Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies
Make school more bearable with some Sonic School Supplies! If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. The supplies on this page will be a mixture of old and new. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description.
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Blue Checkers Classic Style School Bag This school bag is likely classic styled, and not actually classic.You can find this at Spencers Gifts, and it is a quite pricey $60.00! It's pretty stylish, with some nice checkers for the outer pocket, a good big Sonic graphic (in one of the 'new classic' poses) and a variety of black-only art and patterns scattered throughout the background. It's a slightly above standard size school bag (its thicker) and hopefully it's more durable too, because that price point is really high, even for a somewhat costly store like Spencers. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19, price & store info by SonicExia
1994 rectangle sticker sheet
This is a sheet of old stickers, from 1994. Each sticker is basically a rectangle, with wavy edges. The sheet uses various commonly found stock Sonics, with one logo in the center. Notice the terrible mutated Tails solo in the bottom sticker. His early stock art underwent some pretty poor and off model changes. The copyright date can be seen at the bottom of each one (1994 Sega) It is unknown where this came from originally. It was found on ebay for 3.00 in 2011 (so, this sheet didn't seem to appriciate in value) Photo & owned by Tabbo Amber the Hedgehog
Trapper Keeper Ring Path Sonic Binder This is a classic binder, likely from the late 1990s or so. It's another Trapper Keeper, but unlike the others, this one seems especially rare. It features classic running Sonic stock art, and the background is new/ spacific to this particular item. A green field, sunset, and withe path with rings. Sparkles & mini flames are added for Sonic's speed. The image is the same on both sides, & the edge/spine features 'laughin Sonic' stock art. The inside has the usual rings, and white pocket for papers. This is an interesting old binder. Photo discovered by CrashBandicootPro7
Clear blue plastic Sonic school bag This is a 'mini backpack' type bag, modeled after a school bag, but too small to do much with. It's made of translucent blue plastic, with an opaque & outline classic Sonic art on the front. (the blue parts of him are just an outline) This has padded regular cloth straps, with the classic logo as a cloth tag (left). The top zips open, and it has no extra pockets. This can be found at Spencers Gifts in 2012/winter. Photo & owned by: School Bag Strap Logo Detail
SuperSonic Speed Hot Topic Stickers These are large, round stickers. They're probably about 3 or more inches in diameter each, so they'd be a suitable item for binder decorations...or something equally big. Each one is all in blue & black, with 'jumping punch' Sonic X art. It says "SuperSonic Speed" along the edge. There were also black shirts made with this same design, in this color as well.
These are from Hot Topic --but probably in 2010 or 2011 or so. They were costly, something like 3.99 or 4.99 for just 1 sticker. Photo discovered by LarryInc64
Sonic & Knuckles Gadget Case This is described as a "gadget case", but it is likely a pencil/pen case. However, you can store just anything that will fit in this zippered soft-sides case. What's cool about it, is that it has Sonic one one side & Knuckles on the other, both with cool, active backgrounds & logos. The edge has red plastic trim & a red zipper pull. This can be found in summer 2012 at Toys R Us stores, and online too! It's only 4.99, so be on the look-out for this inexpensive bag! Discovered by Taaron
Fan photo shiny messenger bag
With this messenger bag fan photo, you can see that the flap has some kind of shiny / iridescent plastic coated material or interesting shimmer fabric. A cool effect that helps this bag stand out! Photo & owned by SurferBRG Sonic Theme Rolling Schoolbag Suitcase Sonic & Stars Messenger Style Bag
Sonic Big Tails Knuckles School Bag These 4 items all have the same theme / are based upon eachother's design. Above you can see the first Sonic themed 'rolling style' school bag. Based on rolling luggage, this bag adds wheels & a pop up handle to the usual school bag design. Above right is a messenger bag with shoulder strap & side pocket. At left is the 'big' regular back pack - school bag. It comes in a slightly smaller size, but that pack is identically designed. It has side pocket, 2 outer pockets & the main bag part. At right is a matching lunch bag (soft-sides) with mesh side pocket, strap and handle. Sonic Blue Stars Soft-sides lunch bag
The secondary design is interesting because it features Big the Cat for some reason. And he's...big...he looks like the star of that second design. There's Tails & Knuckles too, but since they kept proportions, Big is surely in the spot light. Notice the light blue plastic behind the Sonic with stars design on all of has some sort of optical property. (Foil? glitter?)
The large backpack will be 17.99, the small 12.99 , the lunch bag is 10.99 and the messenger bag is 12.99. Want to get these now? The first store with them is . Also at the SonicGear Store in 2012 All photos in section discovered by SonicBoy19
Sonic Tails Knuckles School Bag Backpack Sonic Tails Knuckles Insulated Lunch Bag
This school bag and lunch bag have matching modern Sonic, Tails Knuckles designs. The backpack has 2 outer pockets, one with the characters, the other with the logo. There are blue line-art poses for Sonic scattered over the black parts of both bags. The lunch bag has a shoulder strap and handle. The background is active, with stripes, dots, and paint splats. Where can you find these colorful bags? SonicGear Store in 2012 has them available via Amazon...but are they at regular retail too?
Lenticular Sonic Jump Backpack This backpack can be found at Toys R Us in fall 2012. The main attraction here is the big Sonic design on the outer pocket. It is lenticular. This is that textured/lined plastic that when you turn it in the light, it shows 2 or 3 different designs, or it can appear to 'animate' one design. In this case (if you look closely you can see sort of a 'shadowy outline' second image) it's used to show Sonic in 2 jumping/twist poses.
This is a cool effect that really helps the backpack look great...however, it's fragile. Lenticular things only work so long as they are not scuffed up/beat up, as they rely on their shape to have the effect. This backpack has a mesh side pocket, zip main compartment and zip outer (large) pocket. It has a carry handle and back straps. It could be either 9.99 or 13.99. Discovered by Taaron
Modern Sonic Plush Backpack Remember the Classic Style Sonic Plush Backpack? Now here comes a modern one. This one has the green eyes and shoe buckles. The other difference is that the straps for this one are on the back, among his spikes, as shown. Also notice that the body is blocky/bigger so that you can store things inside the plush. He's mostly proportional, though the feet are small. (they're well sculpted though, with flat bottoms, good socks, and no under-stuffing) How comfortable/wear-able this pack is with the spikes facing the wearer is unknown. This can be found at in 2012. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Aladdin Sonic 1 Lunch Box W/Thermos This style of plastic lunch box with simple handle & matching thermos that has a mug for a lid was very popular in the 1980s, so Aladin (lunch box co) brought it into the 1990s with Sonic. Here is one of their classic boxes & its matching thermos. This has a Sonic 1 theme, with Eggman (before they changed him) in his egg o matic in the background. The thermos has 2 'sides', one with foot-tapping Sonic, the other with jumping/spin Sonic avoiding a peeling/flying apart checkered floor & dust cloud. Photos discovered by AskLiliumLily
Sonic Diary Book With Key What's this rare and small item? It's a Sonic themed diary. A diary isn't really a school supply, but it doesn't fit much of anywhere else. This has a puffy plastic cover, & different colors of paper inside (looks like pink & aqua) There is a little loop on the cover
where you can fit the little metal lock it comes with & then open it with the key. You can also see the key in the photo here. This is made by "Visionary Products America" with a 1993 copyright, so it's an early item. This is a rare item. It was only reported on in 2013 despite having existed since 1993. Discovered by ML1024
You're Too Slow Messenger Bag Here's a messenger bag for books, computers or anything else roughly flat shaped. It has a nice bit of neo-classic Sonic art (the newer hands on hips/legs crossed) in front of the winged ring from the title screen. It says "You're too slow" in white below the art. The shoulder strap is adjustable, the top zips, and it has 1 flat front zip pocket. This is 19.99 at Spencers gifts in 2012 (likey, fall) It should also be on their website for the season/until it sells out. Discovered by SonicBoy19 Top Speed Sonic Lunch Bag
For some reason, this soft sides insulated lunch carrier is called "Top Speed Sonic". Its black, with only a carry handle & no strap. It has modern thumbs up Sonic in the winged ring with stars & modern logo. The background is a streak of some blue lines & dots. What company makes this? If you want it, it can be found at SonicGear Store in 2012
Embossed Look Sonic Backpack Schoolbag
Here's a cool modern backpack/ school bag. It has a black & blue theme, with raised 'embossed look' type Sonic design. It uses new 2011 stock art, with a ring of stars & checkered background. The Sonic graphic is big & looks dynamic, but the pack itself isn't that big. It has shoulder straps & top handle, with side pockets. This should be 9.99 at Walmart in 2012. MAY be 13.99 at Kohl's. Photo by Dustin Lee Autry.
Multi-character rolling 16 inch backpack Here are 2 more great backpacks. At left is a 16 inch rolling backpack. (note the feet, the wheels are to the other side) It has a shiny plastic / textured coating with lots of different characters on it. It's even got Super Sonic! You can see Silver, Shadow, SS, Tails, Knuckles & Sonic. The background is checkered, with a row of rings around the border. It's got carry handle, side pockets & straps. A very detailed bag!
The right side bag has Sonic Tails Knuckles Shadow & Silver, with a black & blue spatter background. This is a smaller bag, at only about 13 inches. You can find both of these at the SonicGear Store accessories page in 2012...but who made them?
Black Background Sonic Kids Bag