Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies
Sonic School Supplies of the USA Page 6
School supplies are useful both in AND out of school. They're also pretty collectible, because they often feature many different characters & are generally inexpensive upon release. This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description.
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Toy Island All in 1 Desk Organizer Figures These 3 items are a mystery!
This set is by Toy Island (yes the action figure makers) and they are supposed to be Desk Organizers. But how does a figure organize your desk? Are there drawers in the base? Is the base a divided little box of some kind? How big are these? The mystery doesn't stop with their usefulness, it's also a mystery whether/where these were ever released since they came out in about the year 2000, but nobody ever found them or sent in a photo.
The figures appear to just be 'okay' looking. Sonic is likely their best one. Knuckles face looks somewhat compressed & Tails is certainly suffering from "big body".
Character STK Figure Slide Rulers These Toy Island rulers have a fun gimmick: a little half-round figure that slides/clicks along the center of the themed ruler. The wiggly slot means each will stay in place. The ruler itself is also personalized with the character's color & name, with a scene of them on one end.
Are these "Slide-Rules" or just rulers with a toy gimmick? A slide rule is a ruler that does math for you some how. It was invented before calculators so now no one uses them because they were difficult.
Sonic Safety Scissors Character Cases What school supply would be complete without some kiddie-safety scissors? Here are 3 pairs, each with a cool character themed case. There's Sonic, Tails & Knuckles to collect...but only Sonic's scissors do not reflect his body color (They are green and not blue) The character on the case is a slight relief. Each case also has their name, the logo & 6 rings pictured. These are Toy Island scissors.
Toy Island Pencil Topper Set
Toy Island produced a set of Sonic Adventure 1 themed pencil toppers. Each plastic topper is a fully 3D figure of the character. As you can see here, they also came already installed on the tops of pencils. Each pencil has the same theme: a scene from Sonic Adventure. You can see they have Sonic, Eggman, Knuckles, Big the Cat, Tails & a neutral chao.
Notice that they did a good job with the figures. Everyone is pretty on-model and proportionate. Big's body is kind of small, but he still looks ok.
Notice how none of these are "Actual Photos" of the items.
They are all stock photos taken by Toy Island. They were advertised on the back of the "Sonic Gel Pen Set" and other related for example the pencil toppers would likely have photos of everything else but themselves printed onto their box back as a way of advertising all there was to collect at the time.
Due to this fact, you can't tell if items like the scissors were individually packed, or you got all at once. It also can't be proven if everything here was released or not. Likelyhood of release is VERY GOOD because several of the things (3D erasers) have been found by fans. The release was probably pretty poor though, as items like this are always popular with collectors and fans, generally inexpensive/easy to access...yet, here in 2015 there are no fan photos.
Desk Top Set 4 Character Figures
This is labeled as "Deluxe Desktop Set" , but it doesn't tell you what it is, or what it's for. There are 4 characters, Sonic Tails Knuckles & Big (why not Amy?) as little 'chibi' style plastic figures. Sonic has his arms crossed, Big has his fishing pole, Knuckles has a fist up & Tails is awful and off-model. He's actually the biggest figure, and has a terribly un-cute head. It is speculated that each one is a different device of some sort, like a pencil sharpener, a box, etc. Do you own one or all of these? What are they? Do write in for credit if you know.
3D Figural Erasers This is Toy Island's full set of "3D Figural Erasers". One is pictured elsewhere on School Supplies. Were they sold separately? With this set you can see Big, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails & the Neutral Chao. Their features/details are cut-in lines of texture (hard to see in the photo) Each one is a solid color & totally made of eraser-rubber-material. This makes them likely to be fragile, especially things like arms & legs, as you know eraser rubber is flexible but not too sturdy. The Chao has the best look here.
Figure Topped Sonic Theme Colored Pencils These are "Collectible Colored Pencils". They're labeled as collectible because each one has a 3D plastic figure of a character on the top. Notice that they are NOT the same as the figures on the top of the pen set, or the pencil topper set. Once again, Toy Island does everything it can to avoid Amy Rose, and exclude her from their products, despite her role in Sonic Adventure 1, which they are promoting here. The figures are Big, Sonic, Tails, Neutral Chao, Knuckles & Eggman. The characters are sort of 'chibi' styled, especially Eggman, and leaving out the Chao which is normal. The color of the pencil corresponds to the main color of the character. (Big purple, Sonic blue, Tails yellow/orange, Chao pink??, Knuckles red & Eggman black) The pencils themselves are thicker than normal ones & also have a Sonic logo theme.
16 inch Modern Thumbs Up Backpack Here's a nice, modern looking backpack / school bag. It has a textured blue surface, large exterior pocket with gray/blue rays pattern & 'thumbs up' modern Sonic in a circle. The Sonic area has a shiny plastic coating over it for a slick look & to protect the desgin. Both areas of the bag close with zippers. It has 1 exterior black mesh pocket (for water bottle/etc) The top part is gray & "SONIC" is spelled out in block letters. It has the usual padded shoulder straps.
This should be about 19.99 at Kmart stores in 2015 / winter/spring. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Sonic Plush Doll Big Bag This is another plush-doll bag. It's likely the 2nd one released, and can be found at both Sears & Kmart stores in winter 2015. It's a bit chunkier than the previous one, modern-styled & has blue nylon straps on the back. This time, the zip-pocket is in the dolls' back, not it's head. So the pocket here is actually rather small, and because it's inside an already-stuffed plush, it is not that roomy. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757 Tilt Motion Pen in Package Here's another 1st of its kind item the "Tilt Motion Pen". The package says it has "Moving Sonic Game Graphics" when you tilt the pen. What does this cause to happen? Does a Sonic object slide around in the barrel? The package is clamshell plastic in an off-rectangle shape.
If you know more about this pen, or what exactly it does, or where to buy it, write in for credit. Pen is likely a 2015 item.
Small Square Green Hill Messenger Bag Black
Here is a fun, smaller sized 'messenger style' bag. It has one long flat shoulder strap. It likely has a main pocket, and the front zip pocket you see here with the metal/enamel classic Sonic face zipper pull/key ring. The bag appears to be either black jean, or black canvas material. It has a fun, creative but classy design. "SONIC" is spelled out in a blocky font, which is then filled in with 16-bit style pixel Green Hill Zone scenery. It's topped with a row of 'turning' rings, the logo & larger neo-classic jumping Sonic art. With the way he's positioned it suggests he's jumping right out of the scene. It's creative, with great Sonic imagry, but not busy or kiddie. A good bag, but where can you find it? Photo by Mari777
Mini Memo Prepack School Supply Set Parts of this set may have been seen around Gear, but here's the first of it where it's in the original packaging. This is called the "Memo Prepack" & it is a little set of school supplies. A short ruler, of only 6 inches, a circle pencil sharpener, an eraser in a yellow paper sleeve, 2 mini spiral note pads & 1 Sonic themed white pencil are all inside. The pads feature Sonic 1 artwork and Sonic Game Gear artwork, where he is shown hang-gliding. The pencil has standing Sonic, the sharpener spinning Sonic, the eraser has running Sonic & the ruler has 2 stock arts & the logo as a large, yellow sticker. This is supposed to be from 1993 or so.
Outa Here Modern Saddlebag
Saddlebag style bags remain popular in 2015, with this fall season release. This is the "I'm Outta Here" black saddlebag. It is made of black canvas material with plastic buckle shut top flap and adjustable shoulder strap. It's sized more for tablets or smaller items, rather than laptops or books. It has running forward modern Sonic in a square, with the phrase. There are other 'eroding' colored checkers for the background, with square 'holes' in them. The top has a small Sonic face, letter "S" from the logo, the actual logo, and the Sega copyright.
Spatter Paint Sonic Messenger Bag Here's a messenger bag made out of artificial canvas type material. It's black, with a blue over-flap and 2 buckle closure. The flap has a spatter paint theme. There's a white outline-only Sonic, jumping while holding up 3 fingers. His background is white spatters and drops. "Sonic" is written out in a speckled thick font, with red, green, white & yellow drops and drips. The modern logo is smaller, in the upper left corner. This does have a shoulder strap, it's just not shown in the photo. This bag should be in the Sonic Gear Bags Store. It is new for 2015, fall season.