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Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies USA
Make school more bearable with some Sonic School Supplies! If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. The supplies on this page will be a mixture of old and new. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description.
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GE Fold-Over School Bag Checkered Sonic Here's a cool school bag by GE Entertainment. It has just the head of classic stock Sonic, with the classic logo as well. The blue checkered background is reminiscent of the old games, but it's given a modern twist with the black design at the bottom creeping over the checkers. This bag is a single shoulder style, with fold over clip-able flap. Seen in 2009.
While this is a Messenger Bag, it can still be used for school. Once again the top folds over and clips but it's more square than rectangle. It has Sonic Adventure style Sonic in a new pose, skidding into a paint splash type effect. "Sonic" is written as the background in a more grunge-style font for a modernist look. This bag is also made by GE Entertainment, and is available at and sold in 2009 It should be around $30.00 when you order it.
Mini Spiral Pad GameGear Art This is a mini notepad, rather than a note book. It uses the cover of Sonic for Game Gear 2. The art makes for a colorful notepad, and they've simply added the logo in yellow to the top. This was part of a Sonic School Supply Pack which included several items that SonicGear still needs photos of. Photographed and owned by Sonictoast

Classic Style Sonic Face Tote Bag Here's a curious tote bag! It's like the design crossed Sonic's head with a regular blue tote. The result is...kind of strange. The bag has classic style foreward facing winkin' Sonic...but his head is not outlined on purpose to let the edges of the bag define the borders of the face. Small triangles have been added for 'spikes' at the edges of the bag as well, but the illusion does not go over well as the bag is really rather square.
This bag is available at Hot Topic stores in 2009. Photo discovered by SuperSkeetosPro
Plush Doll Sonic Accessory Bag Sonic plush doll bag backpack back Here's a new Sonic bag that resembles a vintage one. You might remember the old bag, it was from the UK and AU. This one is quite similar, in that it is a modified plush doll that you can wear. Straps join the hands and feet so he can be worn like a back-pack. There's a zipper in the 'belly dot' and it is hollow inside. You can fit almost nothing inside, so it's more like an accessory bag or may be used as a type of purse. It's classic style Sonic again, but with longer arms and shorter legs.
Sonic doll bag face close-up The expression and detail seems good though, with decent ears, spikes and attention to the shoes and socks. The blue fabric is soft and somewhat fuzzy. It is large & heavy too! Good quality! (but wont fit much, the space inside him is very small) This was made by GE Entertainment in 2009/fall. Close up & back photos by OrangeUnicorn
EGM Magazine SA1 Sticker Set Things like stickers, pens and stationary can all be considered School Supplies.
So Electronic Gaming Monthly (the now out of publication USA magazine) released a freebie sticker set to celebrate Sonic Adventure 1. This would be enclosed with an issue of the magazine in a bag. The sticker set is pretty cool, as you get all the new-style art for the characters. Wierd-walkin' Sonic is largest, but they also thought to make the Tails pretty big too, which is a good touch. If you look closely, you can see they included E102-Gamma which is great because after this he was pretty well neglected. This is definetely a cool sticker sheet to collect, if you can find it. Photographed & owned by RaeLogan.
Crayola Sonic Contest Colored Pencils This is a slightly themed box of Crayola colored pencils. Sega sponsored a contest which could be entered via buying pencil packs such as these. It only contains 1 special Sonic pencil (the yellow one) the rest are normal. The contest is unsually complex, in that you have to sharpen the yellow pencil some, to see if it's a winner. The winning pencils are tipped with yellow 'lead' but once you sharpen that away, either red, green or blue lead will be exposed instead, indicating that it wins 1st 2nd or 3rd prize type. There were over 500 prizes with Genesis systems and hundreds of Sega games. The title is a bit odd/early style as well "Win Sega Instantly" (seems to imply win the company, or that Sega is an item) The contest was held in 1995, and you had to actually mail away the winning pencil with your address to claim the prize. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Shadow Hedgehog Black Messenger Bag GE Entertainment continues their run of great bags. These messenger style bags are good for laptops, school books or really anything flat-ish you need to carry. It's unusual and cool to see Shadow on something by himself, so the classy black bag is a must for Shadow fans. The yellow circle is a curious design element but Sonic Shadow Knuckles X Messenger Bag
it highlights his name and goes well with the new style Sonic logo they've added to the shoulder strap pad. (note that that bag is not Sonic X labeled) The other bag has an abstracted X on both the pad and the main bag, done in shinier fabric. With Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles (usually it'd be Tails, it appears they're mixing things up to good effect here) the background looks high tech. The Sonic X logo appears at the bottom, as that's the stock art they used for the design. Sonic X bag discovered by Trogdorbad, Shadow bag may be at Hot Topic, retails at about 34.00
Sonic pencil bag supply set Remember the Sonic mini sharpener? Here's the whole set that it belongs to. There's a ruler with logo, 2 different stock arts and centimeters & inches, a pencil with repeated standing Sonic stock, a rectangle eraser with running Sonic on one side, and the previous round sharpener, with appropriate spinning Sonic on it. The bag itself is plastic, with zip top and matching yellow background. This could be found in the mid 1990s. Photographed and owned by
Sonic Mini Classic Style School Bag Here's a classic styled (made in 2010) Sonic mini school bag back pack. It has foreward-facing classic stock Sonic in dark blue, on a slightly lighter blue background. The logo appears on the left strap. It appears some kind of flap or stitch is next to his mouth (seen in the close-up) But, the question is: How mini is this mini-backpack? The UK one could only hold a few erasers...if you own this mini pack, write in with the real size! Photo discovered by Taaron
Spencer Classic style Sonic school bag pack This classic style Sonic back pack is released in the summer of 2010. It's available at Spencers Gifts stores (in malls) and retails for $60.00 ...which is rather expensive for a back pack or school bag such as this. If you look carefully at the white squares, they have old Sonic stock art in them. This appears to have several pockets for items, but why is it so costly? Bag RE-APPEARS in Summer 2011! Photographed & owned by Pr0w1 Classic style Sonic face soft-side lunch box
This is a soft-sided lunch bag. It probably has some type of thermal lining. It uses the classic 'foreward facing' Sonic face as its motif, and adds flat flappy ears & spikes to the sides. It zips open, and has the logo on the bottom. It looks like the face may have a plastic coating for added durability. This should retail for about 16.99, but where can you find it? Discovered by: Brandy
Party Stickers Sonic 6 Pack These stickers are meant to be a party favor, but really, you can use them for anything. With the sheet, you get 6 stickers, 3 different poses for Sonic, and 1 each for Shadow, Knuckles & Tails. The background is the simple swirl pattern from SonicAdventure. If you like these stickers, you should be able to get them at Sonic Party Supplies Page 2
Sonic Shadow Magnetic Note Pad This little item is a magnetic note pad. It has with winged ring with stars, and some nice fresh art of Sonic & Shadow at the edges. The center is
just a light blue, so all writing is easy to see. The back is magnetic, so you can stick it to the fridge, or inside a locker. This is made by GE Entertainment and may be sold at in winter 2010.
Classic style blue shoulder bag Classic Style Blue Sonic Messenger Shoulder Bag
Blue Sonic flat messenger bag
This is the product art for the Sonic Blue messenger bag. It's a shoulder bag, with padded strap. Art discovered by Strap
The whole thing is Sonic blue, and it features a large off-angle stock walking-Sonic for the art.The art is extra big so it bleeds off the edges, creating design interest. With the center art, you can see the extra zip pocket for the interior. Flat bags like this are great for carrying books or laptops. The Sonic design is slightly raised, and the material feels thick. This can be found at Toys R Us in 2011 / winter, and should be about $24.99 . Bag photo & owned by Hali66
Sonic Figural 3D Erasers Here is a nice look at these uncommon erasers! These are figural erasers produced by Toy Island, and released around the time of Sonic Adventure 1. However, they were difficult to find, even when new. They were advertised on the box-backs Sonic Adventure Eraser Set Box Back
of other items, so you may have seen the photo before. Each eraser is a mini fully sculpted figure and you get Sonic Tails Knuckles & a Chao. The features are cut-in (hard to see in photo) and each one is a solid color. Note that the actual erasers are much less shiny than the ones in the box-back scene. Photos discovered by Calistine
Toy Island Knuckles Figural Eraser You can tell by the sort of tall head and hunched pose that this is a Toy Island item. Their Knuckles action figures all had this type of look. (Chances are, they cast the eraser after re-sizing a mold). Look how the actual erasers differ from the ones on the box-back photo. Knuckles has his fists up rather than down, Tails is reaching out & Sonic's hands are higher. The only one that's nearly the same is the Chao. Photo by:
Sonic Adventure Pencil Sharpener Box These pencil sharpeners are also uncommon. These were produced by Toy Island, & released around the time of Sonic Adventure 1. However, they were difficult to find, even when new. As the box back Knuckles Chibi Figure Pencil Sharpener
MIP Knuckles Sharpener shows, there were 4, but sold seperately. You could get Sonic Knuckles Tails or Big. Why is the Knuckles one the most common? Each character has been re-modeled into a 'mini' or 'chibi style' so the sharpening mechanism will fit inside. The back is removable to empty shavings, and the pencil turns in the characters' feet. While Knuckles here looks nice mini-styled, poor Tails doesn't seem to fare as well. This is about 2.5 inches high. Photos discovered by Calistine, MOC Photo dsc. by MrCalistine
Sticker Set 2011 Character Variety This sticker set (2 sheets) appeared in spring 2011. It can be found at Party City stores as a 'favor item' but it's also been seen in Wal Mart. It should be only .99 cents when you see it, which is a good deal! Stickers include Shadow, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Eggman & Sonic in wing & diamond shapes, as well as a logo/star bumper. All feature the updated 2011 stock art & blue background. Stickers are great for decorating whatever you want, so be sure to try and collect these. Discovered by SonicBoy19