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Make going back to school more bearable with some Sonic School Supplies! This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you.. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description.
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Sonic Modern Memo Pad Watermarked Note
This is described as a "Sonic Theme Memo Pad", but it actually looks like a sort of stick-up pack of mini notes. Is that the cover, or do the notes just hang below that colored design? It has nice modern art of Sonic in the winged ring, with stripes & modern logo. The notes themselves aren't just white, they're gray with subtile striping and a sort of watermarked-in picture of Sonic. (So every note will have something Sonic on it!) This is pretty reasonably priced at 4.49 in 2013. This can be found at
Chao Theme Spiral Note Book Now fans of Chao can have a spiral notebook to go with their neutral chao themed binder! This spiral note has a blue stripe & star/sparkle background, with 3 different nutral chao poses on the front. One dances, the other thinks & the largest cheers. The back has just a line art of the dancing chao, which looks fun. What material is the cover made of? Is it just cardboard, or is it a better quality plastic? Paying about 9 dollars for a normal spiral note, one would hope the quality and durability is there. This was made in 2013, and should be about 8.99 This can be found at , but where else is it?
Hairy Face Classic Style String Bag This rather unusual item is a hairy face string bag. You'll remember Spencer's classic style forward facing Sonic bags & totes. This is just another take on it, but this time they have used some rather hairy/wooly fabric for it instead. It works the same, draw string closes the top & the straps are cord too. It makes for a sort of unusual look because Sonic isn't particularly hairy or very furry, as this fabric is. This is a Spencers Gifts item in 2013 / winter. Photo & owned by:
Shadow & Sonic Soft-Sides Lunch Box Here are 2 soft-sides lunch box / lunch carriers. The left has Sonic & Shadow with 2 different backgrounds (notice how Shadow's side is on fire...) The right has Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow with a big gold CG ring, stars & red logo. That background is all clouds. Each one is made of plastic with hot/cold retaining stuff in the outer walls. The right bag is from Toys R us and is usuall 7.99 but you can get it for free in fall 2013 if you buy a backpack at TRU. Right photo by Taaron, free bag info by CrystalSonicFan Sonic Shadow Knuckles Soft Side Lunch Carrier
Classic & Modern Sonic Cinch Sacks Bags Here are 2 different "cinch sacks". They're sort of like a non-structured backpack, or some sort of cloth bag you can wear on your back. The top is draw-string closure (hence the 'cinch' part) and the 'straps' are just cords connected to the top & bottom. You can't really keep much heavy in them, as they're not super big, and the cords would disagree with shoulders. These are both found at Spencers Gifts in store and online. They are each 14.99 at Spencers gifts in 2012 (likey, fall) It should also be on their website for the season/until it sells out. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Knuckles Backpack Plush Shadow Hedgehog Backpack Plush Super Sonic Backpack Plush
Tails Plush Backpack Here is a selection of 4 "Backpack Plushes". They're technically a pack you can wear on your back...but the compartment for holding items is very small. It's actually just a mini zipper with coin-purse size opening in the back of each character's head. Each pack has read straps & a carry handle. The dolls are about 21 inches tall each, and should be about 19.99. They are produced by Accessory Innovations Company.
The plushes look pretty decent, except for poor Knuckles there. His eyes are too tall (he looks startled) as well as being off-center (look how they don't align with his nose-seam) His feet are too small & he suffers from "big body". The fists are nice & large though, which is good. Shadow looks decent, with well sized feet & usual frown. Super Sonic is pretty good too. The Tails is nice as well, & his strap is orange.
You can buy these from "CuteSense" , which is NOT linked here because they sell bootlegs & licensed goods side-by-side. They don't seem to know or care if something is official or not, so *watch out* if you are shopping there! Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Shadow Sonic Stripe Messenger Bag Yet another messenger style bag. This one features Sonic & Shadow on the flap. Their names are written in interesting/different fonts over color coordinated stripes. It uses modern / newer stock art for both, and the colors give the bag an active style look. Great for laptops, books or any flat items that need carrying. It does have a shoulder-strap, but that's hidden in the photo. This should be available at GK World (online) in spring 2011
Sonic Hoodie Backpack Combo This is a sort of strange combination item. It's a backpack with attached costume type hood. You can flip the hood up while wearing the pack, and it has Sonic spikes (slightly stuffed) & little ears. The backpack itself is pretty stylish, with large classic style Sonic face that runs off the edges of the outer pocket & some black stripes that aren't too busy. But what's the real use of the costume type hood? Is it trendy or super nerdy? Is it comfortable or a hassle to use? It's an odd concept to combine. This may be found at Spencers Gifts stores. Photo & owned by Turbo the Hedgehog Sonic Pencil Tin 2 Level Here is a Sonic pencil tin / case. It's blue, but the unique thing is that it has 2 levels inside. There's a removable tray so you can divide up your stuff in layers. It has modern Sonic pointing on the lid & the tray is blue checkered. A stylish & useful case. It may be at in 2013.
Blue Blur Cinch Sack 3D Spikes
Here is a cinch sack that's actually pretty cool. It looks like a comic panel with the 'splash out' effect, where part of a character spills out of the frame. In this case, it's 3 of Sonic's spikes going off the side. They're just flat cloth, but the effect is nice when seen from the front. With a new 2014 active pose, and screen-tone dots black/gray background, this bag looks great in use or in a collection. It's pretty unique too, no other bags, string/cinch or otherwise look like it.
It has a loop at the top for hanging, cinch-able top & string 'straps' so it can be worn like a backpack. It says "The Blue Blur!" in blue comic book type font. String bags such as this aren't comfortable with a heavy load. This is a Spencers Gifts item in 2014, it should be about 19.99, both in stores in malls or online at .
Glossy Graphic Sonic Tails CG Art Backpack
This back-pack school bag has some nice CG art with Sonic & Tails. The main part of the pack is black/gray checkered with a yellow border. The bottom part of the back has the CG art, but there is an extra shiny / glossy plastic layer applied over it. This likely protects the art and will keep the bag looking nicer for longer. It also adds interest to the modern Sonic logo at the top. This has padded shoulder straps and the usual top loop for hanging. Since the art is CG, it's also fresh/not more re-used stock art.
Photo by: Name Lost Please Correct
GE Eggman Tote Bag Here's a great tote for eggman fans! It's a cool bag dedicated to only Eggman, from GE Entertainment. There's the "Eggman Symbol" complete with yellow/black caution stripes around it. The background is 'parched/cracked earth' with a white line art version of Eggman fist-up stock art. The text says "Think you can beat me?" & at the bottom "hahahaha!" The modern Sonic logo is at the top. Is this made of canvas? Where can you buy it? Discovered by Taaron
11 Piece Value Pack Desk Set A desk set of Sonic themed items has not appeared in a while, but this one shows up in 2014. It is an 11 piece 'value pak'. It was found at 'Childrens Place' the local discount type store, but where is it sold nationally? Close-out stores? It says there are 11 pieces, but not all of them are totally visible. You can see a 3-ring binder card-folder with Knuckles on it, a blue one with Sonic, a large spiral notebook with Knuckles & Sonic on the front & many characters on the back (Seen open/flat at right) a zip top pencil pouch with Sonic (red edge item) a small spiral top note pad, 4 pencils each with different theme, 11 Items Value School Set
probably an eraser (yellow) and a pencil sharpener (likely round, red). The last thing at the bottom right is actually the top to the package, and not a useable item.

This set is a cool value! Supplies like this are highly collectible, and if the price is right, they're easy to get. Be on the look-out for this! Photos & owned by Crystal Sonic Fan