Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies
Sonic School Supplies of the USA Page 10
Use 'em at home or at school, Sonic school supplies are great. They're also pretty collectible, because they often feature many different characters & are generally inexpensive upon release. This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description. Some items may also be in the Sonic Gear School Supply Store.
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Gotta Go Fast STK Canvas Tote Bag Here's a classic type canvas tote with "Gotta Go Fast" style!
This traditional colored canvas tote has a big design on the front of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. They're all classic style, with neoclassic flying Tails, gliding Knuckles, and 'fists forward' Sonic. The art is blended at the back with a trail of matching cross fading colors. Tails fades to blue, Knuckles to yellow & Sonic to red in a 'flame like' edge. In the sort of triangular patterning is the "Gotta go fast!" slogan.
The added color and fun action poses make this a cool and colorful tote that stands out. Canvas is sturdy too, so the tote with it's long handle could have lots of uses. It is fairly reasonably priced at 13 dollars in the SegaShop in 2018.