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Use 'em at home or at school, Sonic school supplies are great. They're also pretty collectible, because they often feature many different characters & are generally inexpensive upon release. This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description. Some items may also be in the Sonic Gear School Supply Store.
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Sonic Dual Compartment Lunch Bag This is a dual compartment lunch carrier that's new for winter of 2020/2021. A 2 compartment carrier is handy if you need something colder than something else, you can put it in the bottom one. In this case, it's mostly rectangle shaped where the bottom part with the modern logo zips open to a flat space. The top is regular lunch carrier shaped. It has a blue carry handle.
The design has a plastic coated/shiny (this is always difficult to photograph) Sonic who is CG and in 'jumping forward'. In the background are waving Tails, aggrivated looking-off Knuckles and Shadow 'ready to glide'. The background uses black/yellow caution strips & orange/red/blue stipes to match the characters. It's a fun, colorful & active design that shows off the CG art. The glossy Sonic is quite a nice touch as well. This should be on Amazon also.
Mini Backpack 10 Inch Sonic This is a mini backpack.
It is only about 10 inches tall. Sometimes mini backpacks show up as 'toddler backpacks' where they are listed for sale...but they generally tend to get used more as a purse than for some super little kid. This one is traditionally shaped, but does not have the usual 2 outer pockets so the design is solid. It has all CG for the characters & shiny gold ring. Sonic is popping out of the ring doing a thumbs up, Tails & Knuckles are in the bottom corners, and it also includes Shadow at the top left and pointing Eggman in the top right. With a black nylon strap carry handle on top, it does have the usual shoulder straps on the other side too. This is a 2020/2021 item that is likely on Amazon, at about 13 dollars so not a bad price at all.
All-Over Classic Style Sonic Backpack This is called the "All-Over Character Backpack".
True to its name, the entire fabric for the whole thing has just 1 pattern which is solid, overlapping classic Sonic. There's no space between them/no background. It uses both actual classic art and there are some neoclassic poses in there too. (Do note the black parts are the bottoms of his shoes, it's not covered in stray zipper-pulls or anything) It has the traditional outer pocket & carry handle with the usual backpack straps.
For whatever reason, this is expensive, though. It is a 2020/2021 item but somehow it is 41 dollars which is roughly double the price of normal single (not multi-item/bonus) backpacks. Why is it more money?
Pixel Retro All Over Design Backpack
This is the "Pixel Retro Backpack"
It's another with an all-over design. In this case, it is black with only a Sonic 1 theme. It uses 16 bit style sprites for everything. It has a scattering of various poses for Sonic (including the unfortunate 'die') , Eggman in his egg-o-matic, and running-eggman, rings and Crabmeat badnick. It has the usual smaller outer pocket, top carry handle and backpack straps. However, it too, is somewhat unusually expensive at 37 dollars.
It is a 2020/2021 item but somehow is roughly double the price of normal single (not multi-item/bonus) backpacks. Why is it more money?
Pastel Classic Scatter Sonic Backpack This is the 3rd backpack in presumably...the line by whatever company made the above 2. The above 2 are likely on Amazon, but all 3 showed up on a Japanese site but there were listed as 'unreleased'. This third one has a bit of a pastel/washed out colors theme. There's pink and pale blue texture in the background of the allover print. It has scattered art of classic Sonic, but spaced apart/not overlapping. It has looking out, ready to run, finger waving and standing arts for him. The zippers, interior and top handle are all black. It is likely that this bag is costly for whatever reason like the others are. Discovered by Hedgy
Accessory Innovations Shadow Plush Back Pack Accessory Innovations is back in 2021, with a character plush backpack that is for sale at Target online (and probably in some stores too) This is another of those 'the doll IS the backpack' so the back of the body unzips so you can put small items. The red nylon adjustable backpack straps are on the back of the plush doll so...if you actually put the straps on, all the doll spikes would be poking you so it's unlikely to be that comfortable. The space for items is also really small so it wouldn't be super useful.
So it has going for it: Can't store a lot of stuff, is not comfortable to 'wear', and is large & impractical to carry plus being sort of costly at 30 dollars? hasn't much to say for itself. However, the likeness is okaaay at least? The shoes are detailed and good/big. The arms are long enough & he does not suffer big body. The ears are a tad low on the head, but they do have the borders & his spikes are all pointed properly/large enough. The eye is a big large but it is well shaped & everything looks normally/stuffing levels. Accessory Innovations is clearly capable of doing a good job on things, but it just seems to kind of be 'why make him into a backpack'? Seems odd.
There is also a Knuckles one of this released at the same time, but it is sadly seen over on Mutant Gear.
Accessory Innovations Game On Backpack This is the "Game On" backpack by Accessory Innovations.
It is a 16 inch kids type backpack school bag. It has a 16 bit pixel theme. The main outer pocket uses the 'victory/end of the game' large pixel art for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles but it overlapps them so they go inside the pixel ring. The background for the whole thing is, of course, Green Hill. It applies the classic/full color logo at the bottom left. The slogan at the top is "Game On!" in a thin, pixel yellow font with a row of rings above it.
This one has the usual shoulder straps and mesh side pocket, but it doesn't come with anything. It's nice, colorful, and has a classic feel. (What's curious is that if it was for like...a middle-schooler or grade-schooler in 2021, would they even have played the Genesis games/beat them to know what was up with the bag art?)
Mini Backpack Sonic Accessory Innovations STK Here, Accessory Innovations makes a mini backpack.
This is a 2021 item, but how big is it? If standard ones are about 16 inches, then this must be smaller than that. Notice that it does not have the usual exterior pocket area because it is 'mini'. The theme here is Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, all in CG. They're on a blue/yellow/black stripe background and all in poses that have a 'moving forward' type look. There's also that jagged-look gold ring behind Sonic. His name appears in a red italic font somewhat like the logo font at the bottom. The bag border is black & the zipper pull is red. It appears to have that 'super shiny glaze plastic' on the Sonic portion of the bag, or maybe just his face? Accessory Innovations items are usually priced pretty well, so this should be less money than their standard size bag.Where is this sold, and what is the real size of the mini bag?
Blue Pixel Theme Modern Sonic School Bag
Another new backpack for winter 2021, but who makes it?
This modern school bag has a sort of 'pixel background' theme going on, but it seems Shadow is the star of the art. He's the largest art, but it has CG for finger pointing Sonic on the top exterior/small pocket, flying Tails and fist-forward Knuckles. The modern logo is at the bottom corner of the larger square exterior pocket. The background is a variety of blue/light blue/white pixel-type squares. It has a red carry handle, mesh side pocket, flap top side pocket and red back pack straps. It's a nice bag with lots of pockets for stuff, and it's good to see plenty of characters & Shadow being included. Where is this sold? 
High Volume JP Style Target School Bag This is called the "High Voltage" backpack.
The title is the slogan from the top of the bag that's hard to read. You can see it written there at an angle in blue near the top. The background of the bag is rectangle panels with line art in them, and a bunch of words in Japanese gray lettering. It's sure to be Sonic's name, but there are clearly other words too. It has blue zipper pulls, blue trim, 2 side pockets & an angled smaller/back pocket. The Sonic design is running-forward CG Sonic and he is covered by that cool high gloss plastic stuff that is difficult to photograph. This is a neat, kind of tech/urban look school bag.
What's unusual about it, is that it has 'Japan styling' but it is a Target item. Usually, Target doesn't stock/choose that style of goods. It is a winter 2021 item and it is a 16 inch pack.
This stayes on shelves through 2022, and here's what the back/sides look like as a non-factory photo. You can see by the other paper tag that Accessory Innovations makes this, and it has long/extendable back straps.

Do you know what any of the words say? You can write in for credit.

Backpack Lunch Carrier 2PC Sonic Set A 2-piece set appears for 2021/winter season, but what company makes it?
This is a backpack and soft-sides lunch carrier set. It has a 'character in a ring' theme going. Sonic, on the main outer pocket is in that sort of spiked CG gold ring graphic (that's been used before) & on the upper smaller pocket it has Tails, Shadow & Knuckles, all in a ring. There's also the logo in the center. The background is dark/light blue little squares & everyone is in CG. The main Sonic MAY be coated with that super-glossy plastic. The lunch carrier has the same graphics, minus the jagged ring for Sonic & just sets everything in a different place to fit the different shape. The accent & strap color here is red. This is a decen set...if you can find where it is sold.
Toddler 12 Inch Sonic Backpack Small This back pack looks similar to the set above...
But it is different, as it is a "Toddler Backpack", and is only 12 inches high.
For very little kids, a smaller school bag is probably an ok idea, especially if it has a nice Sonic design like this one. You've got the glossy Sonic face for the small pocket at the top & a nice design on the larger square pocket with Shadow, Knuckles, and Tails. (Oddly, Shadow seems to be the star here) Then, the top of the bag (where the main pocket zipper is) has checkering. The side pocket is nice too, one has the usual mesh, while the other has a velcro flap-over with the logo on the flap, and an extra Sonic face on the pocket part. The back straps are the usual red, and the carry handle is blue nylon. Nicely designed with plenty of Sonic elements, it should be about 18 dollars & is confirmed at Amazon...and anywhere else?