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Use 'em at home or at school, Sonic school supplies are great. They're also pretty collectible, because they often feature many different characters & are generally inexpensive upon release. This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description. Some items may also be in the Sonic Gear School Supply Store.
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This is called the 'vintage style Sonic' backpack. It's a Spencers item in spring/summer 2021. The name for it is both true and not true. It uses all classic style and neoclassic art for the rather busy design, but the look of the bag is not 'vintage' nor 90s at all. Something like this wouldn't be produced then, it is not the style of the time.
The slogans don't help either, with "Gotta Go Fast" which is the meme/gag thing that caught on from the Sonic X anime opening theme song getting made fun of. The bag is white with black trim, straps, handle and zippers. It's a full size bag, probably canvas-type as it is somewhat costly at 50 dollars. It has "Let's Go", "Gotta Go Fast", Sonic's name and Sonic's name spelled out in Japanese (along with 'the hedgehog' also in Japanese) 1991, checkers, pixel rings and an unknown Japanese phrase in red.
The bag is certainly very Sonic, if a tad busy and lively but that's the point. It's a nice item for classics fans.
Checkerd Sonic Wrist Pouch Spencers Spencer's Gifts (that store in the mall) gets back into Sonic in 2021 with this "Wrist Pouch". Is it an accessory, or a school supply? Who knows...but here it is. It is classic style, with black/white checkers and only profile-running classic Sonic scattered on it. It also has his name spelled out in Japanese in a blue font. The zipper pull is plain and black. The wrist strap is that blue nylon-weave stuff, with his name in Japanese and English. There's also a fun, pixelated ring-charm attached too. That's a nice touch and really puts this from 'plain' into the thoughtful/fun category. It's a nice item for 13 dollars....if you can figure out what you want to do with it.
Blaze the Cat Notebook Purple
Blaze the Cat fans will be pleased with this!
It's a Blaze only notebook from the Sega Shop online. A simple, line-less art of Blaze takes up the whole cover and goes off of all 4 sides. The background is an exact match to the color of her shirt, so she seems blending into the cover for a sort of artistic type effect. The art they've chosen for her looks somewhat concerned, though?
This is another of their hard-card cover spiral bound generic type notebooks. The only actual Sonic content is the cover. It's a nice design, and the quality is decent, but they keep charging 17 dollars and more for the admittedly kind of simple notebooks.
Paper Note Cube 30th Anniversary The Sega Shop online branches out into a new kind of note in 2021:
The note-cube. These NON-sticky-notes are in the popular 'note cube' format where they're small, but many are stacked (with 1 glue edge) to form a cube with a theme.
The theme in this case is the classic 16 bit style pixel power up monitor (which was also mostly square, so it fits) Each side has a different power up pictured so there's the speed shoe, sheild, 10 ring & invincibility. Each note has a full color 30th logo small, at the top too.
The only problem with this is that as it is used, the design dissappears. It is also 20 dollars for a cube of notes.
Jumping Sonic Notebook Here are 2 more spiral bound regular notebooks from the Sega Shop in 2021.
They're the usual hard-card cover with spiral black binding. The left notebook has forward-jumping modern Sonic in a somewhat "vaporwave" attempt background with a scattering of line-art rings. His name is done in a wavy font at the top. The right side notebook is called "Speed Team Retro", but only the colors and font are retro: the art for everyone is the modern design. What's nice about this one is that it's Sonic Tails and Amy. It's good to see her as part of a trio/group. The slogan is "Speed Team" written at the top and bottom in an old fashion font. The character art has a sort of perhaps greenish hue to the border-lines? This gives the art a bit of a 'washed' look somehow? It's an over-all interesting and creative design. Each notebook should be 17 dollars
Speed Team Retro Style Trio Notebook
Rouge the Bat Solo Notebook
A must-get for Rouge fans!
This hard-card-cover spiral notebook features only Rouge the Bat. Since she's seldom seen alone/as the star of merchandise, this is good to grab. It's also nice because it fits with her style/personality as well using an 'over the shoulder' look, and then there's a kiss print on the book as well (because she is the only character to be drawn with lipstick)
As is the usual, this is a Sega Shop online only item in 2021, and will be 17 dollars because they always are.
Unstoppable for Generations Notebook
A notebook with some...really good design!
This has the slogan "Unstoppable for Generations" and the 30th Anniversary logo in a fully shaded gold ring. The cover has some real graphic design effort put into it, as it really captures the Anniversary feel. The ring/logo in the middle highlights it, and it has a series of screen captures & CG art surrounding it from Sonic 1 through Sonic Racing. With good colorful screen shots chosen, it's a nice collage. The background is all blue-tone, with lowered opacity for rings, logos, and pixel-type screens of various Sonic sprites throughout the years.
This notebook also comes with a pen and elastic pen-holder strap on one side unlike previous ones. It is still the wire spiral hard-card cover style, however. this is a Sega Shop online only item in 2021, and will be 17 dollars.
Accessory Innovations Game Over 3pc Set In 2022 Accessory Innovations adds a new 3 piece lunch set.
This is the "Game Over Sonic Boys Lunch Set". But why label it 'for boys'? Everyone eats lunch and anyone can like Sonic. It's also wierd to use "Game Over" as the slogan because that's...pretty negative? Why is it 'game over' when it's time to eat? It doesn't make much sense in title nor slogan.
Otherwise, it's an ok looking set with slightly raised, glossy-coated Sonic for the square soft-sides lunch box. It has a good, Green Hill background with yellow border. The side pocket fits the aluminum metal/silver water bottle. The 3rd piece is the Sonic themed square freeze-gel ice pack. This has neoclassic (it was redone) nose-touch Sonic in a ring.
It has been reported that the blue mesh bottle holder doesn't hold the bottle well. Also note that the bottle is not inuslated to keep the drink cold & will require a bottle-brush to keep it clean. (narrow neck) The lunch part does stay insluated pretty well. The bottle is generic (unfortunately) without any Sonic branding. Where will this be sold? It's suggested retail is 30 dollars.
Big Face Backpack Perhaps the first new backpack for 2022 back to school season...
And it's an interesting one with a new effect. The big CG face for Sonic is a slightly 3D element here. It's not that 'shiny glaze plastic' either, it's something matte to give it more of a 3D look. The background is busy on purpose, with colored logos stamped among black/white texture. This is to help the face look like it's 'floating' more.
It has a white top with his name spelled out in a pixel-type font. The straps and back share the same busy pattern. The zipper pulls may have a name on there too, and it does have a side pocket.
Where is this sold? Amazon probably, but anywhere else?
Walmart School Bag Lunch Box Set In back to school season 2022, Walmart gets this school bag & soft sides lunch carrier set.
This set has a usual 16 inch backpack with CG art for Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and....interestingly enough: Silver. They're on a black background with small blue triangles pattern. The lunch box is a square soft-sides insulated type one, and it just has a large, forward-facing CG Sonic portrait for its design. The bag has the usual features like zip side pocket, water-bottle mesh pocket, carry handle and padded straps. They both appear to be all nylon fabric material.
Having Silver on the bag too is a nice choice, he doesn't get on that much merchandise, so it's good for his fans as well. A good colorful set, at a reasonable rate of 25 dollars.
Glossy Name Sonic Lunch Carrier
Here is a glossy front soft-sides lunch box. This appears at Wal Mart in fall 2022. It's rectangular, with a red handle on the top, and zipper that goes around the edge. Only the front has a Sonic design, but it is nice as it uses that tough but very glossy plastic. It has CG jumping forward Sonic, over his name which is written in a texture-look font. The gray/black darker background with busy lines helps the CG art look like it is 'popping up' off of the bag for a fun effect. This should be between 7 and 10 dollars if you can find it. Photo by Taaron
Surf Sonic Tote Vinyl Bag Surf's up on this new fun tote bag!
Totes can be good for gym stuff, picnics, big supplies and more. It's been a while since a Sonic tote was seen, so the Sega Shop produces this classic style bag. It's mostly blue with 2 carry handle straps. The design here is the newer (2022?) neoclassic surf board trick Sonic with a row of stars, checkers, and a blue line. The design is simple enough, and it has a beachy feel.
This is made of polyester and vinyl (probably textured to look like canvas) and it is about 35 dollars in the Sega Shop in 2022/summer.
Journeys School 3 Piece Set Bags This 3 piece school set is likely to be a Journeys store exclusive.
The store specializes in shoes, but will also have some accessories and...with this is apparently branching a bit into bags. They call this a '4 piece set' but it's really not...The blue 'stress ball' thing is a zipper pull and it is generic, as is the black water bottle. Neither are Sonic content / they're just there to obviously pad the number on the label.
The school bag is a standard size at about 16 inches, with CG art for Shadow, the uncommon cheerful Knuckles, and Silver on the main part of the bag. The exterior pocket has that glossy coating, and a close up of Sonic's eyes/ears. The lunch carrier is insulated/soft-sides, and has an aggrivated looking close up of Super Sonic face. However, notice that 2 of the spikes (and 1 ear tip) go off the edge of the bag as a popup type detail. (A good touch) This is 40 dollars...but would do better if they just owned up to it being a 2 piece set without the cheap generic stuff thrown in.
Accessory Innovations Big Face Backpack In late winter 2023, Accessory Innovations makes this all blue 16 inch backpack. It's also called 'the big face back pack' (But tons of stuff has been called that already so it doesn't really matter/define it) It's another of the "the top part is supposed to be his face" items, and this time it adds flat flappy 'spikes' to the edges and pop up ears for the top. It has all the usual backpack features like exterior flatter pocket, 2 side pockets and the straps/carry handle on top. The zipper pull is large and flat, it's the silouette Sonic face with eye-white only detail. The modern logo is in white at the bottom right.
There's just something about the 'it is supposed to be his face' items that end up looking kiddie or babyish no-matter-what they do. The feeble spikes, the goofy presentation, it doesn't look like a nicely designed thing for anyone, it just looks kind of babyish and odd. This is available on Amazon, and should be about 25 dollars.
Accessory Innovations Shadow Lunch Carrier Sigh...another day another 'thing that is not in any way shaped correctly is now somehow a character face'! And, it's also once again Accessory Innovations behind it. This time it is the Shadow Soft Sides Insulated Lunch Carrier. And, it's just a black rectangle with stupid little ears at the top and 4 feeble upturned spikes at the edges. The panel's design is his forward facing face, and the white bit of chest fur. It has a normal padded handle at the top, and 2 ordinary black zipper pulls.
And it's DORKY! Like this would never be cool? Is it supposed to be ironic or something? Like, this looks stupid. It's not shaped like his face, why do you want to carry around a decapitated character head? It's just wierd and it's not cool. Like...why not have some great art on a bag? Something dynamic with Shadow, maybe add some element like that slick plastic from the bookbags or do a chaos-control neon plastic/shimmer area on there or something. I don't know but this thing is 30 dollars at Amazon.