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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! Some were made recently, and others are older. Some of the items are also virtual, made inside of other video games.
What creative objects will everyone come up with?

Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

S & K Repaint Figures Re-painting figures, or customizing them gives fans a chance at figures of characters or even super forms that did not get made. Here you can see Toy Island and the GamePro Bendy. Super Sonic Bendy Custom
The ToyIsland (1st line) figures (left) have been customized into Hyper Knuckles and a new type of Sonic. The GamePro bendy (notice the sideways-looking eyes) has been painted yellow to try and get a Super Sonic. However, a real SS figure has not yet appeared to satisfy the fans! Both photos by Funkyjeremi, discovered by:
Sonic & Knuckles Tattoo Sleeve There have been fans with Sonic tattoos before, but this one is so far the most extreme! It is called a "tattoo sleeve" when the image appears all over the whole arm. With this sleeve you can see Eggman in the clouds at the top (looking very dramatic in an egg o matic) the Sega logo is also in the clouds. Below, Knuckles is gliding and looking down at Sonic and some rings. Sonic is shown running and looking up at Knuckles. With many colors and details, this is certainly an elaborate & complex work of Sonic art! Is this tattoo on you or someone you know? Write in for credit!
Megadriver Metal Hog Album Cover MetalHog Heavy Metal Album Back Megadriver Sonic Head Guitar
Look at this cool band!
The band Megadriver plays heavy metal music...but with an exclusive video-game theme! Here is their album dedicated to Sonic "MetalHog". It has a real front and back cover (with Silver Metal Sonic from Sonic 2 running through destruction) and 14 songs. Not only do they play Sonic theme music, they play it on an awesome custom guitar shaped like Sonic's head, no less! The band is located in Brazil. Want to see full size album covers, AND listen to all the songs you see here? You can right now with this link: Megadriver Band Website. Discovered by
Espio Shadow Sonic Vector Cosplayers Here are some Sonic cosplayers who have chosen to make some really creative costumes! You can see the detail of Espio, Shadow, Sonic and Vector here as they pose for a picture at a convention. All the heads are full-mascot style, which is notoriously difficult to do. They have also built large shoes and custom gloves to complete the look. Interestingly, Vector is the smallest of the lot, where he would usually be the largest, though it does not detract from the look. Do you know who is cosplaying here? Write in for credit.
Lego E102, Cyclone, Tornado, Emrl These 4 lego items were all made by the same person. From left to right you see the Cyclone (complete with walking legs and turret) E-102 Gamma with his hover-pod, Emrl the robot and the Tornado airplane.
All 4 items made and photographed by BlueKecleon
Lego Metal Sonic Pose Figure Metal Knuckles Lego Item Here are some great Lego renditions of Metal Sonic & Metal Knuckles. (Metal Knuckles is from Sonic R) Using many different kinds of bricks and pieces, these works came out looking pretty close to the real thing! (certainly, this is a feat with Lego) They even appear to be posable, as Metal Sonic seems dynamic in the left photo. Lego is a great medium to use when making figures of Eggman's various bad guys! All photos & figures here by Knuxmaster. Metal Sonic Lego Front
Lego Mighty Armadillo Here's Mighty the Armadillo made of legos! Due to the nature of the bricks, he appears almost 2 dimensional, like a sprite viewed from the front, with the bricks as the 'pixels'. Here, he's fairly large and stands on a flat lego base. Figure made and photographed by Kayelan
Big Heads Sonic Shadow Knuckles Legos Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow appear here as cute big-head lego 'cartoon style' figures. Each one has detailed shoes & body, and Shadow is even in a running pose. Made and photographed by TheMorph.
Large Lego Sonic 1 Up Monitor This is a 1-Up Monitor from Sonic 1. The interesting thing about it may well be life-sized! Using the bricks as pixels once again, this lego artist re-creates the graphic from the Genisis days with no less than 800 bricks in specific colors. The result is accurate and also rather large. Quite an interesting item to see. Made and p hotographed by InsaneSonikkuFan
MechaSonic Lego Photo
Here's MechaSonic done in some of the newer lego pieces, possibly bionicle ones as they are not the standard square bricks. These pieces give the ability to do more curved designs as seen here. This guy appeared in Sonic & Knuckles twice and was also a fan favorite for the unique look. The figure looks posable, and has plenty of detail, including the struts in the back for the heel as well as the red glow for the eyes. Made & photographed by Woodduckprime
E-Omega gets in on the lego action with this cool figure. Using only legos they capture the large fore-arms, shoulder guards, eyes and even the fingers for his hands. The coloring appears accurate as well, all achieved with various Lego parts. One arm can have his 'flamethrower attachment' added in. (The yellow box details him having to cook for Team Dark by using the attachment on other items & complaining) He is also posable to a degree. Made & photographed by UltraCharge.
LegoMan Sonic Pic You've seen Sonic made out of legos, but what about a Lego MAN? This is an unusual item. It looks like the details might have been printed out, and that they neglected the red on his shoes, but there's still no mistaking that this is a legoman modified to look like Sonic the hedgehog. It is also interesting to see. Photo discovered by Smashboy99. Many Chao Collection Plush
Someone has quite a collection of Chaos! You can see most of the types here, including ones in the hats (Pumpkin, apple, etc) as well as character ones (Tails, Amy) and even some official ones (bottom row) Owned by SonicPlush. Discovered by
Wave Tikal & Blaze Plush Girls Here are Wave the Swallow, Tikal, and Blaze the Cat all as fan plushes. Since official plushes weren't made of these characters, why not make them yourself? With lots of detail (each one is clothed, like in the games) and accessories (headband, jewel, air board) These three girls are a cool fan plush set. Created by Victim Red, discovered by Glaysson
For a form of Chaos that only appeared for a short time, Chaos Zero is popular. Here, they've made a plush with blue fabric to stand in for the water (as there's no clear fabric) This is a bit of a chibi version of the boss that still has all the details. Made by A-Chan Creations
Mario & Luigi Cosplay Chaos Is this what happens if you scrub a chao on a Mario brother? (They take on the features of what they're rubbed against) This pair of chaos are dressed as Mario & Luigi, complete with overalls, hats and mustaches. Made and photographed by Mayshadow
The TailsDoll is already a doll, so why not make a plush of this Sonic R bad guy? With stitching on the outside (on purpose) and an appropriately floppy look, this fan item looks like the creepy racer. Made & Photographed by eharbin92 Tails Doll Sonic R Plush
Mini Sized Chip Plush Unleashed This is a Chip fan plush with a special challenge. They tried to sew it as small as they could, so it's a miniature plush. He's still got his jewel, wings, and bangs as the small size couldn't defeat the detail. Made & photographed by Sonicplush.
Neutral Chao Fan Figure Sculpture
Rouge the Bat Fan Figure turn around This is a 3D sculpture of Rouge the Bat. Here, she's been made from sculpey and painted with acryllics. The figure seems to stand on its own, but is a sculpture and not an action figure. She even has a real glass jewel to hold. Made and photographed by Psycho-Claw
Here is a neutral chao made from sculpey, paint and laquer. It is to size with regular Sonic action figures. Made & photographed by RaphaChan
3 Fan Plush Girls Tikal Blaze Mina Here are 3 fan plushes of girls from the game & Archie continuities. At the top is a cute Tikal in her skirt, headband and sandals. She even has the stripes on her spikes. Next is Blaze the cat and last is Mina Mongoose who is from the Archie Comic series. Made & photographed by Sweetplushiecake
3 Fan Plushes Anti Amy, SBK Amy, Sonia
These 3 plushes are of seldom-seen characters. The first is Anti-Amy, an evil/crazy extra-dimensional version of Amy with her spike mallet and old clothes from the Archie Comic series, next is actually a Toy Network plush in a custom Lady of the Lake dress from SBK, and last is Sonia from Sonic Underground. All made & photographed by Dogwood79
Amy Rose Cross Stitch Sprites
Cross stitching is a craft where you use thread to make colorful art on special cloth. Because each stitch can act like a pixel, it is possible to make pixel art cross-stitch projects! Here are 2 GBA game Amy sprites rendered in the cross stitch method. Cross stitching is a unique way to make Sonic fan items! Made & photographed by MissyTannenbaum