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Here you can find the interesting efforts of fans to create Sonic the Hedgehog items and goods. Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

People are always finding more fun ways to customize their things into Sonic things, or build new Sonic stuff from scratch, so here's page 5!

Lego Pixel Sonic Now this is a different sort of Lego Sonic!
Most Lego items of Sonic tend to be 3D type reconstructions. However, this one takes the 2D approach, using the bricks as pixels. And it works! This lego constructed item looks like a sprite from a 2D Sonic game. You can see that it was built on a gray base, to make it easy to stand up. All the bricks look the same size and are square, just like a pixel. Built from the ground up, it took 2.5 hrs to make. This is a very interesting and well-constructed Lego Sonic sculpture. Photo & Lego construction by: SonicRulz14
Tails Costume Waving View Tails Costume Back Wooly tails head Here's some kind of fan costume of Tails. However, it's debatable how much of a 'fan' they really were with the details going awry left and right on the suit. First off, the fabric is super fuzzy, giving him a wooly look that's not like in the games. Next up, where are his shoes?
Tails' shoes are just as iconic as Sonic's, and this suit looks very odd without them. Another thing is, it's missing the gloves! It almost looks like any random fox, and not specifically 'Tails' without these details. The body is also quite long, making it rather unusual looking. The head, however is articulated, in that it can blink on command, and move the mouth. However, in the first photo, it appears sleepy. Making a costume such as this for halloween is difficult work though, which makes the lack of gloves/shoes/proportions unusual indeed. Photo discovered by: StreakTheFox
Sonic Adventure Style Pumpkin Carved
For Halloween, all pumpkins don't need a scary face...
This one has a cool Sonic face! This Sonic Adventure 1 style pumpkin makes for an interesting design. You can see the depth to the spikes and the edges of the gloves look glowing too! Carving a Sonic image into a pumpkin is no easy task, but it really can result in some Halloween coolness for your fall celebration. This pumpkin was carved and photographed by: Tyler Hill
Silver Costume @ Convention Look at this Silver the Hedgehog fan costume!
The detail on the costume is really great. Here, you can see it at a convention, and showing off a lighting effect. With this, they've made it so that the gloves actually glow/light up! The head is very detailed, with the front spikes standing up, and the back two like in the game. The boots are also well-painted and they've added furry fabric for the chest-triangle. A lot of work has gone into making this costume, and it shows well. Costume made by: EazilyAmewzed
Light Effect Silver Fan Costume
Metal Cast Fan Door Knocker This is a door knocker. It's actually made of real metal and features a high-relief Sonic. It was made with the 'lost wax' casting technique (where the original wax figure melts away and is replaced by the metal version) It features a jumping SA Style Sonic on a circular background (the tapping part) Made and photographed by EvanStanley
Embroidered Fan Hats Here are 3 different hats, all embroidered by a Sonic Fan. The hats are cloth, but the eyes are embroidered on, likely by a machine. The Amy hat is the strongest of the set due to the shape of the eyes, while the Sonic is the weakest as he's lacking the peach-tone face bottom. Still, these hats are an interesting creative effort for Sonic, Amy and Rouge styled clothing. Hats discovered by StreakTheFox
Emerald Jump Sonic Fan PC Case Mod The PC is a utility in most why not make it extra cool by customizing it, Sonic style? This Sonic fan has customized a side of two black PC cases. The cut-thru holes allow the blue interior lighting of the PC (and its workings) to show through. The clear parts are likely a tough plexi to keep the inside safe. Blue Interior Light Sonic PC Case Custom
The left case is inspired by Sonic CDs box art (USA) where Sonic is grabbing for a Chaos Emerald (in this case it's the fan vent cover) The other is Sonic Adventure era art converted into a cool cut out. Both cases were designed, built and photographed by Tyler.
Amy & Sonic suits Amy Pink Hair Wig Amy Fuzzy Face Mask Great for conventions or trick or treat, here's an Amy Rose costume. (Plus a Sonic suit in there too for good measure) You can see it's got quite a few pieces to complete the outfit.
Customized boots, a hammer, a dress, gloves, a leotard, stockings, a mask and a wig. Plus a power ring too.
With the wig photo, you can see they've sort of styled it into 'spikes' and added plush ears. (but where is her headband?) The mask is half-plush, which helps it keep the shape. Of course, this isn't a "Big head suit" like the official ones, but it is still interesting to see.
3 Embroidery Christmas Stockings Cream Amy Someone has made 3 different Christmas stockings.
Each stocking has been embroidered to make the design, but the interesting part is how it was done. "Digital Embroidery" was used. This means that someone has a sophisticated sewing machine, into which you can import small arts. After that, just push the fabric under it, and it'll embroider your item for you. It's too bad machines like this are around $1,000, as this set of stockings are cute. Amy has built a snowman, Sonic has decorated a tree with rings and Cream has a Santa hat, while Cheese is flying in the background. Discovered by: Streakthefox
This is tricky.
This design is actually pretty neat looking, and the shirt is sold at conventions. Where is the line drawn between someone making a bunch of things for profit only, and people turning out stuff to please the fans at cons? Its true Knuckles doesn't appear on enough cool shirts. (However, if you look carefully you'll see Knuckles has FINGERS.) But, a fan did create this shirt, and there aren't a zillion of them all mass-produced somewhere, so into the fan section it goes.
Egg Mii for Wii On the Nintendo Wii, you can make Miis. Since they're restricted to looking quite human, the only character you can get pretty close to making a Mii for is Eggman. As you can see here, they lowered the eyebrows to make his mustache and used simple eyes for the glasses/goggles. Screenshot finding credit goes to MB27 (did not make) Animal Crossing City Folk Eggman Mii In Animal Crossing: City Folk, you can take your Mii one step further by giving your AC character the face of your favorite Mii. In this case, an Eggman
Mii has been used, and then, they even designed a real Animal Crossing shirt to look just like his jacket! The result is pretty cool to see here in this screenshot by TurboJ
Here's another virtual Sonic item. This time, it's a rather strange Sonic themed 'cart' in Little Big Planet for the Playstation 3. Because you can make up custom items, apparently someone wanted a Sonic-like area (see the checkered ground and spikes) and they made a Sonic car to go fast in it too...but it doesn't work quite right! (as you'll see)
The "Sonic style" action starts about 2 minutes in to the video, so just skip ahead by clicking. Video discovered by Juni.
Here's Little Big Planet again, this time with more of Green Hill Zone that someone has constructed. They even have papery chop-chop fish under the bridges, but a big-wheel cart has to take the people around the signature loop. You'll even see moving lifts, and purple flowers. Isn't it great that it seems like wherever people can be creative, Sonic-like things appear?
Lego Pixel Sonic Flat Fan Item Here's a Sonic all made of Legos.
He's different than the one seen above, which shows you can make all sorts of pixel-styled designs with your Lego bricks. This one lays flat, and the base is just a larger flat Lego 'ground' piece. This was created and photographed by larryinc64
Amy Embroider Pillow Tails Pillow Here are the designs from 2 fleece pillows.
The designs are embroidered on with a digital sewing machine. This means you can upload your art into the sewing machine, load in thread, and it will then sew the design onto whatever you want using tiny stitches. It's great for personalizing things...but these two pillows are nearly in the 'bootleg' realm because the maker did it to try and sell them on ebay. As you can see, these new machines do a decent job, so long as your art is accurate. Photos discovered by Streakthefox