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This page should have 2010 and 2011 Sonic clothes.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothing, mainly shirts. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Top Heavy, with licensing from ShoPro seems to be producing less in 2011, but is still active. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and Kohls. However, it should be noted that Wal Mart, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld & BioWorld may also be getting into shirts as well! You can also shop at TopHeavy Clothing Online now.
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All about speed blue blur shirt Though modern to 2011, this shirt brings back the SA1 odd walking/circular Sonic graphic. It has a checkered border, and says "It's all about speed!" and "The Blue Blur 1991". The whole design is done in blue/gray scale, while the shirt itself is off-white. This may be the first occurance of 'blue blur' appearing on merchandise. Where is this tee available? How much is it and what company produced it? Write in if you know!
This is the second Super Sonic shirt. It uses the same CG render of him that the first one did (see page 10) but adds a background of semi-abstracted gold rings as well as some of the power aura (yellow wave shown above) The words SUPER SONIC are written as a gold tone outline. This shirt really stands out with the bold yellow design and nice use of the text. It is 19.99 (in any size) from ToyWiz in summer 2011. Photo by ToyWiz.
Sonic jump thru paint splash ring tee This tee takes advantage of the new jumping/waving 2011 Sonic art. He is cropped so it looks like he's coming through the design/silver ring in the center. Parts of him (glove, shoe) are 'hidden' behind the rest of it for effect. They use paint drip/spatter in silver & green to work up a background for this. This shirt is presumed to be made by TopHeavy clothing. It should be available at K-mart in several sizes (not just small ones!) in spring/summer 2011. Location info provided by: Starly
Sonic & Knuckles colored circles shirt A great shirt for Sonic & Knuckles fans. This has new 2011 poses for both of them (Knuckles pulls glove, jumping point Sonic) The background is a series of concentric circles in yellow and pinkish. You can see they added some sparkles around the logo and one near Sonic's spike. These are CG sparkles, not add-ons for the shirt. Where is this tee available? How much is it and what company produced it? Write in if you know!
Hedgehogs need love too ladies tee This is another ladies' tee. It doesn't have the extra-fitted look of the others, but it's still not a 'straight sides' shirt. It's supposed to be vintage looking, with the faux-wear to the design & words, along with classic Sonic. It says "Hedgehogs need love too" and finishes the design off with the classic logo. Where is this tee available? How much is it and what company produced it? Write in if you know! 9 Classic Faces Shirt Similar to the 9 characters shirt, this one has 9 faces/portraits for classic Sonic. The logo doesn't have 'the hedgehog' with it, which is a bit unusual. The nice range of expressions & art make this a fun
shirt for classic style fans. This is available at JC Penny stores in summer 2011. Photo & owned by Taaron.
Front Back Classic Sonic blue tee
This classic style tee goes all the way, with the popular method of printing Sonic from the front AND the back on the shirt. This was common in classic designs, so they repeat it here to nice effect. The tee itself is mottled blue, and the paint for the design seems decent (as shirt color is not bleeding through) With the Sonic graphic so large, it makes a bold presentation coming or going. It may be titled "Big Stand". Available in mens sizes Where is this tee available? How much is it and what company produced it? Write in if you know!
Glow in Dark Sonic checker tee This shirt really glows in the dark!
Is this tee the first glowing in the dark Sonic item? Certainly it must be the first glowing clothing of Sonic. You can see the hot green & black sticker on the shoulder that broadcasts this fun feature. The part of the shirt that glows is the outline graphic of Sonic. No other part will glow. It glows with a greenish yellowish hue, and you can't really get the effect on camera (so to see have to buy it) This is available at Sears in 2011, and should only be about 8.00 ! Comes in teen sizes, so should fit most people. Find it in teen/boys section. This is a cool shirt with unique feature to add to your collection! (though washing it is not reccomended) This shirt is in the SonicGear collection.
This pale blue shirt features the modern Rectangle Portrait graphic of Sonic, with the logo at the bottom. This design has been featured on multiple items, including pins. It looks good here, as a nice big graphic. However, the shirt is supposed to have that 'vintage' look with the faux-wear/weathering to the ink. (Why? It makes no sense to use it with a modern design) So you'll see cracks/ chips / wear to the ink when this is new. (right) This is available at FYE stores in spring/summer 2011. Photo & owned by Tails1137, Right photo by Cfire176 Very Crackly Design
Rectangle Portrait FYE Blue Shirt
Sonic 20th Anniversary Logo Shirt Swag This shirt is made to celebrate Sonic's 20th Anniversary & promote the main game seen at their booth: Sonic Generations. It has the 20th logo as a small all-white print in one corner. The back has the new Generations title screen/logo seal which features both classic & modern style Sonic in the same pose. This doesn't rule out the possibility Sonic Generations E3 2011 Prize Shirt
of future shirts with this (or similar) design, but this shirt will likely be rare as it was an event give-away. This was a 'swag item' given away at E3 of 2011 at the Sega booth. The shirt itself is dark navy blue, nearly to black. You can see the other give-aways for this 2011 event scattered around the site. As is normal, exclusives such as this are highly collectible, no-matter what they look like. Photo & owned by PiplupFan77
3 Hedgehogs Blue Rays Shirt A great shirt for fans of the 3 greatest hedgehogs. With this shirt, you get the newer 2011 art for Sonic, Shadow & Silver. The poses are pretty dynamic, and the art is nice and large so the characters take up most of the shirt. The shading is fairly dark, so Silver doesn't dissappear or fade into the background (unlike on some other shirts) even though the shirt is white. Mottled/paint like blue rays make up the background, and the modern logo adds a bit of color to the top. This shirt can be found at Sears in the USA in summer 2011, and should be about 9.00 if you can get it on sale (which it usually is) Made by TopHeavy Photo & owned by:
Glowing Shadow Red Checker Shirt Did you like the first glowing shirt? Get ready to glow again with Shadow! This new glow effect shirt is done in a matching style to the Sonic one (seen above) Instead of blue, this one has red checkering, and a red outline of Shadow, along with his name (in modern logo style) at the bottom. Just like with the above shirt, only the character outline glows in the dark. See that green/black sticker? It's another 'it glows!' announcement. With the cool new effect and matching look, it's great to collect both of these shirts. This shirt can be found at Sears in the USA in summer 2011, and should be about 9.00 if you can get it on sale (which it usually is) Made by TopHeavy Photo & owned by:
Hover Ray Gray Sonic Pointing Tee This shirt's title may be "Hover Ray". It's a gray tee, with a new 2011 stock Sonic, walking and pointing. Light white rays form the background, and "Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog" is written in Japanese at the bottom. Interestingly, they've curved the Sonic font into an arch for the top.
While the general concept of the shirt has been done a lot before, the addition of new art and decent color use makes this one seem fresh. Should be by TopHeavy.
JC Penny Red Classic Ring Sonic Tee This red classic style Sonic shirt is likely a JC Penny Store exclusive. The graphic & name are nicely shaded, so this is a good bit of art if you don't already have something similar.
Fifth Sun Winking Sonic Tee Fifth Sun has made this washed out looking tee. The design is purposefully light, on the mottled blue background. It's simple, with the classic style logo around Sonic's winking face on a yellow circle. Where is this sold? Write in if you know.
This can be found in summer/fall 2011 in stores. You may be able to buy at for about $9 if link still works. Photo & info by Sonicrush05
Large graphic Wink Tilt Sonic shirt Here is a curious shirt that won't say who has produced/ licensed it. The tag & back stamp just say 'SEGA'. (Note paper tag with Sonic & Tails) The graphic here is nice and large, going full bleed to the edges of the shirt. It's classic stock art 'winking Sonic' again, but they've tilted the face. See how it fades at his ears & edges? Those are actually screen-tone dots, to give the impression of fading, without resorting to damaging the design. This is available at Sears in summer 2011, for about 8.99 (or 14, if not on sale) Tag Photo by: Sonic & Tails Tag for Dots Shirt
Walmart Slide Sonic Blue Shirt This shirt looks more like something you'd find at Sears, but, it is instead a WalMart offering. A blue-scale Sonic is big & bold going all the way from the collar to near the bottom. "Sonic" written in an italic font adds interest by being vertical. With the newer art and interesting presentation for it, this shirt seems fresh. The price is right too, at only around 8 dollars. Shirt is in the SonicGear Collection. Available summer 2011. Photo & owned by Anitradenise
Catch me if you Can Sonic tee This is a shirt found at Wal Mart in summer 2011. Should be around the 'boys character tees' area. It has the newer jumping Sonic stock art in a stripey spiral for the background. A comic book style font says "Catch me if you can" in contrasting red/orange. It has a good price, at only around 8 dollars. Shirt is in the SonicGear Collection. Photo & owned by Anitradenise
9 Modern Sonic Faces Expression Shirt Similar to the 9 classic faces of Sonic shirt seen above, this one has 9 faces for Modern Sonic. Each box background is black, and the whole shirt is blue, for a coordinated look. He mostly has a similar expression in each panel, so it's mostly just different poses and angles for him. The modern logo sits at the top, with rows of little stars for interest. This is available at WalMart in the USA . It should be about $7.99, and is in youth sizes (meaning, if you get 'big' it may fit adults) Appeared in 2011. Item is in the SonicGear Collection. Price info by FreeRiderFox
Graphic detail of Sonic Riders Art Sonic Riders 15th Anniversary Tee Back Sonic Riders Bonus Pre Order Tee This nicely detailed tee was a pre-order bonus for the original Sonic Riders in 2006. If you pre-ordered from Sega, you would get this shirt in the mail later on. It's thought that all of them are mega XXL sized. The front has the Riders styled Sonic graphic, complete with 'line screen' sort of odd style shading for half of him.
The back has the 15th Anniversary logo (see inset, left) as well as the Riders logo in the bottom corner. For a bonus item, this is a nicely detailed shirt. Oddly, there is no official Sega tag on it. The cloth tag in the collar just says "Hanes Beefy T" with beefy bull logo...and they're just who made (the base shirt--it was then modified/design added by Sega). It is unknown why Sega didn't get a real tag for this. This shirt is in the SonicGear collection. Photos & owned by SonicDude558
BJs Wholesale Classic Style Long Sleeve Here's a shirt that's unusual for a few reasons. First, it is in a BJ's Wholesale Club store, & appears in the display (seen at left) as a square card. This may be the first BJ's shirt, but is it exclusive? The shirt is 'kids size' as demonstrated at right, but may still fit some. It's a long-sleeve, but NOT a double-sleeve. Classic Sonic looks somewhat annoyed (unusual) & they have chosen an interesting block font with pixel background for his name. Photos by: Long Sleeve Annoyed Sonic Shirt