Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies
Make school more bearable with some Sonic School Supplies! If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. The supplies on this page are ONLY new/modern era supplies. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description.
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Sonic & Tails Lunch Bag Yet another soft-sides insulated lunch bag / carrier. This one has no shoulder strap, just a handle. It has Sonic, with Tails giving a peace sign in the background. The logo & a ring of stars adds some interest to the blue/fade background. It's covered with a glossy plastic layer. You can find it at the SonicGear Store accessories page in 2012...but who made it? It seems likely that 1 or 2 comanies could be behind most of these modern school items.
Red With Stars Sonic Tails Backpack Here is the "Red Stars Backpack". It's mostly red, but the stars are white. It has an assymetrical outer pocket, small side pocket, & regular shoulder straps on the other side. It has modern pointing Sonic with peace-sign Tails in the background, plus a logo. The top of the pack has another logo & they added more stars around Tails. This is a little kids size backpack, so it's not going to hold a lot. Likely to be a 12 inch pack.
Sonic Theme Insulated Lunch Bag Box This is an insulated lunch bag / carrier. It's made of squishy/thick insulating fabric. There's a front (less insulated) pocket for extra items & a carry handle. The modern Sonic graphic is nice and large, with blue rays in the background. He's lined with a textured silver edge, so it appears to be sewn on for a more 3D look. This can be found in summer 2012 at Toys R Us stores, and online too! It's only 9.99, so be on the look-out for this cool bag! Also can be found in the SonicGear Store in 2012. Discovered by Taaron
GE Classic Green Hill Oops Sonic Spiral Note GE Shadow Spiral Notebook
Here are 2 spiral notebooks from GE Entertainment. The left is called "Oops Sonic" and features pixelated graphics from Green Hill. It's also an actual 'oops' because that's the "Sonic is Dead" sprite, though he's shown losing rings (on nothing) So it just looks like...they put together any scene for the cover. The Shadow notebook is nice looking, not overly busy. It's got the modern logo, red & gray stripes & a nice big art of Shadow. The Red/Black theme works without making it boring. Where can you get these?
Sonic Green Hill Scene Classic Binder Sonic Tails Knuckles Classic Blue Binder
Here are 2 hard cardboard 3-ring binders from GE Entertainment. Both are classic. The left has pixelated graphics for Green Hill, with Sonic running past a Buzz Bomber who is shooting an energy ball. The other has the neo-classic stock art for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles on the back, with a big Sonic portrait on the front. It has a fading checkers background on all sides. Where can you get these?
NOTE: These are "Hard Card Binders" but they are still JUST cardboard. They dent easily, get bent corners, & can show wear quickly. For something 10 dollars and up, you'll likely want to consider these for HOME use only so they don't get ruined. Store your Sonic trading cards, archive your art, but keep 'em on a shelf.
Sonic ID Card Holder Student This is a student ID card holder. It's made of a sort of tough cloth type material, & the modern Sonic design is printed right into the fabric so it won't wear off. The other side has a clear window for the ID. The Sonic side has an extra pocket for whatever you want. The top has a yellow plastic clip so you could add it to a Sonic themed lanyard. Look at the paper tag...the graphic is very pixelated for some reason. This is made by: Animations company & it is only $1.98!
At under 2 bucks, there's kind of no reason not to collect this. Look at the tag though, they have labeled it "Coin Purse" for some reason. This is at Toys R Us in winter 2012/3
Shadow the Hedgehog Binder Here is a nice Shadow themed binder to go with your Shadow spiral notebook (above) It has a background of red/black grid and one stripe. Two different large arts of Shadow decorate the front & back. It has the Sonic logo & also Shadows' name. This is another 'hard card' 3 ring binder (so if you get it, be careful with it) by GE Entertainment. Where can you get this? How much does it cost? Modern Sonic File Folder
A simple but well done file folder with Modern Sonic design. Is this a stand alone, or is it for a binder? It has 2 pockets. It's listed at 8.09, but why is it so expensive? Terribly pricy for cardboard.
3 Classic Mead 3 Ring Binder Folders Here are 3 binder folders by Mead. They're all genuine classics. Each is made of a tough card material, with 3 holes in it so you can put it into your 3 ring binder. They likely have 2 pockets inside for paper. Mead also made the "trapper keeper" binders seen elsewhere on Sonic School supplies. There's the Sonic & Knuckles logo symbol (always classy), a running Sonic with rings, sparkles & rainbow streaks, & a nicely shaded nose-touch classic Sonic on navy background. These were made in 1995
Spencers Checker Pack Collection A checkered selection from Spencers! This is the mini schoolbag (9.99) the big schoolbag (29.99) & the checker hip-pack (19.99) Each has black & white checkers all over, with either standing or running classic Sonic art. The Sonic graphics are large, and a sewn-on overlay. While the mini bag is fairly reasonably priced, the other 2 kind of aren't, especially the hip pack with its plastic buckle & simple construction. All can be found at Spencer's Gifts in winter 2013, also at their webstore.
Cord Close File Folder Sonic This is a Sonic themed file folder with cord closure. It's not really a binder, but it's likely made of sturdier stuff than some 3-ring type folder. Sometimes these are plastic. It has 2 elastic cords which you can see, they wrap from the back, over the corners to shut it. The art chosen here is newer 2012 type, & the background is very tiny blue checkers. How much does this cost? It's a spring 2013 item. Neutral Chao Hard Card Binder 3 Ring Here's a cute & fun binder! It has 3 neutral chaos, each with different fun expression. This is a hard card 3 ring binder, likely with no interior pockets. It says "Chao!!" at the top among stars.
It's pretty cute, but this type of binder tends to not wear well. Use it at home, for light work like storing Sonic cards. This should be 8.99 at Photo discovered by: SonicBoy19
Die in a fire notebook
Well this is...interesting. Though it's likely more a case of doofus design, rather than anti Sonic malice. This spiral notebook has a normal front, with big Sonic name in black & white outline, with neo-classic Sonic art. But then look at the back...that's a picture of Sonic literally dieing in a FIRE. That art is a sort of trace-over of the "Sonic has died" sprite, and that's quite def. a pixelated 16 bit fire/flames he's in. Is this a notebook for Sonic fans...or for Sonic haters? Bit of a bummer at 8.99. (And, whatever company is making these is charging only about 90 cents more for a full spiral note, than for a thin cardboard 2 pocket folder...something funny's going on with their pricing in 2013)
Classic Corroded Checkers Sonic Messenger Bag Here are more messenger style bags, great for laptops, tablets or school books. The left has classic Sonic face, white logo and sort of 'corroded' on-purpose blue 2-tone checker background. The right has modern jumping /pointing Sonic with a classy blue stripe & modern logo. The right is more subtle, while the left is quite classic. The right is 31.50 at in 2013, left photo by: ML1024
Jump Sonic Blue Bars Modern Messenger
Eggman Pixelated Folder Here are 2 folders, the first one is Sonic losing his rings but in the 'dead' sprite pose in front of nothing in Green Hill. You've seen this before on a notebook above. The second folder is new though. It has 16 bit pixelated look, with brick wall & checkers. They've used 'laughing Eggman' , & made the sprite really big for a pixel effect. The classic logo is at the top. Great for Eggman fans! It is 8.99 at , which seems a bit pricey. Photo discovered by ShadowFoxx757 Mini Backpack Stars
Here's a mini backback that should be familiar. The larger size of it is on the previous page. This one has a more rounded top & yellow zippers instead of red. You can see the size here compared to the mini classic style bag. It was found at Factory2U /Fallas Paredes. (may be a clearinghouse of some kind) Photo & owned by CrystalSonicFan
Backpack Tails & Knuckles
Here are 2 plush character backpacks. Instead of Sonic, who's had at least 2 'backpack doll' type things already, here's Tails & Knuckles. You can see a bit of a red strap there behind Knuckles. For an idea of the size, that's a blindbox Sonic figure ball dispenser below them. The plushes look pretty decent from here. How much are these, & where can you find / buy them? Photo by CrystalSonicFan
Kmart Sonic Face School Bag 2014 This school bag is new in 2014 only from K-Mart! They call this bag "Super Sonic" but it only has regular Sonic (of course) The black/white checker squares have a sonic portrait, the word "Whoosh!" or "Boom!" in them. A large, full color Sonic face is an attractive element peeking in from one side. The whole bag is polyester, about 16 inches (so pretty standard size) and should be 15.79 or so at , or in stores in fall 2014. Photo discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Amy Rose Folder School 5 Pack Amy items! Amy fans will love these folders & notebook, as they're JUST Amy Rose, no other character appears. The folders at left are a 5 pack. (All the same design) It has the rectangle Amy portrait with name on the front, and standing/turn Amy on the back. The whole background is pink/dark pink checkers for both folders & notebook. The notebook uses a forward facing art for her on the back (good that it's different from the folder set too!) The folders are 8.99 & so is the notebook. This can be found at , but where else is it? Amy Rose Theme Pink Spiral Notebook
Shadow File Folder 5 Pack
Here are 2 new folder 5-Packs for 2013. The left has Shadow in 2 poses, with the modern Sonic logo and scattered red squares / black background. There's running pointing Shadow & standing thumbs down Shadow for the back. The right file folders make a little less sense. They use the pixelated 16 bit style Green Hill background, but then just kind of scatter neo-classic character art all over it at random sizes that aren't really relevent to eachother, and especially not the background. Look at giant Eggman there, random gliding Knuckles (at least classic Amy makes it in, though it's not the right game for her) Each pack is 8.99. This can be found at , but where else is it? Classic Gang Greenhill Folder 5 Pack