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Sonic School Supplies of the USA Page 9
Use 'em at home or at school, Sonic school supplies are great. They're also pretty collectible, because they often feature many different characters & are generally inexpensive upon release. This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description. Some items may also be in the Sonic Gear School Supply Store.
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Lenticular Jumping Modern Sonic Stars Backpack This backpack school bag has a special effect!
The design is lenticular! That means that depending on the angle you see the backpack at, the Sonic art here will shift between poses and look like it's moving. The design is covered in tiny ridges of clear plastic that effects how the design is seen & from what angle. This is difficult to photograph (of course) but you can sort of see it going on there if you look below his pointing-away glove cuff, and above his shoes.
Lenticular stuff is neat, IF you can keep it nice & from getting scratched or scuffed up. That means no throwing the bag or banging it against anything. This bag is probably better for home use than school, because of the cool effect. It should be a standard size bag, but where is it sold? This appears in 2017 at Amazon, but only sometimes.
Value Pack 2 Bags 90s Set Game Gear It's debateable where this "2 Pak Value Bags" set came from. Is it the USA, the UK, or both? It's a bit of an odd thing, no matter where it's from though, as generally Sonic stuff doesn't come as a 2-in-1 packed like this. The big bag is Game Gear themed, with the handheld's logo there in the bottom right. It has clapping Sonic with a speech bubble that says "Time For Fun...Homework's Done!" Which indicates this bag is supposed to be a school bag, but it's not that big, nor is it (supposedly) that sturdy. The second bag is hard to tell what it is. A pencil pouch? Mini purse? Fanny pack? (do write in if you know for credit) That one is AoStH themed, as it has that version of Robotnick running after Sonic on the other side of the logo. Both itmes have a lavender colored top. Notice that the package also has this
lavender color, as do the tags. (Sonic stuff is rarely seen with purple of any sort near its theme) If you own either bag, or know what's up with the set, you can write in for credit. This is uncommon.
Face Off Drip Paint S&K Backpack This is called the "Face Off Backpack".
And with good reason! It features faces only for Sonic & a face-off position! It's Knuckles vs Sonic as they literally butt-heads in this paint dripping and sketchy-styled design. The red, blue & tan paints are shown 'dripping' from/on the characters faces, which are drawn with sketchy black lines. This backpack has a zipper edge, but no front pocket to disrupt the design.
It's background is plain black, as is the edge & back side. This pack appears in summer of 2017, but where is it sold? Supposedly Spencers' Gifts, but is there anywhere else confirmed? It's refreshing to see an item that's both modern and doesn't use even more of the same/expected stock art. The 'graffiti' drip style may not be for every fan, but this backpack won't blend into the crowd.
Embroidered Backpack Selection Sonic Characters Embroidered-eye Backpacks for Fall 2017!
How new? The store hasn't even gotten them set out yet. These bags contain the 'plush character shapes' backpacks for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and even Shadow. Their eyes are all embroidered & each one has matching color straps sewn into the back so you can wear the doll as a backpack. The storage area is in the body, so as usual, you can't fit much in there. Notice the paper tag too, it's classic, but the dolls are modern? Which company is making these plush packs? More photos should follow if anyone gets individual shots of the characters. Photos by Crystal SonicFan
Come on Step it up Backpack Lunch Combo This is a new for fall 2017 Backpack & Lunch bag pair.
It's modern style, with cool CG poses for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. The material used is all really shiny / glossy, giving both bags a bit of a different look. The background is Green Hill from (probably) , and the backpack has a slogan "Come On Step it Up!"
Unfortunately, the lunchbag is always positioned in front of the backpack in any photo anyone can find of this set, so it's hard to see who's on the pack itself. It does have 2 mesh side pockets, regular back straps & a hang loop. Where is this sold? Possibly Amazon, but likely somewhere else too. It's 16 by 12 inches, and should be around 14.99 if you can find it for sale.
Sparkling Spiral Notebook Memo Pads 2 Pack Sparkling Spiral Sonic Pads!
How fun! Here's a 2 pack of spiral memo notepads with holo-foil shimmering covers. Each one is bound by a blue plastic spiral. The left pad has a sun-rays type design background & features Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow. The right pad has modern thumbs-up walking Sonic. The ink isn't totally opaque on any of the designs, allowing the shimmer background to sparkle through for a fun effect. The art chosen is lesser-used, the character combination is good, and with the sparkles, the look of everything feels fresh & eye-catching.
This is a cool pair of pads, but where can you buy it?
3 Hedgehogs Backpack & Lunch Box Set Another new Backpack & Lunch Bag Set for 2017.
This time, it has a "3 Hedgehogs" theme with Shadow, Sonic & Silver. It's the same graphic for both the soft-sides insulated lunch carrier and the outer compartment of the backpack. The backpack also features the modern logo on a swirling blue/purple background on it's top outside pocket. The lunch bag has a shoulder strap and carry handle with zip closure. The backpack has a water-bottle pocket, side mesh pocket & padded straps.Where can you buy this set, and how much does it cost?
Sonic Essentials Glitter School Bag Set This is called the "Sonic Essentials 5 Piece School Set".
And the 16 inch backpack is glittery! See it sparkle in the magnified inset there at the left. Can you spot all 5 pieces? First is the school bag itself, with big glossy CG graphic of Sonic in front of a Green Hill type background. The bag has 2 side mesh pockets, carry handle at the top & shoulder straps. It has a thinner front zip pocket. Second is a pencil case (flat thing to the right) with zip top. Third is the matching 'mini bag' that features the same red Sonic line art & yellow logos with red trim. Fourth is the generic white water bottle with black top. Did you spot the fifth? It's the red aluminium Karabiner clip dangling from the extra loop at the top of the pack. You can use this to clip the mini bag to it. So really, it's 3 Sonic things and 2 generic things. This is a 2017 item, and should be only 18.99 for the set, which is a really good rate for 3 things under 20 bucks. Plus! It glitters!
Pixel Background 4 Chars
Here's a backpack called "4 Characters Backpack".
(Gear doesn't make these things up...) And, while not the most creative name it's accurate with Sonic pointing at the top on a pixels background, while Knuckles Tails & Shadow are on the square outer pocket. This pack has a blue solid side pocket, a mesh side pocket (probably for water bottles) & the pixel-squres theme continues over the edge of the pack. The back is plain blue. This is a fall 2017 item, and should be under 20.00 if you can find it. Amazon MAY have it, but where else does it appear?
9 Sega Shop Spiral Note Books Nine Notebooks!
The Sega Shop has a selection of 9 different spiral notebooks for 2017 & 2018. Each has a hard card back & front cover with metal double spiral black wire binding. They're all colorful & have fairly different designs.

The first is called "Emerald Club" & it has light blue on blue art. There's (of course) the master Emerald, but you can also spot Knuckles there. The arch has Emerald Club on it, but there's a Japanese word below that you can't read.
Gold Art: This has gold-tone ink for checkers, running Sonic in a circle & some Japanese text you can't read.
Tails Outline: This has a cute colorful forward-facing Tails face & the background is all different line art black/white Tails stock art.
Tails 25th Anniversarry: It's the 25th logo on a black backgound but with just Tails in the wing ring.
Sonic Classic: A Green Hill pixel theme one with Sonic in the wing ring drawn in the center.
Tails Black Star: Neoclassic waving Tails is popping out of a star ring while orange stars dot the background.
Sonic Mania 'characters': It's basically just the Mania 'box' (it wasn't physical) art with the logo on black.
Rings Diamond: This one should have been called 'Sonic 1 special stage' because that's what it's made from: blocks, dots, sparkles & rings all pixelated from that stage.
The last book is the same as the Mania one, only the color is a middling blue. They're all decent designs, that don't look like stuff that's come before.

It would be nice to know what the Japanese text says, but the Segashop doesn't even tell you on its page.
Patchwork 5x8 Spiral Bound Notebook Sonic In 2018 the Segashop adds another notebook.
This is 5 x 8 inch spiral bound notebook (like their others) and it's called "Patch Work Notebook". It's meant to blend 'patchwork' (as in like a quilt) and 'a work of patches' like patches applied to a jean jacket. However, the effect here is more like 'sticker variety' because that's what it looks like on the hard-card cover.
There's an Amy heart, several chaos emerald outlines, red star ring, "Time to Fly" Tails wings, "Since 91" tag, "Knuckles Gym: Est 1994" oval & "Green Hill Zone Adventures" written around a sunflower. It's a colorful variety that makes for a fun cover.
Sonic Mania Plus Spiral Notebook Mighty Ray
Sonic Mania got some note books...So Sonic Mania Plus should get some too!
Here's the first one The Sega Shop online releases to honor the game in 2018. It has some nicely shaded classic looking art of Mighty the Armadillo & Ray the flying squirrel. This new stock art for them matches the classic shaded style of everybody else here REALLY well. Whatever artist they got has created something that looks like it is from the classic era.
The notebook is hard-card front & back cover with metal black spiral edge & lined paper blank interiors. The Mania Plus logo is at the top while the 'mania' geometric design is still behind the characters. It's good to be able to have your favorite characters with you at school...but you might want to leave this notebook at home because it is 16.00 for some reason.
Sonic Forces Duffle Bag Camo Pattern This is a Sonic Forces (sort of) duffle bag.
It's a traditional duffle shape, with long nylon shoulder carry straps/handles. It has an all-over camoflage pattern in the usual swampy greens & brownish greens you'd expect. But, if you look closely at the pattern, you can spot various Sonic, Tails & Knuckles faces hidden among the wavy lines. Interestingly, the faces seem classic style while Forces mainly wasn't.
This is another example of 'fairly subtle-Sonic' designing. There's no "Forces" logos or titles or anything anywhere on the bag. You have to actually look closely like on the inset for the photo to spot the Sonic element.
This is a Sega Shop online exclusive item in 2018. It should be about 40.00, but it's fairly big & claims to have sturdy construction.R
Knuckles Notebook Spiral Bound A Knuckles Notebook!
This spiral bound school notebook features only Knuckles. this the first incidence of a product with the NEW (for 2018) stock art of modern Knuckles? It could be. This new art has him facing away from the viewer, but with his head turned looking over one shoulder. He's got a hand on hip & the other fist pointing outward. It's a little odd if you look at how his legs are attached & if it's cut off at the wrong point (by a graphic/etc) the tail can become confusing as well. However, it's all right here, as he's in a yellow & red jagged edge circle. The notebook's cover is otherwise just black. This is another of the black metal double spiral binding with the hard-card cover. However, it's also another one for home-only use because it too is 16.00 in the Sega Shop. *Really, why are these so costly? There's nothing about them that uses special supplies, extra-durable-anything, or is lavished in tons of design or exclusive detail. It is a mystery.
Foil Blue Sonic Backpack Animations Co This is a foil enhanced Sonic backpack. It's from a series of school items released by the same company "Animations". They have a messenger bag & other items all with this same shiny blue somewhat iridescent foil as the big design enhancing theme.
The backpack is pretty fun, with big glossy thick plastic modern 'thumbs up' Sonic design. The back is plain black, as are the straps, but the blue edge is decorated with lots of modern Sonic line arts. It has 2 side mesh pockets & 2 main zipper areas. The edge-rim bead is also that foil stuff. Notice the modern logo at the bottom of the bag as well. The foil effect is sort of hard to capture on camera because it's so bright/reflective.
This bag was bought at retail in the USA...but at which store? Could have been Walmart or Toys R Us, but it is confirmed that Animations products (so, likely their other Sonic bags too) DID make it to brick/mortar retail. This bag is likely to be somewhat uncommon. Photos & owned by MKC