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This page should have 2011 & 2012 Sonic clothes.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothing, mainly shirts. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Top Heavy, with licensing from ShoPro seems to be producing less in 2011, but is still active. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and Kohls. However, it should be noted that Wal Mart, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld & BioWorld may also be getting into shirts as well! You can also shop at TopHeavy Clothing Online now or the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .
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White ribbon Shadow Shirt This Shadow shirt is a bit of a mystery, is it the Kohl's store exclusive from Wanted Gear? It might be. However, it looks like something TopHeavy clothing was making during their mid-Sonic X period, with the old fashion scrolly leaves, white ribbon & semi-tribal background. The pose is nice/active, and his graphic is big. The white also isn't the most common color. A great and different looking shirt, especially for Shadow fans! But when was it released? Photo by: Oliger77
Fast, Faster Fastest Sonic Mens Tee This is a mens-sizes tee, so it will fit anyone. It's a mottled gray shirt with Classic (shaded) stock art arms-crossed Sonic. The stencil-stamp style font says "Sonic the Hedgehog Fast, Faster, Fastest". They have also applied a sort of 'paint drip style' (but pixelated!) dripping effect to the art and the lettering. It adds a bit of interest, and at least it isn't that lousy 'faux wear' which only contributes to tees looking shabbier faster. Where can this be found?
Daredevil Rebels Tank & Pants Set
Remember those old 'tiny kids only' Sonic clothing sets that came out around Sonic X? Remember how frusterating they were because some of them had cool designs but they were for like, 5 year olds? Well, here we go again. This is a tank-top & sports pants set in yellow & blue. It says "Daredevil Rebels" & has Sonic, Tails & Shadow with tiny dots background. The pants appear to just be plain with no Sonic content. The colors, tank top, & small size are highly reminiscent of the Sonic X stuff, but with new 2012 modern pose Tails & the new tag, these are definetely a 2012 thing. Could be a Sears set, do write in if you know where this is!
Classic Sonic Game On Blue Shirt At left is a new version of the "Game On!" slogan tee. It's blue, but this time has neo-classic Sonic jumping art, and the slogan large at the top. The classic logo is at the bottom. At right is a rather oddly plain offering from Bio World. A mottled gray tee has modern Sonic with just some dotted & dashed blue & black lines for the background. It's pretty abstract, but the Sonic art is nice & big. Good, if you don't already have something like it. Both of these may be found at the Sonic Gear Store. Gray Lines Jump Sonic Tee
Prism Glow Sonic Black Shirt This shirt is called "Prism Glow Sonic" , which makes sense, as it uses a rainbow/prism like effect to 'shadow' or outline one side of the modern Sonic walking/pointing art. The logo is broken down interestingly as well, with "Sonic" in large yellow vertical letters while "The Hedgehog" stays in its reversed red block across the bottom. The black tee really makes the colors stand out and look cool. This one is well designed, and doesn't resemble much else. Good, if you've already collected lots of shirts but still want something different. This is a winter 2012 or 2013 item. It may be found at the Sonic Gear Store , if it doesn't sell out..
Green Hill How I Roll Slogan Tee At left is another "This is How I Roll!" slogan tee. The first one (seen on a previous page) also had classic art 'spinning Sonic', but this one uses a big version, adds fun Green Hill Zone background, & doesn't use the annoying faux wear/grunge effect. The slogan is also giant this time, & accompanied by the classic logo. With the palm trees, rings & totem poles, plus the slogan, this one is better put-together design wise. Great for classic fans! This is a winter 2012 or 2013 item. It may be found at the Sonic Gear Store
Do you want to see a Sonic shirt being made?

It's really very interesting! You can watch a design being made on a manual screen print set up with this video: Sonic Shirt Printing.

See how the colors are placed in layers...the more colors, the longer it takes to make it. Video discovered by:

Yellow Splash-Out Sonic Shirt This is called the "Sonic Yellow Splash-Out" tee. Reasonably named, the black shirt has a large modern Sonic, but with paint spatter/splash of yellow backing/outlining him. The logo is a matching yellow color. The bright color on the black tee is attention getting. Where can you find this at offline retail? It's in the Gear Store, but it ought to be available elsewhere as well. This is a winter 2012 or 2013 item.
Sonic Tails BroFist Bump Tee Another somewhat 'internet meme' theme tee, this one with the "BroFist". It has classic Sonic & Tails in just slightly modified poses to be doing the gesture. The text says "Bump it Bro!". This is an adult size tee, so the retail price is around 19.00, but where can you find it?
Chaos Emeralds Logo Seal Tee Here are 2 rather subtle / odd shirts. The first has a sort of seal/logo in black & white. It says "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Chaos Emeralds" with a sheild, rings, stars & tiny Sonic head. The right shirt has "Station Square" with Speed Highway written at the top & Sonic The Hedgehog across the bottom. Why "E-10 Cop Speeder" is there, or, for that matter why the background is a basketball is unknown. Was it supposed to be a faux sports jersey? These are adult sizes from . Station Square Basketball Logo Tee
Eggman Red Shirt Eggfans will be happy with this one! It's an all red shirt with a rather classy all-white design of the Doctor shaking a fist. It's rather stylish to present him this way, and it's also wonderful to see him alone, without any other character. This has the makings of a rare shirt. Great for Eggman Fans, no one to steal his spotlight! This is at: Aqua Group Character Tee
This aqua tee looks similar to some others. It's got the "big group of characters layered/stacked" as the design, but adds some black spray paint spatter at the bottom with drips around the logo. You can see Sonic Tails Knuckles Shadow Silver, Cream, Amy, Blaze, Eggman & for some reason Jet, but without any other Babylon Rogue. It's a nice design, if you don't already have something similar. This is likely to be sold at FYE / adult sizes. Photo discovered by Sonicboy19
Group of 6 Multi Character Black Tee Here's another nice group tee. With 6 characters it's not over-loaded but you've still got fan fave Metal Sonic, plus Eggman, who rarely appears on shirts so it's good & somewhat unique to have. Shadow also appears in the 'villain row' in the back. There is another version of this shirt that is white. Available winter 2012.
Don't Stop Sonic Shirt This shirt uses pale colors & an odd colong structure to draw attention. It says "Don't Stop" in blocky letters up one side, with modern jumping Sonic, who's shoes, socks & gloves aren't colored at all. Since the shirt is mottled gray, this makes it look slightly unusual. Photo discovered by Sonicboy19 9 Squares Modern Sonic Face Expressions design Here's another "9 faces of Sonic" this time on black, with colored backgrounds for each of the expression /portrait squares. Thought to be the 3rd one with this similar pattern of 9 designs. Photo discovered by Sonicboy19
Rock the Speed Polyester Sonic Tee This shirt is printed all over, & lots of fun! It's the "Sonic Rock the Speed" all polyester shirt. With nice big Sonic designs on the front & back, plus a colorful (but not loud or outrageous like the lycra UK shirts) background, it's sure to stand out in any shirt collection. Look at the tag. It's a slim, light blue square with the modern logo. Is a new company in town? You MAY be able to find it at Amazon for 14.99 or at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store in 2012. Photo & owned by Kitsune Li
Also if you look carefully at the 'road' beneath Sonic that leads to a desert area of buttes, you'll see "Route 66" in its highway symbol laid out onto the street. This is an old fashion but famous path for sight-seeing in the USA.
White Paint Splat Thumbs Up Tee This medium blue shirt has a lot of white paint splat/spatter for the background, much more than usual. Thumbs-up modern Sonic is in a pale blue ring above the red-outlined logo. Splatty, scratchy paint in bars or splashes is becoming a bit of a common theme in the modern styled shirts. It's just fine if you don't already have something pretty similar, but it doesn't bring much new to the table, either. This is a 2013 item, but where can you buy it?
3 Modern Portraits Checker Tee Here is a black tee with 3 different modern Sonic portraits. Each portrait is in a colored rectangle, and leaves the arm/hand to cross the border of the rectangle. A wide band of blue checkers ties everything together down the front, with a small modern logo at the bottom. This is a JC Penny shirt for summer 2013, in the boys/teens section. It should be about 10 dollars. It was released again in summer 2014, but this time the whole tee is bright hot Hot Green Version 3 portrait tee
green. Notice how it makes the design look really different, even though all of the same ink colors were used. It's still at JC Penny in 2014.