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Here you can find the interesting efforts of fans to create Sonic the Hedgehog items and goods. Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

People are always finding more fun ways to customize their things into Sonic things, or build new Sonic stuff from scratch, so here's page 3!

Custom Shadow Symbol Xbox 360 System Page 3 of Fan Items gets off to an interesting start with this customized Xbox 360 System.
The case has been custom cut to have a Shadow the Hedgehog symbol in it! You can see the detail of the black face-plate with the red 3D glossy symbol.

While difficult the dedicated Sonic fan EGGMAN X in the UK figured out how to customize his 360...and shares what he did with you! You can read along and see the photos of the progress.

All photos and progress notes/directions are by

It was made from a standard beige xbox 360. I first stripped the console down removing all the working parts and heat shields until I was left with the empty case. (quite an easy job, but not recommended unless you are sure you know what your doing and have the correct tool)

Next, I printed out the shadow logo & made a stencil out of card in the size I wanted. Then I traced the stencil, so I had the outline centred on the case.

The next step was to cut out the required shape, this was a bit tricky. I used a dremel cutting tool, and a tiny hacksaw blade to cut it out. Then I used some p38 easy-sand filler to fill over where 'xbox 360' was engraved into the side of the case, as it interfered with the logo.

Then I used a mixture of coarse and fine sand/glass paper to smooth of any rough edges and give some definition to the points of the logo. ( I probably should have spent a bit more time doing this, as I feel some of the points are not ...pointy enough)

Shadow Symbol Cut-Out Case Xbox For the paint job, I was lucky enough to have access to a professional compressor and gravity fed spray gun.

I first cleaned the case well with a non-silicon based cleaner, so as to remove any dirt/grease that might react with the paint.

Then I gave the case 3 coats of thick filler primer so to give a nice smooth texture.

Then after allowing the primer to dry overnight I wet sanded the case, and then applied 2 coats of Black high gloss enamel paint

Xbox 360 Shadow Case Construction
Then I got a small piece of perspex, which I cut to size, then I sprayed it with A can spray aerosol double acrylic paint (Audi Laser red) I was going to try and fade red into black like on the original shadow logo, but after a test, I decided it would look better if I just did it plain red.

Then I fix the plastic to the inside of the case using a dab of glue. The heat shield was fixed over that which was what really holds it in place. Then I just had to put the whole thing back together.

As I had used Black as the main colour, I was able to just buy a 3rd party black 360 face plate, which saved a lot of time.

SUV Truck Show Sonic Custom Paint This is so great!
Look at this cool blue SUV, it's not just's SONIC blue! What happens when you mix a car collector/customizer with a Sonic Fan? Frank 'Sonic' Castaneda! This great fan customizes and shows SUVs...a lot of work to be sure, but what a great turn-out.
Here, you can see the Chevrolet SUV Trailblazer LTZ at a show. His area of the show dedicated to it is "Green Hill Zone" complete with street sign, and light-up palm tree with gold rings. Way to bring in people to look at the star, the Sonic SUV! You can see the rich blue paint and custom Sonic (with rings) art in this photo. But let's get closer...
Photo by Bill Stetson
Custom Chevrolet Front Custom Air Brush Sonic Hood What are those little specks in the paint? Big cool glitter to make this really sparkle! This has some modifications like the slots in the hood and the top, as well as shiny mirror tops and some chrome letters near the right side.
Sonic & Rings Glittery Hood Show Truck But let's get a good look at the Sonic graphic! This customized paint job uses perspective and the 'depth' of the sparkly paint to nearly give it a 3D effect. Notice that this is no stock art! A unique Sonic is flying through a cloud of gold rings, as he glows and grabs one. You can't miss it, with a design like this. SUV Side View Blue
Another cool touch is...that the rings continue from the hood, onto the side, a great detail.
Built In Dreamcast Trunk View Photo Sparkle Speakers DVD Custom Interior
But what about the inside? It's Sonic too!
Sonic Designs didn't leave out a detail, when making this special Sonic vehicle. Just look at the headliner! It's sky blue with a scattering of gold rings. It's a great detail to customize this too. Here, you can see the speakers set into a sort of 'holofoil' like backing, as well as a special square hole in one side which fits...a Dreamcast! Your Sonic games are never far away, with this. You can also see that it has no less than FOUR video screens inside.What's showing on these screens? Sonic X, of course! If you look closely as well, you can see that even the two little fire extinguishers have been customized for Sonic, with shillouette Sonic heads on them. Of course, the inside is blue too.
Shadow Cadillac SUV What do you do when you've customized every last inch of a SUV for Sonic? get another one and do Shadow on it! This is a Cadillac Escalade from 2000. SUV.The silverish grayish and black color fits Shadow the custom Shadow paint on the hood looks great!
This one is still being worked on, as the cool customization has just started. What cool features might get added to this? Stay tuned...and if you go to any shows, you might just see "Green Hill Zone" ! To see stats and progress (as well as other cars) go to Sonicboy Sonic Designs! All above photos & customizing by Frank 'Sonic' Castaneda
Chaos Zero Charaplush Custom Chaos 0 Side Doll Chaos Zero Sitting Custom Plush Since it didn't appear for very long in Sonic Adventure 1, Chaos Zero never really had any merchandise. However, Charaplush the custom plush maker fixed that! Here, you can see the great design work that went into making this accurate looking doll. This is a custom made Fan Item, so there is only one of it.
It is by artist Mitsumori
Super Shadow the Hedgehog Super Shadow Custom Standing Plush Super Shadow Posable Plush Doll Charaplush is at it again with this excellent rendition of Super Shadow. Super Sonic is rare enough, but Super Shadow? It has to be a fan item. They didn't skip a single detail, as you can see in these photos. Look at the shoes, gloves and eyes! This is a wonderful and accurate plush.
You can see more plushes at
Photos & Plush by artist Mitsumori
Discovered by Wataru.
Glass Weight Chaos Emerald Collection These aren't really 'fan made' items.
They are actually cut glass paper weights, made by a company. Sometimes, you can find them on ebay. -KRM- noticed that they look almost exactly like Chaos Emeralds from the Sonic games!
So why not collect one in every color, to "gather all the chaos emeralds"! They are a good heavy quality with rich bright colors. It's interesting to see something 'Sonic' found in regular merchandise.
Nack Fang Sniper Built Bricks
Here is Nack Fang the Sniper made out of Lego--specifically Throwbots/Slizers parts and Bionicle pieces.. These interesting pieces have been put together to form a fairly good likeness of Nack. Done by Panrahk-Will
Tiger Theme Hero Chao Plush Dark NiGHTS Custom Chao Plush
The Chao Garden creates custom plush chao dolls. Here are two examples of their plush designs! Why Sega doesn't release more of the 'evolved' chao as plushes, no one can guess...because there is obviously a demand.
With embroidered eyes, and sturdy looking construction, these Chao have been detailed to look just how their owners wanted. To see more examples, visit Photos by, and discovered by Wataru & .
Game Pro Figure Repaint Sonic Super Repaint Bendy Super Sonic Repaint Back What do you do if you have an extra of the Game Pro Sonic Bendy figure? can customize it into Super Sonic!
OrangeUnicorn1984 has taken a spare figure and done a repaint. Notice that since the eyes of this figure are actually slightly "3D", the 'sideways looking' cannot be changed. Photos & Figure by OrangeUnicorn1984