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Use 'em at home or at school, Sonic school supplies are great. They're also pretty collectible, because they often feature many different characters & are generally inexpensive upon release. This page will have ONLY modern supplies. If you don't need school, and just need some place to store your gear, why not try handy boxes, totes, school bags and binders? They can store more Sonic stuff for you. If an item is currently obtainable, a note will appear with its description. Some items may also be in the Sonic Gear School Supply Store.
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Team Sonic Unstoppable Lunch Carry This is the Team Sonic: Unstoppable soft sides insulated lunch carrier. It's rectangular, dark blue and has the usual nylon handle at the top. The design has 3 CG modern faces for a stack of Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. They're overlapped, and applied on a white holo/shimmer fabric background. Tails' ears dictate the top edge curves of the front design. However, his is the only expression you can't see, as they stacked him too closely with Knuckles to fit everyone on the design at the size they are. (Why's his head so big, they just needed it a tad smaller and it would fit) The slogan is written vertically up one side with some rings added.
This is a Fall 2023 Wal Mart exclusive item, and is reasonably priced at about 10 dollars. Photo by Taaron