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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see!
What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?

Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

Rouge Skin Screenshot How is Rouge the bat on the DS screen? This is an AceKard skin featuring Rouge. It was custom made by diosoth, who noticed a Rouge skin was what this system was missing Rouge the Bat DS Skin Program
These are AceKard 2 & EZ-Flash GBA skins. What are those exactly, and how can you get it? You can find out with this website: Rouge GBA and DS skins. Made and photographed by Diosoth.
"DS flash cards and GBA flash cartridges allow you to play ROM files on the actual hardware as opposed to emulators. The "skin" is just visual stuff for the menus. These devices do have non-ROM uses, such as loading homebrew games, media players(MP3, movie) and other uses."
DS Carry Case Pins Decorated As you know, there are many Sonic theme enamel metal pins. But what to do with your pin collection? Why not use it to make your DS cases cooler! Here, two different DS cases have had the enamel metal pins added...but what about the DS itself? This uses modified pins.
The Rouge & Shadow pins have had the pointy backs filed down as flat as possible. They can then be glued on as real metal decorations. The pins seen here are all by Great Eastern, and should be available in 2008-2009. Photographed and owned by Diosoth
Here is a video of several fan items. These are all Sonic figures...but they are made out of pipecleaners. A pipecleaner is an easily bendable wire with fluffy fuzz woven into it. They can be bent into any shape. They used to be used for cleaning smoking pipes, but now they're just for crafts.
It takes a good bit of work to bend them into anything that resembles something, so these Sonic figures are rather impressive for being made of pipe cleaners. The figures are shown from several angles in the video. Made & shot by: Sonicfigurine
Fan Built Plastic Claw Sonic Depending on what media you use to make your Sonic item, it may look more or less like him. In this case, these buildable plastic things can only be used to make a Sonic themed item. This is made from Lego's Bionicle 2002 line up, the Bohrok. However, due to the nature of the building material, it's still a real action figure because you can move it around at the joints. Built and photographed by Berzerker
Fan Costume Rouge & her plush
Here's another fan cosplay for Rouge the Bat! This time it shows off 2 fan things at once. First the costume, and then the fan-made Hero and Dark chao plushes. With gloves, white hair, ears, wings and leotard, this fan made Rouge costume is complete. This was found on by Jordan J. The cosplayer here is (discovered by GhostieShadow)
Fanmade Suits Sonic Tails Rouge
Here are 3 fan-made Sonic costumes at what is likely an anime convention somewhere. With these suits, they have made the entire full-head mask for the characters. Doing a full head piece that you can wear is actually very difficult, and takes a lot of work. The costumes in this case look decent, as they were a lot of effort. Tails is likely the best, Sonic appears to be having a slight spikes problem and Rouge has rather large ears. However, they're outside on a mini-stage doing some sort of skit. Is it like those mascot skits that you see photos of in Japan? Photo discovered by milesprower22
It's cool to make Sonic themed items out of different materials. This video showcases what you can do with legos, sticks, and several different kinds of clay, as well as different sizes and combinations. Each material has different properties so it will give you a slightly different look. Brand names are mentioned too, incase you wanted to use clay to make something Sonic. Video & items made by JShedgehog
Before & After Photos- Fixed Plush What do you do if you get a nasty ToyNetwork Sonic plush? If you have great sewing skills, you fix him! That's what Blue Sonikku has done here. Dissatisfied with the under-stuffed, shrivelling quality of the large Sonic, some fixing was in order. This is NOT a 100% fan made item, it's just really fan-fixed with multiple improvements. Notice he now has fingers, no more wilting ears, shoe traction, actual gold-tone buckles, is not shrivelling away, and has much enhanced eyes and a better nose that's not just some lump. These customized improvements really help this plush. But be warned, things like this aren't easy to do so buying a bad plush is still risky business. Photo'd and modified by Blue Sonikku.
Sonic Black Knight Chaotix Figures
Here is a photo of some customized or possibly all-original made figures. These figures show the possibility of what would happen if the Chaotix were in Sonic & the Black Knight. However, whoever took the shot did so when it was rather dark so it's hard to see the quality of what they did (or what they're made of) Photo discovered by knight of the wind
Yellow Sonic flip spikes modification It's no secret that a lot of people were less than impressed with Jazwares "Yellow Sonic", and really, rightly so. Super Sonic's 2 distinctive features are red eyes and all upturned yellow spikes. For this figure, only the eyes were red, because for whatever reason they didn't want to remake the head. So instead of a real Super Sonic, everyone just got 'yellow Sonic' and so were outraged.
It's been figured out that you can flip over his movable spikes and re-attach them upside-down which gives the figure a somewhat more "super Sonic" look. (though, there's not much to be done for the center un-movable ones)
It must be noted that modifying a figure ALWAYS carries the risk of breaking it!
If you're having to pull the pieces off or break his head apart to do it, there's naturally the risk of it not going back together again, or just breaking all together and making you buy a new one. Only try to modify at your own risk. Modification and photo by: KingSonic
Clay Combination Sonic Fanmade Figure This clay figure is interesting because it combines media to almost become an action figure.Clay, once it's baked or dried is hard so you can't really make an 'action' figure out of it. However, by combining Model Magic clay and then using pipecleaners for the arms and legs, you can actually move and pose the clay figure. The fuzzyness of the pipecleaners makes them an appropriate width while letting you bend them anywhere. It's a creative solution. Figure made and photographed by SUPERSKEETOSPRO
These are more clay combination figures. Each figure uses pipe-cleaners for the legs and arms except Shadow so that they're all posable. Knuckles' tail can also be posed. Now you can see Shadow (the Sonic from above) Tails, Knuckles and Super Sonic. Fan-Super-Sonic is no surprise because everyone is still waiting in 2009 to get an official SuperSonic figure. These average about 6 inches high and are all Model-Magic Clay. All figures made and photographed by SUPERSKEETOSPRO
Fan Figure Collection
Fanmade Silver Hedgehog Sculpture
This cool statue is made of Super Sculpey and was painted with 10 colors of acrylic paint. He even has glow in the dark paint for an extra cool touch! This is 6.5 inches high. Attention to detail is evident here, with texture for the chest fur, and every shoe detail kept intact. The eyes also use a gradient paint style to match the games which looks good but has even yet to be used on an official figure! Figure made and photographed by Blue Sonikku
Nicole Computer Fan Item You might recognize this fan item if you watched SatAm Sonic show. This is Princess Sally's hand-held computer named Nicole. Someone has created a life-size replica of it out of wood, plastic and paint. Of course, the screen doesn't do anything as it is just a prop, but it does look like it did in the show, and can even be folded open or closed. The paint is metallic-tone to give it the look of a metal case that it had in the show. It is interesting to see an actual prop fan-created from the show! Photo discovered by: Berzerker
Sonic Birthday Sheet Cake This rather large sheet-cake was made for a Sonic Fan's birthday! With chocolate icing background and piped edge, it has Sonic & Tails in colored icing on top. The art is even outlined for a crisper look, and it is quite a feat to be able to draw with just icing. A Sonic cake is a great start to a cool Sonic theme party. Photo by NikoTheHedgehog
Chaos Emerald Tree This is a fun Christmas paper-craft! Chaos emeralds & the Master Emerald decorate this tiny Christmas tree. They're actually papercrafts, made from shiny card. Unpainted Knuckles & Chao figures are among the gifts at the bottom. Made & photographed by Alandria7 Sitting Paper Craft Sonic Here's an original Papercraft Sonic. He's not made from any known/ published pattern. (as those aren't eligible for FanItem inclusion.) Getting a paper-craft to turn out right without having a pattern or pattern-program is difficult. However, this figure manages, with bendable legs, 3D shoes, and all of the face details. Made & photographed by AR88MMM
CubeeCraft Square Bokkun
This little square Bokkun is the result of a CubeeCraft. There are some official Cubeecraft papercrafts on SonicGear and the web for you to make, however, this isn't one of them. A fan has created a cubeecraft pattern that produces this Bokkun when completed. This is actually a fan-object you can make too! You can download, print out and then put together the pattern yourself by using this link: TaxisFlashDude Made by TaxisFlashDude.