Sonic the Hedgehog School Supplies
Sonic School Supplies of the USA Page 11
Use 'em at home or at school, Sonic school supplies are great. They're also pretty collectible, because they often feature many different characters & are generally inexpensive upon release. This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description. Some items may also be in the Sonic Gear School Supply Store.
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Good As Gold Knuckles Notebook Spiral Knuckles fans can be pleased about this!
It's a cool solo-Knuckles notebook, with some stylish art for him! This is a white hard-card cover spiral bound notebook. The cover has the slogan "Good As Gold" in a blocky blue font. In the center of the curved font is modern ready for action Knuckles...but what's interesting is he looks like a combination of either highly shaded art or CG and also sketch work & a type of marker-style coloring/scribble. He's surrounded by a circle of rings, but the top rings are shaded to gold, while the others are red.
This partial coloring/shaders/line-work/sketch makes the art seem like it's popping off the cover, and his dynamic pose is interesting to see. He looks tough/action, as Knuckles should. It also doesn't look stale at all, it's very fresh and interesting.
This is a Sega Shop online store exclusive, and should be about 15 dollars. It IS steep for a regular notebook. It likely shouldn't be taken to school at that rate, rather used as an in-home item or a collectible because really...even though it is very cool to see that is a high price for bound paper. This is a winter 2019 item.
Speed Freak Words Only Black Notebook This notebook is almost a "Secretly Sonic" or a "Subtle Sonic" item. That's because it doesn't have an actual picture of Sonic (or anything else) anywhere on it. Its hard-card black cover just has a simple gray and dark gray font/s that spell out "Speed Freak" over and over again, in fairly small letters. It spells it bold, larger, very small, & also in Japanese letters. These letters appear to phonetically attempt it, because they don't match up 100% (which is pretty typical)
It is a Sega Shop online store exclusive, and is 15 dollars like the rest of their notebooks of this spiral wire type. This is a 2020 spring/summer item.
Kohls School Bag 5 Piece Sonic Set Here is a 5 Piece School Bag Set from Kohls.
It is a Kohls exclusive, & is all modern. There's the traditional kids backpack with front zip pocket, side pockets & the usual back pack type straps, an annoyed looking circle 'lunch container', a zip top cloth pencil case, a water bottle & round keychain. As sometimes happens with these, the water bottle and keychain are completely generic. The keychain is just a rubber ball that's light blue. These are generally added to convince people "its more value, 5 things!" rather than 3 things that you actually wanted.
The school bag has CG modern jumping Sonic on a GH type background, while the top has a silver foil-under-plastic effect with rings and the slogan "Gotta Go Fast"
The lunch dot is a soft-sides carrier, but it has forward facing Sonic face looking annoyed. It zips across the top, and has cloth spike & ear flappy/extensions plus a handle. The pencil case uses blue/light blue checkering in squares rings, and "S" logos with Sonic silouetes. It's a decent enough set, and the pencil case is trendy looking. This can be ordered online at Kohls website as well in summer 2020. (Does it look familiar? Go back 1 page and see a similar, but not the same set...hmmmm)
Amazon School 5 Pc Set 2020 Seller Here's a back to school set that's made it to #1! Wow, in 2020 this 5 Piece School Set makes it to the #1 seller item in Amazon's list, which is great news for Sonic & fans alike. A super popular product always prompts companies to make more, so it's good to see this happening. The set is fairly worthy of the praise & sales as well.... Amazon 2020 School Bag
As it has decent design work & seems functional also. The school bag / backpack is the normal shape with zipper front pocket, padded straps & big design. The design has jumping twist modern Sonic on a checker blue/dark blue background that has Sonic & Eggman faces in some of them. A black ribbon spelling out his name goes at an angle to divide the bag visually. The bottom part has Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Shadow & even Eggman as a stack/montage of poses. Lots of characters keeps it colorful & lets people see their favorite.
The lunch bag is a soft-sides/insulated rectangle with yellow carry handle. It has pointing modern Sonic over a swirl/blue background & 3 yellow rings. It has a pencil case thats blue/tiny checker that has a scattering of characters & stars. There's Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow & if you look closely you'll spot Eggman there too. Unfortunately as these things usually go, there's generic items in there too to pad the item count. You've got the blue gel-bead square cold pack/freeze pack (to cool the lunch) & the all black generic water bottle. Which is a bit too bad because slapping a logo onto either one wouldn't be hard. Mind the description claiming the ice pack is star shaped (when it isn't) Note the photo at above right, it has the best seller flag on it. This is an Amazon exclusive.
Molded Shape Iridescent School Bag Sonic School bag? How about a COOL-bag instead!
This unusual school bag back-pack has 2 cool features. First off, the outer pocket area that covers most of the bag is made of shaped/molded plastic so it is actually a bit of a 3D relief type thing going on. It has CG Sonic sliding/forward & you can feel the texture for him...but it is also coated in an iridescent material. (So it may shimmer, sparkle, show hi-spec something or even have like a rainbow hue) Fancy materials like that are hard to photograph though, so even with this factory photo it just looks 'rather shiny', so it is probably cooler in person.
It has the slogan "Let's Roll!" with rings & checkers around the border. This is likely to show up at Amazon in 2020 probably in the fall. With 2 fun gimmicks, it's a bag that really stands out from the crowd.
Graffiti Blue Sonic Note Book Spiral
In fall 2020, the Sega Shop released a selection of 'graffiti inspired' Sonic items. This spiral notebook with hard-card cover is one of them. It's about 16 dollars which is pretty pricey for a normal notebook who's only Sonic feature is the cardboard/thick cover.
The design here is 'ripped paper designs', as each section appears to be art that is torn-through to reveal other things. You've got Sonic faces, Eggman, slogans you can't read, annoyed-Sonic face, and a Sonic's-glove peace-sign there at the bottom which is unaffected by the effects on purpose, making it look like a sticker. The whole thing uses only blue/white/gray/black for the colors, which makes Knuckles and also Eggman blue where they appear.
The effect is to be busy, but it does stand out among other designs. There has not been a notebook with this type of 'montage' or maybe 'collage' type of theme before. It's interesting, but not sure if 16 dollars worth of interesting.
5 Piece School Bag Set Checkered Faces For back to school in fall 2020, here is a new 5 Piece Sonic School set. With this set you get the usually shaped school backpack, a soft sides traditional 'lunch bag' shaped insulated lunch carrier, a plasti-fabric pencil case with zipper top, a re-freeze-beads ice pack square & a black sport top water bottle.
As seems to be a bit of the usual with sets like this, 2 of the items are unfortunately generic. The black water bottle is a regular plastic blank bottle, and the ice pack uses blue gel re-freeze beads but it is also generic/not a Sonic thing.
The theme here seems to be 'checker faces', but the variety of characters featured keeps things novel and colorful. In the checkers you can see portraits for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Shadow AND Silver. Between them in the black squares are their names spelled out in the modern logo font.
The school bag uses black/gray checkers with character silouhettes instead.
Notice the top part of the bag with the CG/Full color for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. It uses sort of plastic fabric that has a texturing in it that creates bands of sort of shine/sparkle across it. You can see that texture starting on Sonic's face a bit & in the sky. It looks neat in person but is difficult to photograph.
The lunch bag's style is new...being shaped like a fold/over paper bag but made of that keep-cool plasti-cloth. It has the checker/faces, but the top flap has CG Sonic & 'idea/pointing up' Tails. This is a nice set with good detail! It's relatively inexpensive on Amazon too...a nice choice!
Bio World Black Checker Backpack Here is a new backpack from Bio World.
But the real mystery is why does this keep happening? For some reason, companies love to try to "turn Sonic into THINGS" and it......doesn't work! Even Bio World? In this case, yes. Classic Sonic is somehow bag shaped. The upper back pocket has part of a face on it, there's an arm drawn onto the side, flappy flat ears, some rudimentary small spikes clearly going down the left side there and...are there shoes drawn on underneath? It looks like there may be Japanese writing in blue on the top?
The whole thing is done in black/white (which makes it a bit more abstract...which is fine) but there is checkering on the outer pockets done in matte/shiny of the black material. Sonic was never backpack shaped (unlike say, spongebob) so why they keep trying to physically turn him into one I just don't know. It's probably functionally an ok backpack but it just comes across as odd/maybe a bit less so because he's more abstract here.
Sonic 4 Piece School Bag Set This Sonic school bag set seems to have a 'caution tape' style theme. It can be found selling as either a 5 piece, or a 2 piece set. The 5 set has the backpack, a draw string bag, a pencil pouch bag with zip top and a generic black water bottle. The 2 piece Caution Tape Style Sonic Backpack Bag
has just the backpack and the matching soft-sides lunch carrier. The lunch carrier is rounded, with single strap handle on the top. It has modern forward-facing Sonic face only with the 'caution tape' criss-crossing in the background. Instead of 'caution' though, it spells out Sonic the Hedgehog. The backpack has a gray top with color modern logo, a strip of the tape in the background, and 2 side pockets. The main art is jumping Sonic in front of eggman at the top, & Tails & Knuckles in the background.
The 5 set adds the unbranded bottle, but interestingly a 'string bag' where the draw-strings become shoulder straps. (Not comfortable for heavy loads, but fine for something like a purse. The same fabric is used for the pencil pouch/case with zipper top. It's somewhat busy, with overlap/collage-style character portraits for Amy, Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles scattered everywhere. This is a bright, colorful, and nicely Sonic-like set to have. It is a 2020/winter item.