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Use 'em at home or at school, Sonic school supplies are great. They're also pretty collectible, because they often feature many different characters & are generally inexpensive upon release. This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description. Some items may also be in the Sonic Gear School Supply Store.
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Gotta Go Fast STK Canvas Tote Bag Here's a classic type canvas tote with "Gotta Go Fast" style!
This traditional colored canvas tote has a big design on the front of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. They're all classic style, with neoclassic flying Tails, gliding Knuckles, and 'fists forward' Sonic. The art is blended at the back with a trail of matching cross fading colors. Tails fades to blue, Knuckles to yellow & Sonic to red in a 'flame like' edge. In the sort of triangular patterning is the "Gotta go fast!" slogan.
The added color and fun action poses make this a cool and colorful tote that stands out. Canvas is sturdy too, so the tote with it's long handle could have lots of uses. It is fairly reasonably priced at 13 dollars in the SegaShop in 2018.
4 Sonic Theme Notebooks Hard Card Cover
Here are 4 notebooks from the SegaShop online.
They all have coated black metal spiral binding & hard card covers. The first is patterend with items from the Sonic 1 special stage. The second has the detailed 'gold' (its a yellowish) running Sonic (modern) with Japanese text. The third is the line work "Emerald Club" art & the last is a Green Hill 16 bit scene with simple Sonic / wing ring art in the 'sky' area.
Each notebook is a nice idea. The complex line arts are a good application for something you're close to/can see the detail each day. The GHZ is a little boring, & the special stage qualifies for 'subtle Sonic'. The problem is that each ordinary notebook is 16 dollars. At that rate, no one would want to take them to school where they could get damaged in a backpack. These are all 2018 / Summer/Fall items.
Emeralds Girl Amy Canvas Tote A nice canvas tote for your stuff!
Whether bagging books or saving the environment from plastic bags, a canvas tote can be a good idea...especially when Amy Rose is the star! Here, neo-classic art of Amy gets a new 'hands out' pose, and fun pastel colors. She is next to a colorful slogan, spelled out in a slightly abstract / geometric shapes font. It says "Emeralds are a girl's best friend". The phrase is very Sonic-centric, in that only a fan would know what it means.
This is a Sega Shop item in 2018 / 2019, and should be about 11 dollars or so in their online store. 11 is neither great nor terrible for a canvas bag. If the quality of the fabric is very thick, and the design printed on very well/good stitching it could be worth its while. Plus, it stars ONLY Amy, which is something nice to see. The colors are bright & the neoclassic art is fresh so it's a good design too. The 'stlye' of this is called "Color Shock" on Segashop, and several items share the look, as it was a part of a line. You can see the various other items among other pages here on Gear.
Mania Adventures Black Tote Bag Eggman Scene This is a re-usable tote bag for any kind of items.
It's all black & was made for Sonic Mania Adventures. It has good, crisp and bright full color / fully shaded art. The logo is also fully shaded (looks '3d' and somewhat metallic) and large toward the top of the bag.
The scene is a new one, that's slightly confusing, though. It shows Eggman in an odd (stone??) chair, sleeping in his PJs. (Note the pom-pom string tie things & the wrinkly look) He has the traditional Japanese 'sleepy bubble' there, and has spilled his mug of tea on the ground. He's also got his pompom sleepy cap as well. (This is interesting to see because, if you remember some old concept art, the main character of the game was originally going to be Eggman in his pjs just like this...but he was good. So, because this art is new, it's based off that)
Then, there's Metal Sonic sitting on the ground and the front part of his head is caved in to a degree, and someone's applied a criss-cross bandage. He's also holding a small flower. Since you can see the red eyes, he's "alive/awake/whatever you call turn on in a robot) but doing nothing as Eggman sleeps with his feet crossed on his head, using him as a foot stool.
Why's he have a flower? The foot stool bit is there to show that Eggman does not think highly of MS at all, because footstools are considered the lowliest & most degraded piece of furniture in a home according to traditional views. (Why to this also...) All together, it's kind of an odd bit for a tote. This is a SegaShop item in 2019 online.
Black & White Classic Style Backpack The Sega Shop brings out a backpack in 2019.
This is their first school bag offering in the online store and it's...ok? It's an all black standard sized bag, in the usual shape. The Sonic element is a classic forward-facing face on the upper exterior pocket. But, it's cut to the pocket's rectangle shape so maybe it's supposed to have the appearance of him....peering through a window?
Then, the sides of the bag have his glove fists printed on them as if he were...what, hugging the bag? Behind the bag? The larger exterior pocket has subtle checkering, with squares of shiny & matte material to add interest. The black and white art with subtle checkers is an eye-catching look, but the design itself is confusing as to 'what they were going for'.
Making the bag all the (less?) attractive is the 60 dollar price tag. The bag doesn't seem to being any ultra-features to the table to be worth that kind of cash. Is there something this entery is missing?
3D Relief Lets Roll Bio World Backpack In 2019 a new kind of backpack hits the scene!
And, it's "3D Relief" style. The front of this pack has a curved, shiny plastic that's molded so that the modern Sonic graphic is popped up some. Here, he's sliding on a colorful background, and the hand that reaches forward in the art, is in a higher relief so it really does look more 3D.
There's rings, checkers and a slogan around the upper edge, which is "Let's Roll!". The 3D bit seems to be on a shaped outer pocket that is most of the size of the bag. The arch/depth of the pack has
"Sonic" spelled out in the modern font with big blue letters. One side has a mesh pocket for a water bottle. The hang strap is normal yellow nylon and the shoulder straps are blue.
This is a fun pack that really brings something new to the table. Bio World is a company that always seems to be thinking of good new designs to apply to Sonic stuff to keep it from going stale. This has plenty of Sonic elements and looks like an exciting pack. (Hopefully the 3D bit stands up to wear as well) Where can you buy this bag?
Come On Step It Up S Lunch Box Bag Another school pair for 2019!
This time it's a slogan lunch bag & school bag. The slogan is "Come on step it up!" , which has been previously used, but in 2017 and with a different theme. This one has a large close up CG Sonic face, and the letter "S" in red. The backpack and soft-sides lunch box/carrier share the "S" theme and CG art. The backpack adds Tails & Knuckles as well, on the top part.
This is more of Bio World's work, so expect good quality shiny plastic for the designs and the usual nylon for the straps and handles. It's fresh enough looking, with the screen-tone dots, modern design and logos, plus using more characters.
Bio World 2019 5 Piece Backpack Set This is Bio Worlds' "5 Piece Backpack School Set".
It is new for fall 2019. It has the usual shape backpack with the modern logo & CG rings at the top. The main compartment has large Sonic, aggrivated Knuckles/profile & 'ready for action' Shadow. The second item is the soft-sides lunch carrier with running Sonic & Tails in the background. It attaches to the bag with a carry strap as seen in the left side photo. The third item is attached to the zipper-pull, it's a little squishy keychain-type circle with a Sonic portrait in it.
The last 2 items are generic. It's the blue water bottle with squeeze top seen in the mesh pouch on the side, and an ice pack that's not shown at all, but fits into the lunch carrier.
Game On Stars Busy Backpack This is the "Game On" backpack.
It is likely to be a Bio World item, as that tag seems to be their 2019 look. It's a standard size pack with 2 exterior pockets with zippers. The top pocket has the slogan "Game On!" with some stars in arches around it. The bottom pocket has a large (what is that, skeptical?) CG Sonic, with Shadow in the background. But, can you spot Knuckles & Tails? They're back there too, but they are busy blending in with the
red & yellow background & star shape. The straps are a little more decorative than normal, they're blue with red edging. The side pocket flap has a character-montage of CG characters, including (probably) Super Sonic. This same fabric is used along the inner rim of the top-arch to the backpack. This is likely to be an Amazon item.
Gotta Go Fast Foil Backpack Lunch Circle Set This is another "5 Item School Set" where it kiiiind of is.
It's called the "Gotta Go Fast! Backpack Set". The backpack brings in a new element, which is a shiny silver crackle-finish foil. It looks nice, and is under a clear plastic so it will probably stand up to wear. The backpack background is mostly abstract/lines & has pointing CG Sonic large on the bottom. It only has 1 outer flat pocket.
The lunch box is circular. It's forward-facing modern Sonic where is face is the whole circle. They add flat flappy ears & mini spikes to the edge of it. Notice that the plasti-fabric for the face is a little shimmery. The another of those "Well everything could be Sonic's face" where you can tell they were kind of shoe-horning the concept in there.
How good this would be for fitting a lunch inside is unknown since it's round. The 3rd item is the ever unseen gel-icepack which is unbranded. Then there's the unbranded water bottle. The final item is the zipper pull. It's a squeezey-squish blue sphere that's supposed to represent rolling Sonic but it is just an unbranded sphere.
Disregarding (ish) the unbranded stuff, it's still a cute set for little kids. It's also interesting to see 'gotta go fast' on an official item like this because it's from Sonic X (which this is not) and was originally coined to make fun of Sonic and the show for having such a kooky theme song. But instead, it developed into a slogan. This is a 2019/fall item.
Sonic Face Nylon Canvas Lunch Kit 2 Part This is the "Sonic Big-Face 2 Compartment Lunch Kit".
It is made of a nylon canvas material, including the flappy spikes & ears. It's a forward-facing classic Sonic fave on a plain blue background. So, another item meant to 'be Sonic's head' that stores your stuff. There's a handle at the top for carrying. The back/bottom has an all-embroidered full color classic logo. It works almost like a school bag that it is shaped like. There's a main top arch shaped area & then the black area has a zipper around the top to create a rectangle space.
This is supposedly at Amazon in fall 2019, but is also somewhat costly at 30 dollars. Is it super big? Very thick? It likely wouldn't fit into a school bag, maybe it is meant for work lunches / offices?
Circle Sonic Lunch Bag Face Classic More lunches...more faces to store them in?
What's up with 2019 and letting out so many things that are Sonic faces? The modern circle face lunch box wasn't enough, so now here comes a classic one. This is an attempt at a 3/4 view classic Sonic face printed on the circle shape. They add ears & the spikes on the proper side. There are two zippers & a handle at the top. The item looks like it is made of plasti-leather, with a smooth matte texture.
This one gives a better presentation than the modern lunch-dot above, probably because classic Sonic's head was more spherical and also the angle they use instead of head-on. It's cute, but a little odd still. This may be an Amazon item, or it might go into the Sega Shop in fall 2019.
FAB Starpoint 5 Piece Sonic School Set
This is a 5 piece school set by "FAB Starpoint"
They're a new company for 2019 to have a modern Sonic license. And here, they use it to make a set of bags. You've got the main schoolbag with jumping CG Sonic on a CG (maybe Green Hill type?) background. The upper part is red, with the modern logo and some gold rings. However, it also comes with 3 extra items, all made of the same blue fabric. This has red Sonic line art for 3 different poses, plus his name. You get a drawstring bag, a pencil case & a smaller velcro case. The 5th item is the water bottle, but it's just generic blue & red. (It's very cheap to include a generic thing which pads the 'item count' for the pack, so it's a bit common) This is a decent enough set if the price is right. But what is the price?