow Sculpture Stand
Mecha Knuckles Sculpture
Here, you can see Metal Sonic, Shadow and even Mecha Knuckles, all done in sculpy. The Metal Sonic used real glass for the eyes, and each one is painted with acrylics.
All 3 sculptures are around 5 to 8 inches high, including the base. Made and photographed by Netraptor.