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This page should have 2011 & 2012 Sonic clothes.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothing, mainly shirts. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Top Heavy, with licensing from ShoPro seems to be producing less in 2011, but is still active. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and Kohls. However, it should be noted that Wal Mart, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld & BioWorld may also be getting into shirts as well! You can also shop at TopHeavy Clothing Online now.
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This is What Awesome Looks Like Remember the classic style tee with this same slogan? Now here's a rather SA1 looking modern Sonic with the same thing "This is what Awesome Looks Like" printed above & around. (A very appropriate phrase when Sonic is in the picture!) The 'swirl' in the background is also that Dreamcast/SA1 type symbol as well. Interesting to see this combo/image around on a 2012 shirt. Still, it's great for anyone who liked the slogan, but wanted the modern look. This appears to be one of those 'Sega Tag Only' shirts where it doesn't say the company that did it. Where can you buy this at retail? It should be in the Gear Store too.
Grunge Name Classic Gray Sonic Shirt This shirt just looks super grungy.
If that's the look you're going for...well it's great for that. The shirt is gray and they really went extreme-o with that "faux wear" or crackle grunge effect on the design. It's so weathered looking that parts of it are literally fading away when it's new. (why is that a good thing?) The design is thought-out though, with block font "Sonic" written in 3 shades of blue while an action pose for neo-classic Sonic is dropped in over it, nice and large. This could be a Kmart shirt in the mens' area. Can't find it there? Try the Sonic Clothing Store of Gear if you really need a weathered look.
1992 Sonic Tails Modern Mix Up Tee What's up with this mixed up tee? It's got nice poses for modern Sonic & Tails (thumbs up & pointing) but then it says " Sonic Tails 1992" with some stars. If the 1992 was meant to date it, shouldn't it have been classic style? Adding something like "Since 1992" would have cleared it up. Still, it's not a bad shirt at all, with the less-commonly-used mottled gray fabric & nice big art to star Sonic & Tails equally. Which company makes this? It may be in the Gear Store.
5th Sun Ring Leader Youth Shirt This shirt is called "Ring Leader Sonic" & it's from 5th Sun. You can easily see why, the well rendered & realistic gold ring really draws the eye. CG picture Sonic points at the viewer while
Wal Mart Checker Grunge Face Tee This tank top (note! It has no sleeves) is likely to be a Wal Mart exclusive. It looks a lot like the Khol's one where the tee is white & it has dark gray/black grunge checkers for the whole front. However, instead of a full body SA1 style pose, there's just a big Sonic face, though the 'grunge' style has him missing part of a spike. Look at the price! Only 4.88. This appears in the boys/teens area in Summer 2012. Photo by Taaron
the modern logo is nice & big at the top. This is sold in all the youth sizes...however XL may fit adults too. It may be in the Gear Store.
Wilder Portrait CG Art White Tee
This shirt appears to be called "Wilder Portrait" & it looks fresh with the all white tee & black outlined characters. Everyone here is CG so that means good art & fresh poses. Burlington Coat Factory Classic Style Tee This shirt can be found at the Burlington Coat Factory (a type of outlet store) but, is by the 'sega tag' company that doesn't list its name anywhere. The shirt is rather plain &
You can see Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Shadow & even Eggman! A new looking shirt for summer 2012, it brings good variety & wont look like something you already own. classically styled. It has 1 finger up classic (redraw?) Sonic in a checkreed circle, with the logo on a simple black tee. It appears in summer 2012, & is 16.00 but will be found marked down to 8, usually. Photo & owned by Pr0w1
Speed Freak Montage Outlines Sonic Shirt Here's another 'Sega Tag' tee, but this one is from Sears. It says "Speed Freak" with modern full color Sonic art, but uses a nice montage of red Sonic outlines to create a new & interesting background. The words are printed on a streak/smear of white paint, which is also unusual. This should be in boys/teens and about 8.00. Photo & owned by Sonikachu Neon Style Wink Face Mens Tee
Classic Style Sonic 2 Logo W/Tails This is a fun classic-look black tee with the Sonic 2 winged-ring title screen logo. It has correctly-drawn cute classic Tails waving, while Sonic holds up 1 finger. Likely a boys/teens size, but where can you buy this?
Here is a men's t shirt with classic 'winking face' Sonic line art. A glow has been applied to make it look like blue 'neon' with glowing nose. The bottom just says "Sonic" instead of having the logo.
This sort of funny shirt has the motto "I'm too epic to fail!" , a play off of "epic fail" the internet turn of phrase. It uses neo-classic arms crossed/casual thumbs up Sonic, in a ring of stars. It uses that faux-wear / crackling to make the design seem older, for some reason. You can spot the logo really small, near his elbow. This is in mens' sizes and appears in summer 2012, but where?
Sonic Delivery Service Old Style Tee This shirt would look fake if it wasn't for the Sonic logo cloth tag in the top. It uses faux wear to look old, with a sort of 50s script styled "fake ad" that says "Call Sonic Delivery service He'll get it there lickety split!" & has classic style running Sonic. The concept is certainly something different, even if it is a faux ad. This appears in 2012 Checker Jump Out Sonic Shirt This simple mottled gray kids' tee has CG Sonic jumping/ punch toward the viewer, with a blue/ white CG checkered background & modern logo. The CG keeps it fresher, if you don't already have something similar.
This appears in 2012, but where can you find it?
I Run These Streets Sonic Photo Tee
This interesting tee has a double meaning slogan "I Run These Streets". It could be that Sonic merely runs through the streets indicated, or that he is assumed to be in charge of them. It uses a new technique, which is to lay a classic running Sonic art over a photo of some actual city somewhere. The photo is black & white, and he's shown at the crosswalk. Is this the first official non-event Sonic shirt that encorporates a photo for the design? You can see the official (modern logo version, oddly enough) cloth tag at the top of the collar. Where can this shirt be found, and how much does it cost?
Ript Tees Robotnik's Casino Resort Ript Tees is an internet shirt selling store. It is unique though, because it sells very niche design or subtle shirts...but only for 24 hours at a time. That means, if there is a shirt you want, you have to buy it on that day, or you can't ever get it. On one day, they had the professional shirt designers "The Costello Bros" make this very Art Deco styled logo for "Robotnik's Casino Sone And Resort" It uses an abstract (big mustache!) face, two pinball flippers, a ring of stars & 2 palm trees to form the logo. It is rather classy and cool, but hard to come by. Since they are small run, the shirts are usually costly to begin with, and the limited quanitity/time adds to the rarity.
Scribble Marker Sonic Graffiti Style Shirt Here's another shirt that wouldn't look official, if it wasn't for the logo printed in the collar. It uses hot green, blue & gray 'marker/pen/ scribble to scratchy color Sonic, his name & the background. Since parts of Sonic are oddly green, it looks unique. This can be found at Sears in 2012. Shirt is in the SonicGear collection. Old School Blue Men's Sonic Shirt
Yellow Lattice Squares Sonic Shirt This faded/faux-wear shirt isn't all that interesting. It has strange yellow lattice like squares/wedges for the background and 'getting ready to run' classic Sonic. The design isn't unique & nothing really stands out as being cool. It's ok to collect, but only if you don't have several other things just like it.
This is a men's shirt, so it should fit anyone! It's all slightly mottled blue, with a large classic running Sonic grahpic. The same horizontal/slice arch is in the background (seen on other tees) and it says "Old School" in blocky font at the bottom. The all-blue theme makes it a bit classy, so it's decent if you don't have several other quite similar tees. Where is this available? How much does it cost?
Screentone Dots Background Walmart Tee Here's a tee that's likely exclusive to Wal Mart. It has modern jumping/twist Sonic art, & a rather interesting background. It's a large/semi abstracted SA1 Sonic face, plus 'after image' of the main image, but done mostly in gray screen-tone dots. This should be in the boys/teens section, and is found in summer/fall 2012. Photo & owned by Dustin Lee Autry Aged Rectangle Mens Tee You'll have seen this rectangle design around before, on other shirts & even pins. However, it's put to new use here on this men's sizes only tee with blue sleeves. It's also got that 'faux wear' aging to the design for no reason, as it's clearly meant to be modern.
Filigree Style Swirls Sonic X Top Heavy Tee
Corner Circle Sonic Dots Tee This is a simple but nice design blue tee. It has a corner only design with cropped Sonic, screen tone dots, & concentric circles in aqua. Available at sears in the boys/teens section at fall 2012. May also be at WalMart.
This is an earlier Sonic X themed Top-Heavy tee. It has various detailed curling designs, flame-like designs & Sonic in the center. It's probably from around 2007 or so, as TH was fond of filigree type curls & tribal swirls at those years.
Modern Pointing Circle Twist Sonic Shirt At left is a boys-teens size plain blue tee with white circle/ring that has newer 2012 art Sonic pointing. The background is a yellowish to brownish fade, & parts of Sonic lay over the circle design. The way its cropped helps it look fresher.
At right is a baffling background shirt. It's just a yellow tee with 4 sort of scratchy squares for the background. The Sonic art is large, colorful & a good choice, while his name appears in itallics. NOTE: There is an identical shirt that is BLUE.
Yellow White Squares Sonic Italic Tee