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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! Some were made recently, and others are older.
What creative objects will everyone come up with?

Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

Super Poser Sonic Black Knight Remix Here's an interesting concept!
This is a regular Super Poser Sonic that has been turned into a larger version of the Sonic Black Knight figure via custom accessories. The two additions are the gauntlet and the Caliburn sword. Both of the items are textured to be like real metal and sculpted with great detail. (Look at the ring of bolts in the sword, the 3D knotwork on the hilt and front, and the 3D 'jewel' set into the wrist piece of the glove. Because it's larger, it actually captures more detail from the game than the smaller official figure could. Plus, the hand has been reset to hold the sword as well! This is a cool and creative way to modify an extra Super Poser Sonic! More shots & explanation view-able by clicking the link. Made and photographed by SomaKun.
Beat Up Battle Damage Shadow Figure Many people were not satisfied with the Super Super Posers figures so modifying them is pretty common. (Though remember! If you modify, you risk breaking the figure! So always be careful) Here, someone has modified Super Shadow into Battle Damage Super Shadow and Super Sonic into some evil Sonic variant version. By using gold paint and turning the spikes over (as seen on the previous page) they made it a bit closer to SS before going with a purple and black theme. Photos discovered by Berzerker. Dark Super Sonic Fan Figure
Doom's Eye Fan Plush In the game Shadow the Hedgehog, an alien appeared which was Black Doom. It had a special other alien with it, which would float. This was called Doom's Eye , as it was sort of star-fish-like and had one big eye in the center. Black Doom could use this to communicate and watch events. Since the villain wasn't mainstream enough to get a plush...why not make a fan one? This fan plush is about on scale with the Shadow official doll pictured with it. It's made of fleece, felt, and polyester and is about 6 inches high. Made and photographed by: Ivana
Mighty Armadillo Fan Plush Mighty The Armadillo is seldom seen, so he didn't get an official plush either. He first appeared in the Sonic 3/4 view arcade (with trackball) which is now rare, and later in Chaotix as an altered Sonic Sprite. The same principal applies here with this plush which is an altered Sonic plush. With the use of ink (turn Sonic to black) and cloth (to create Mighty's red hair/shell) a Mighty plush has been created. Photographed and made by Kirby Kid.
Classic Customized Sonic theme shoe Brass Monki is a prolific shoe customizer who has a wordpress blog and customizes different types of sneakers. Brass Monki Custom Sonic Sneakers 2
Look at these cool shoes! The artist Brass Monki has taken an interest in Sonic and has customized some Nikies into a Sonic theme! By changing the color and adding graphics the shoes become Sonic fan items. The first shoe uses a classic stock art with red and blue theme. The otherone seems to be the same model shoe, this time adding in a real piece of custom art for Sonic (new pose, zipper on glove, looks mischevious) and appears with yellow accent and a revised version which leaves out the yellow. The revised version actually almost resembles Sonic's own shoe, being mainly red with a white stripe in the middle, which is another great touch. Photographed and owned by Brass Monki. May or may not be for sale.
Fan Paint Customized Super Shadow Figure Here is another fan customized Super Shadow figure. This one uses pearl-tone silvery paint to imitate the shiny state of 'super' as found in the games. Really, this shiny paint looks better than the cream-tone yellow used on the original. The color in the game is described as 'platinum tone' but this seems close as well, and the figure looks good shiny. Also added are gold- Fan Super Shadow Foot Detail
tone accents for the gloves and socks, as well as more levitation holes for more accurate shoe-bottoms. (None of the super posers ever had shoe-bottom detail) Made & photographed by joltthehedgehog09
Metal Sonic Fan Plush Here's a fan plush of Metal Sonic. It's based on the Fighters version, but it takes the detail further as it is larger. The engine hood on the back is 3D, and they've added the tops of the shoes, as well as detailing in the bolt on the side of the shoe. The fingers are all separate, and they are posable as well, making for a sort of action-plush. As with the official one, shiny fabric was used here as well, to simulate the metal surface. This was made by Lita Michell, but owned & photographed by #X.
Sonic Team Logo Hair Clips While there are no known official Sonic hair items, here's a pair of fan made hair clips! These have Sonic Team's logo Sonic face/sihlouette on the front and a matching blue clip on the back. Sonic theme hair items are actually a good idea, and would be easy enough to make why don't they? Either way, it's a creative idea to make your own! Made and photographed by CaseyAkatsuki
While both Sonic & Knuckles have had official (if cartooney) renditions of their gloves made, Shadow did not. But his gloves ARE cool, so why not make a great cosplay pair? This pair of gloves has the distinctive gold ring at the wrist, as well as the extra red flap that serves as the cuff. The black is to match his arm color. Instead of being cartoonish/oversized, these gloves actually fit the wearer and allow for normal movement. Shadow Fan Glove on Hand
Pair Shadow Fan-made cosplay gloves
Shadow gloves made and photographed by Chibiko
Fuzzy Cloth Fan Shadow Plush Plush-making is a very difficult trade, and takes a lot to get correct, or even cute. Shadow, Sonic & Chao Neutral plush made and photographed by Dexter
With its fuzzy cloth and black eyes, this fan made Shadow plush has the charm of some of the old/early Sonic plushes. Though it isn't very big, the details are still included such as the special cuffs to his gloves, eye edges, the curves of the spikes, and the undersides of the shoes as well as that white patch on his chest being authentically fuzzy.
The Sonic is fuzzy here too, only this time it carries over into wooly shoes. You can see this plush is cheery looking as well, with a nose that's not over-done. It's classically proportioned as well, with nicely formed fingers and spikes. The chao is especially fuzzy because it is smaller and the whole thing is made from the long haired fabric except for the eyes.
Sonic Painted Fan Shoes The fans still crave a pair of shoes that look like Sonic's!
So here's another (yet different) pair of fan shoes. This time, an ordinary pair of shoes was converted by painting them red. The white stripe and signature buckle are also painted on. There's nothing to be done for the laces, but they're already white so they match. This creates a lace-up version pair of Sonic sneakers. Photographed & owned by thejess521
SA2 Fan Tape Shoes Even more fan shoes.
These shoes have been modified with both paint and tape so that they look like the pair from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle instead of the classic pair seen above. The shoes were originally Protege, but they make for a decent pair of Sonic styled fan shoes with some modification. When will a licensed pair be produced? Clearly everyone would like some! Shoes made and photographed by Jolt.
Fan Altered Super Shadow Shoe The Super Poser figures never had their shoe-bottoms detailed, for whatever reason. The Super Posers (SS and SuperShadow) were no exception to this rule. However, Shadow's shoes which emit whatever he uses to glide are important to his character, so a figure with plain shoe-bottoms...isn't accurate.
With the figues plentiful and easy to get, modifying one is no problem. Here, paint and clay have been used to create the hover holes on this Super Shadow Poser. Figure altered and photographed by kingmario9u2b
Stone Hedgehogs Repaint Figures Sometimes, a normal item can be modified into a Sonic item.
In this case it's a pair of Stone Critter Littles (small decorative stoneware animals made by United Design) which have been repainted as Sonic and Amy in pink and blue. This results in realistic hedgehogs with Sonic type colors. The pair at left are the original color/style. Made and photographed by DioSoth
Tails Fan Item
Here's a Tails fan item. It looks like a plush, but instead of using regular cloth, it was knitted. (usually knitting involves yarn of some kind) It's clearly rather fuzzy, but more like a felt type than softer cloth. With detailed shoes and glove belts this plush like Tails figure is interesting. The material captures the detail well, even letting the bangs stand up and the fur at the sides of his head stay out. This was made and photographed by Techno1252
Boom Blox is a game for the Wii where you aim to destroy towers or stacks of various colored blocks.
You can also make your own 'levels' of blocks laid out in specific patterns. Because the grid they give you acts a bit like "pixel art" when viewed from above, it lets you make pixel-art type renditions of sprites & your own art. So, of course, Sonic fans will want to use it to make Sonic things! The first video is in German, and shows their complex Tails sprite. The right-side video shows you a cartoony-style Chao. You can break apart your creations as well. Left video by: Gokujyo, Right video by KnuxSonic8. Both discovered by:
Car Window Paint Art Sonic Ring There are certain paints you can use to write messages on car windows. Usually they're just used to make something boring like a 'for sale' sign. But here, red, blue, yellow and white paint were used to create a Sonic fan art on this car's back window. Sonic is running and reaching for a sparkling ring, and he is shaded too. Made & photographed by Aedelthryd.
SonicTeam logo easter egg
One of these eggs is not like the others...In this basket of Easter Eggs you can see one which has the Sonic Team logo as its design. Any holiday that involves customizing craft items can be a time to show your Sonic fandom! Made & photographed by Aedelthryd.
Cosmo Little Fan Doll
Here's a smaller plush for the plant like alien Cosmo. She appeared in Sonic X, though she never got an official plush. Different felts were used for her leafy 'hair' and also her skirt. She has a jewel and ribbon sewn on as well. Made & photographed by Hollyberry29.