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Here you can find the interesting efforts of fans to create Sonic the Hedgehog items and goods. Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

People are always finding more fun ways to customize their things into Sonic things, or build new Sonic stuff from scratch, so here's page 4!

Vector Crocodile Fan Plush The Chaotix are cool characters, so why not make a fan plush! Just look at the detail on this one by Victim-RED . You can see the ridges in his tail, the details of his glove-cuffs, and he even has a real metal chain necklace!
Silver & Blaze Plush Fan Dolls
The Vector plush above is not their only item, here you can see a Silver and a Blaze. Despite Silver's design challenges like his crest of spikes and regular spines, this custom doll still turned out. The Blaze even has a real jewel stuck on her forehead, just like in the games. Photos and dolls by Victim-RED
Sonic Custom Xbox Case Art Eggman X is at it again! This time, with this cool white/blue custom Xbox case! This time it's the Sonic face (as seen on the Sonic+Knuckles symbol. Shimmer Paint Custom Xbox System
Xbox Sonic Flat As you remember (on page 3) EggmanX is also the one who created the custom Shadow symbol Xbox (seen here) With these photos you can tell the Sonic head is recessed, and has shimmering blue paint, so cool! Also he has filled in the memory card slots and usb slots on the front, (they weren't used) which gives it a smooth-all-over look.
Custom Sonic Consoles Customizing a console isn't easy, but it's a great way to have more Sonic fun with your video games! All photos and design by EggmanX
Shadow Symbol Tattoo Design
Not content with only customizing Xboxes, EggmanX has customized...himself! With this cool Shadow Symbol tattoo. The design is sort of 'tribal' cool, and even has the black to red shading on it, just like in the official art. This has turned out really well. Photo (and design upon) EggmanX.
Sonic (related) tattoos are indeed fan items, as they are used to decorate the fans themselves.
Beaded Sonic Melt Artwork
This is a fan bead-project.
This is made of slightly meltable craft beads. You arrange the beads into the design you want, then melt them a bit to fuse them together giving you a flat design you can pick up. In this one, it's like each bead is 1 pixel. It is meant to seem that Sonic is doing the 'spinning feet' thing from the early official art. It almost looks like it could be a desktop icon, or perhaps a magnet. Photo and item by Smindas.
Sonic Adventure 1 Tattoo Here is a great fan symbol of devotion to Sonic! A Tattoo. This is one of the first 'new style' Sonic arts they released for Sonic Adventure 1. It's instantly recognizable. This full color tattoo is even shaded like the official art. The design is on, and photographed by: Ricky Lee Sonic Icing Birthday Cake
A cool cake! has used icing and gels to complete this fun Sonic birthday cake. You can see the dark blue and green icing gel for the accents, plus a ring of bright blue icing around the edge. A Sonic cake is a great way to celebrate a birthday! This cake is by Ricky Lee
Classic Side Air Brush Batting Helmet Dmitri word baseball helmet Adventure Style Sonic Custom Helmet
Sonic Name Baseball Helmet Someone is obviously a Sonic fan and a baseball fan!
Just look at this fun custom helmet. This is a normal batting helmet which has had a custom air-brush paint job. It has classic cartoony Sonic on one side, and the more Adventure-style one on the other. Though, the adventure side looks a tad off, it's still neat to see. Obviously whoever had this was named "Dmitri", as that's what's on the front. A custom helmet is a great way to show your Sonic colors at sports!
Photos discovered by kaji123
Sonic Custom Motorcycle Someone has customized a whole motorcycle! This bike has an air brushed on Sonic theme. However, the Sonic is slightly mutant, but it's partially due to the shape of the bike and what they could fit onto it's big plastic pannels. (tiny hand, smaller foot, pointed face) However, it looks like they tried to stretch him a bit, to cover more of the sides...which makes it look a little strange. (too many spikes, very long, strange body shape) The rest is taken up by the painted on dust cloud that he creates. Despite it's bit of liberty with the art, this is still a rather impressive item, with bright colors and a good attempt at the theme. Photo discovered by Rae_Logan
Window Sticking Note Art This is an interesting installation. Note art!
Note art is accomplished much like pixel-art, with 1 note representing 1 pixel. In this case it is the small square sticky-notes (Like a post-it) which make up the various colors of this sprite. They've stuck it all to a window to make a display. You may have seen this on a much larger (The whole building!) scale with a Mario. This artwork does indeed look quite spritely, but it mixes in the SonicAdventure style green eyes. What an interesting application of notes! Photo found by Rae_Logan.
Lego Sonic Fan Action Figure Lego Sonic Construction Side Tails Fan Figure Photo Lego Tails Articulated Fan Figure Lego Pieces Omega Robot Sculpt
Here's a neat collection of Sonic characters constructed out of lego pieces! These aren't the traditional blocks though, which gives them a unique look and more articulation. There's Lego Sonic, Tails and Omega. The Sonic has 12 points of articulation, Tails has 13 points of articulation (2 for each limb, including tails, and one in the neck) and Omega has 8 points of articulation (2 in each limb), an adjustable headplate and eyes, and interchangeable hands and weapons! So not only are these Lego likenesses, but they're action too! Photos and building work by MetalMandible.
Sonic & Tails Birthday Photo Top Cake What's an easy way to have a Sonic birthday?
Get a cool photo cake! Most cake shops will accept a photo and then transform it into an edible print-out topping for your party cake. To get an art-topped cake like this one, just take a photo of your favorite Sonic art, and bring it in. A great piece was chosen for this cake with running Sonic, cute flying Tails and even moto bug (in the corner) and another enemy (below). The bright colors make for a festive cake with great Sonic theme. Photo (and cake for) Rhia!
Eggman Twisty Balloon Sculpture To help prove you can make Sonic characters out of almost anything, here's Eggman made of twisty balloons! He's made from the same balloons as the usual balloon animals. Twisting balloons into shapes (that actually look like something) is not as easy as one might think. It's quite likely that whoever made this went to some trouble in figuring him out. But really, if you're going to make something out of balloons, this is a pretty good likeness of Eggman.
Fan Note: Someone has made a mod for a Grand Theft Auto game. It makes the main character into Shadow! You can then run around the town doing all the stuff the main character can do, but with a Shadow sprite. You can watch a music video of this feat on Youtube at: Grand Theft Auto Shadow the Hedgehog Mod. Video discovered by: Toobored.
Pam the Chao Custom Plush This is a custom plush of Pam the Chao. It's a partially evolved fly type, so it has larger wings and the start of the "NiGHTS-like" horns on the head. The face is accurate with a 'v' shape smiley mouth. This plush even has a little pink bow on the head right near the head ball. This cute plush was made by BrightWings for LightChao11 who owns/raised Pam Chao. Photo by LightChao11.
Power Ring Here's a power ring.
For some reason, the humble ring does not come up a lot in fan workings. The only toys that even came with a (somewhat realistic ring) were the ReSaurus ones. The small bendies came with rings, and so did early Toy Island ones, but those rings were way too small for the characters. This ring is meant to be about life-size (in that it is not a miniature/made to fit with action figures) Ring created and photographed by WorldGuardian4ever
Sonic & Tails Cosplayers Sonic Red Shoes Buckle When you go to a convention, cosplaying is one of the coolest things to do! Dress up as your favorite characters by making home-made custom clothes or suits. Here are some people who went as Sonic & Tails. The Sonic kept bare arms, but added blue spandex, big socks and custom shoes. Each one has a large cloth 3D head.
The 2nd pair of customized shoes hits SonicGear, with this pair. Sonic's shoes are in demand...yet they don't make any offiical ones. Here, someone has taken a pair of red sneakers, and added on real belted straps in order to simulate Sonic's shoes. But why THESE shoes? They actually have grind-plates in the bottom, so that you can grind on edges like Sonic does in the game. On the sides they say "Grind This"
These costumed fans were at Anime Expo 2008. If you saw them, you could see that Tails' tails moved when he walked and also that when the guys in the costumes spoke, the lips of the mask moved making it look like they were talking. These are really advanced costumes! You can see a talking Sonic head on Youtube if you click the link. The video has an opinion, but the link is there to show how the mask works. Photo discovered by: Jaxson. Cosplayers unknown. Were you at this con? Did you take these photos? Be sure to write in!
Mascot-type Sonic Fan Suit Here's another Sonic suit from a convention. This one went with an all-over suit in semi-shiny fabric. This one is more like a mascot-suit type, with very large head and fake over-shoes. The arms ended up a bit wrinkly, but in all, it's very mascot like. You can see the badges (on lanyards) that are needed for getting into the convention.
You have probably seen "Celebrity Miis" which are the little gizmo characters you can make for the Wii. These can only come in normal human colors (so no blue hair). It's possible to use that character creation system to make little caricatures of various celebrities. This one here is trying to look like Sonic, but there's not a whole lot you can do with their strictly human-type figure maker. A blue shirt, blue hat, and very large simple eyes are about as near as you can get. Mii created by sonicrulz14 Mii for Wii Sonic Theme
Framed Shirt Display
Everyone can agree: Some Sonic shirts are really cool.
However, NOT all Sonic shirts are going to fit you. What do you do if you're stuck with awesome designs on little tiny shirts you can't wear? You get creative! This is a glass-front wooden picture frame, modified to hold two cool shirts. With some creative folding, you can set them up so the design is pressed onto the front, while the rest of the shirt is folded behind. The frame and glass keep them flat, then you can hang it on your wall. This way, you can still see the cool designs, even though you can't wear the shirts. Shirt solution & photo by: Juuni