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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
Sonic fan car shows off Sonic theme fan car Another great Sonic car headlines this page of Fan Items! This car has an active life of racing, daily driving and going to shows. It has a subtle Sonic theme...that's easy for fans to see!
This is a 2003 Ford SVT Focus. The wheels have red paint...with gold for the lug nuts and a white stripe too. There's also a Sonic face in the center. (the wheels are themed for his shoes with the nuts as the buckles) Even the license plate is special!
Sonic shoe car wheel detail Sonic theme car license plate
Sonic car at Autocross Race
The car even scored a prize package from Sega for being dedicated to Sonic. You can see various items from around the site, as well as a Yuji Naka signed game!
The paint color is literally called 'Sonic Blue' so that's fitting, and like Sonic it's fast too, and competes in Autocross (as seen at left) This car owned, customized and photographed by Ataru.
Sonic & Tails Classic Perler Sprites Framed Here are 2 examples of LARGE perler bead projects. The larger the item, the more complex and detailed it can get with the beads. At left are 2 framed classic sprites and right has the Sonic 2 logo recreated in JUST beads. All of these would make great wall-hangings. Sonic 2 logo by ShampooTeacher Big Perler Sonic 2 Logo
Sprites by Rozez1982
3inch Custom Scourge Figure
This is a 3 inch Sonic figure (Jazwares) customized into Scourge, the evil version of Sonic from the Archie Comics. They've added details like his sunglasses, unique shoes, chest scars and black jacket. The jacket is real cloth while the boots and glasses are heat-hardened clay. Figure made by Wakeangel2001
Fleetway Super Sonic Fan Plush Here is a fan plush of Fleetway Comics Super Sonic. Remember, their SS was different because he was evil, crazy and had red spirals for his eyes. This plush adds his 'frayed' spike details and the red eye spirals. Made by LiChiba Knuckles Tails Amy Clay Fan Chaos
Here are 3 baked & glazed Fimo clay sculptures for Knuckles, Tails & Amy chaos. Made & photographed by Leather Lynx.
Cross Stitch Amy Cross Stitch Knuckles Cross Stitch Sonic Cross Stitch Tails
Cross stitching is great because you can use sprites (and their pixels) as patterns. Depending on the size of the sprite, you can do 1 or more stitches per pixel to get the cool cloth-like images you see above. The finished items can be used as wall hangings or added to cloth items much like embroidery can. All 4 cross stitch works above by Saruke
Knuckles Fan Cross Stitch Classic Running Sonic Cross Stitch project Here are 2 more cross stitches, for modern Knuckles and Classic Sonic. Here, sprites were not used, proving that artwork/stock art can also serve as a pattern for the stitching. The size of the canvas (white texture you see in the background) determines the detail level you can add. Made & photographed by Alondra Chui
Tiny Tails Cross Stitch This is a tiny Tails cross stitch project. You can see how the stitching is raised as a texture above the background, and how 1 stitch=1 pixel in this art. Made & photographed by Kubaklim Fiona Fox Doll Fiona Fox is a character from the Archie Sonic comics with a somewhat convoluted back-story. She is currently evil and residing in another dimension, in 2009. This is a modified Strawberry Shortcake doll, with hot glue, new paint, and new hair to get the custom look. Made & photo by Elisto
SA2 Battle Shoe & Cuff Mod Figure This is a Jazwares 5 in line Sonic modified to have the SA2 Battle accessories that were available in game. You can see both new wrist cuffs/communicator
Super Poser Old Hover Shoe Shadow
as well as the distinctive shoes. The shoes are oven-bake clay, hardened over the originals. Made & photographed by Jolt the Hedgehog
Devil Super Chao Clay Figure This Super-Poser-Scale hardened clay Chao is modeled on the "Devil Chao" or "Super Dark Chao" that you could raise. It grows horns on the head, has a glowing fire 'ball' above the head, and flame-like wings and spikes on the back of the head. Though hard to raise, the rare appearance is worth while! It also makes for a cool and colorful sculpture seen here. Made & photographed by Jolt the Hedgehog
When Toy Island made the first super posers, they pretty much neglected Shadow's shoe detail. This modification shows the addition of the sole-color and hover-emitting holes (the original shoes are just blank/flat red) on the old TI Poser. Made & photographed by KingMario9u2B
Facebook Farmville Bales Sonic
Rouge the bat DS Custom Case Mod
Rouge Hearts DS Case Mod Open
A great case mod for Rouge fans! This cool black DS has a pink & white shell added, & then on that a GE Entertainment enamel metal Rouge the bat pin. The front and inside also has raised heart stickers in pink (bottom) and blue (inside) to further match her theme. It works
In Facebook there's a realtime 3/4 topdown RPG called Farmville. A farming simulator, you can raise crops and animals in it. But, there are also unusually colored hay bales you can buy in 9 of course much like a crop circle, you can create fun Sonic art! This required 40,000 points and 2 land upgrades so it's no small feat, but the result is a fun ariel view Sonic sprite. Made by RaeLogan
out great and really completes her color scheme. With supplies that are easy to find at DealExtreme & online, anyRouge fan can customize their DS too! Made & photographed by Dio Soth.
Wilting Silver Plush Doll You remember those Kelly Toy Sonic plushes from Plushes USA, right? They were overly long, noodly and somewhat wilted. (and for some reason, used inappropriately colored fabric on Silver) So this isn't so much as a fan item, than a fan FIX. Just look what can be done with this wilting doll with some new materials and some sewing! It looks MUCH better, just look at all the enhancements: new stuffing to fix withered look, eye-rim fix, eye color shading, shoe bottom detailing
Fan Fixed Silver Plush Fan Fix Silver Plush Detail shoe color correction, real faux fur addition for front & back 'mane thing' (styled with spray too), nose shortening...and why stop there? Go for real glow in the dark effects too! In all, this left the plush extremely improved as you can see with these photos. Improvements & photos by BlueSonikku
Sewing Silver Fix Smaller Doll
Here is a similar fix job, but on a smaller doll. This one also used a slightly different method, which is more sewing than color altering, than seen above. The eye edges are cloth rather than marker, as well as the shoe-sole details. The fur patch is flannel instead of faux fur, but layered. Again, the head spikes needed correction (they all do, despite plush size) due to how they're made originally. Once again, this plush looks much better now that it is altered, and proves there are several methods you can use to fix them up if you already own one. Photo & alterations by RaeLogan
Fan Game Box Sonic Gems Cover This is a game box art to help replace a rather generic Game Stop box /card used for the Sonic Gems game. It has a Sonic R twist to it, while still using the Gems logo (Tails Doll, mecha Knuckles) and this photo shows the box from start to finish. Made & Photographed by RaeLogan
Chao theme birthday cake Here's a cool iced birthday cake. It has a fun Chao theme, with 3 neutral chaos, confetti and balloons. The bottom reads 'a dozen great years'. It's cool to see items that aren't only Sonic, and the celebrating chao are perfect for a birthday theme. Photo by Silverdelivers
Guitar hero Sonic hand-switch
Roblox Sonic characters virtual item
These are virtual fan items. They're characters made in the Roblox game. With it, you can customize the simple somewhat lego-like brick figures with colors and patterns...though the heads stay rather similar looking. Made by: Kingboo
This isn't a total-custom item, but rather a figure modification. By replacing Sonic's fist, with Tails's hand, he can hold the Guitar Hero action figure guitar, & look like he's playing. Figure modified by: SuperSonic1497