Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies
Sonic School Supplies of the USA Page 7
School supplies are useful both in AND out of school. They're also pretty collectible, because they often feature many different characters & are generally inexpensive upon release. This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description.
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Faux Leather Messenger Bag Thick
This messenger bag is made of faux leather. It's likely that plasti-leather, in black. The front has spinning/rolling classic Sonic in color, stamped on. (As in, the design is pressed into the material too) The zipper pull is a cute, small rubber/layered Sonic face. The back of the bag has the same rolling Sonic design, but this time, it's only the embossed-texture, there's no colored ink used. (It is difficult to see in the photo here) The strap is woven black nylon, and it has a padded shoulder rest. The front has a zip pocket, and the top zips too. It's pretty thick as well, to fit a laptop and books too. This bag should be in the Sonic Gear Bags Store. It is new for 2015, fall season.
3D FX Lenticular Sonic Lunch Bag Here's an insulated bag that keeps your food really "cool"! Not just by insulation...but by making it cool with a real motion effect on the front panel! It's got a lenticular design. That means that the scene shifts perspective a little bit, or looks 3D when you turn the bag at different angles. This scene features modern Sonic leaping in a city background. The edges/back of the bag are black canvas texture cloth with red, blue & yellow line art of various poses for modern Sonic overlapping to create a pattern. It has 3 circle portraits at the top for Shadow, Super Sonic & Silver. It has a zipper closure, and only a hand-carry handle. This appears in fall 2015.
Sonic City Theme School Bag Backpack This is a school bag backpack by the same people who brought you the above soft sides lunch carrier. It's not a 3D effect item, though. As you can see here, it uses the same CG image of jumping Sonic in a city area, and continues the theme of the 3 Hedgehogs in circles that the previous bag has. The zipper pulls have blue tabs, it has a carry handle, shoulder straps & side mesh pockets. The 2 outer flat pockets have zip closures. The edge of the bag has the same scattered Sonic line art all around it. Is this still by "3D FX" company even if it is not lenticular? This appears in fall 2015.
You're too slow messenger square bag This smaller, square shaped flap-over messenger bag is made of gray denim like material. It's not the traditional messenger shape and may be called messenger-saddle shaped (since it's square) It has a big flap over top with zip outer pocket & shoulder strap. The interior pocket is zip top.
The art here is neoclassic, with the new pose legs cross leaning Sonic. He looks frowning with his hands on his hips standing in front of a stars-circle ring with wings. The bag has a slogan at the bottom "You're Too Slow!"
This appears in 2015, but what company produces it?
Very Glossy Sonic Eggman Backpack This backpack features a 'very glossy' Sonic design. While each of the characters here are all in CG, Sonic (and the logo at the top) are covered in a very shiny / glossy high polished plastic. This is thick, and rather stiff. It maintains a high shine as long as it's not scuffed up. This draws attention to the Sonic image, when you tilt it in the light. (It's difficult to photograph though, you can see a bit of it at the top of his head/streak down the face & sparkle on logo)
The bag also features circles with Silver, Tails & Knuckles in them, & Eggman is waving his fist up there on the top oval pocket. The front has a pale blue checker background, the edge has dark blue checkers & all borders & zipper pulls are a bright yellow for contrast. It has shoulder straps & mesh side pockets. This is a nicly designed bag, if you're careful with the glossy bits.
Pencil Topper Erasers Classic Pixel Style Here's a fun set of "Pencil Topper Erasers"! These classic style pixel-sprite erasers are white, with stamped designs of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & running Eggman. The design probably appears on both sides of the eraser. The bottom has a hole in it, & fits on the top of the plain stick pencils in the package.
Notice the off-square package edge. This company is making many classic-style items like bounce-balls, toys & more.
Notice how the pencils in the factory photo are blue, but the ones in the package are natural-unpainted wood. Also notice how some of the designs (but not all) are reversed in the factory photo.
Eraser Care:
Collectible erasers are different from collectible plastics. You have to know how to care for & preserve your erasers. First, do not use the eraser for anything, it will erode the design. Next, it's best to not put them on the pencil top, as this could crack the hole. With a package like this, it's best to leave them MIP. (Mint in Package) If you have unpacked erasers, be sure to keep the design face so it doesn't get dusty. (Erasers can get 'gummy' over time, trapping dirt or ruining designs.) Also don't set anything directly on the design-face, it can stick and peel it away after it ages there/sits a while- this includes paper and tissue. Sunlight sometimes yellows erasers.
Glossy Rolling Backpack Sonic Shadow The 'very glossy' theme returns with this rolling suitcase style backpack. This is a backpack with tiny wheels, stiff pop-up handle, & little feet on the bottom that rolls like a suitcase when it is too heavy for the shoulder straps.
This has a nice, modern design with good attention to detail. The Sonic face in the foreground is covered in thin high-gloss plastic. Shadow stands in the background with his arms crossed & Knuckles decorates the side pocket.
The same glossy coating is on Super Sonic at the top exterior oval pocket. You can also see line art & shapes used as designs for the edges of the pack. It is otherwise black with red trim & zippers. CG art with cool poses & the seldom-seen Super Sonic keep this rolling pack looking fresh! But where is it sold?
Glossy Sonic & Shadow soft lunch tote Another item from the "very glossy" things line appears. This time, it's a soft sides lunch box / lunch tote. It's a soft rectangle bag with thermal lining, carry handle and longer shoulder strap. It has red borders and a zip closure. The CG Sonic face is coated with more of that thick very shiny clear plastic. Shadow is crossing his arms in the background & the logo is in the top corner. Notice how this graphic is exactly the same as the one on the above rolling pack. While not sold AS a set, all these things must be part of some why hasn't anyone seen it in a store?
Mini 4 Piece Desk Set Here's the smaller cousin to the previously shown (on page 5) 11 Piece Desk Set. It's the Sonic 4 Piece Value Study Kit. As you can see here, with both items right next to eachother, the 4 piece kit was created by separating off 4 items that were supposed to be in the 11 piece set. The small spiral bound mini-note, the red cirlce pencil sharpener w/sticker, the white rectangle eraser w/Sonic sleeve & 1 of the checkered pencils is in the kit. These items are shrink-wrapped to a cardboard hang card.
Sonic Shadow Knuckles Red Lunch Bag A new soft sides lunch carrier appears in 2015 / fall season.
This padded insulated bag has Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles CG art on the front. The edge is red & black checkered. It has a black handle & longer black shoulder carry strap. The background is red & yellow rays. The Sonic (at least) looks like he has a glossy plastic layer over the graphic. The modern logo is in the bottom left corner along with the copyright.
You can see the paper tag there, but it's impossible to read the company name with the size of the photo. Where can this be bought?
Sonic Shadow Knuckles Red Lunch Carrier Here's another soft sides lunch carrier, it is VERY likely to be by the same company that made the one above. This time, it has Sonic Shadow & Knuckles all standing at the ready on the front. The background has blue & silver sort of 'shatter' pattern lines. Knuckles holds up a fist, Shadow crosses his arms and pointing at the floor...or the modern logo that's in the bottom right corner. This had a nylon red handle, shoulder carry strap and an exterior mesh pocket on one side. (presumably for a thermos or water bottle) The Sonic image has a glossy piece of plastic over it, though it is sort of hard to see in the photo. This is a 2015 fall item.
Allstars Sega Racing Lunch Kit This is the "Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed Lunch Kit". It consists of a soft sides insulated lunch box carrier & a metal thermos with plastic rounded top. As you can see, it has the 'transformed' vehicles in the same CG design for both items, on a blue 'sky' background. The edge & handle for the box are red, as is the thermos cap. It is likely the same company produced all of these items. However, it is not confrimed if this was ever actually released. It's not a prototype because clearly, the product is real in the photo. Also, it was at the Mercedes Benz event as some type of prize or possibly kiosk sale item. However, it was so limited, there's no confirmation.