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This page should have 2012 & 2013 Sonic clothes.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothing, mainly shirts. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Top Heavy, with licensing from ShoPro seems to be producing less in 2011, but is still active. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and Kohls. However, it should be noted that Wal Mart, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld & BioWorld may also be getting into shirts as well! You can also shop at TopHeavy Clothing Online now or the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .
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Sonic Knuckles Shadow Blue Collar Tee Pink Yellow Retro Classic Style Sonic Gray Faces Group Block Tee
Here are 3 nice shirt selections that seem to only be available at K-Mart stores, in the 'boys / teens' section. The first looks familiar, as it is a modification of a previous design. In this this one though, they replaced Silver with Knuckles, but kept the same 'blue rays' background. Also note the blue collar & cuffs here. The middle is VERY retro, actually to the point of 70s/80s with it's hot pink, yellow & blue color scheme for neo-classic Sonic. It's certainly vibrant, if a bit before his time. The last is a classy modern design, with close-cropping used on Shadow, Knuckles & Sonic's faces to make a sort of portrait & collage. This was also available in white. All 3 photo & owned by CrystalSonicFan
Classic faux-wear style white tee Both of these shirts can be found at Walmart in 2012/2013. The left is a plain white shirt, meant to look old. It has 80s type brownish rings, faux wear & classic running Sonic with his name as a simple outline. The right is modern, with a stack of colored "Sonic" names for the background. Its pattern resembles one on a Spencers' wallet. photo & owned by CrystalSonicFan Colored Name Stack Sonic Shirt
Checker Speed Freak Classic Style
Here's a Walmart shirt that may not have a paper tag. It's got the logo at the bottom & in the collar though. It's a mottled blue, with checkered stripes & "Speed Freak" written in red & white itallics. The arrangement of the elements highlights neo-classic running Sonic pretty well here, in his ring. Photo & owned by CrystalSonicFan
White Version Colored Bars Tee Both of these shirts are variants of others that were produced previously. The white with colored bars & characters is on a previous page in black. The white version also seems to be missing the slogan "master of spin" at the top. The green one is a variant of Rainbow Prism Sonic, which appears in black on a previous page. The green isn't quite as effective at showing Green Version Rainbow Prism Tee
off the rainbow effect for Sonic, you can see the red clashing with the background color of the tee. They're both interesting designs, great to collect if you don't already have them in another color. Green one may be available at Kohls stores. Photos & owned by Kitsune Li
Pixel Sonic Dies Sprite Tee This shirt features a much magnified 16 bit Sonic sprite, specifically, the one where he dies. But why would you want this shirt? To show you're bad at games? Because you don't like Sonic/its good when he dies? It's not a particularly attractive or cool look for him. This is a Spencers' shirt, it can be found in-store & online too for 19.99, in adult sizes. Photo discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Babydoll Tee Tails Pixel Here's a nice aqua blue tee with just Tails. It's slightly unusual because the cut/style is called "BabyDoll" & is usually for girls. (though in adult sizes it may fit anyone) It has right-out-of-Sonic2 pixelated Tails & zone background for a nostalgic look. Having the graphic be a circle is also interesting. This is at for 21.99 Blue Japan Name Face Tee This is a ThinkGeek .com tee. All blue with lighter blue modern Sonic face, it has his name & "Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japanese, written across his spike. This is 19.99, in spring 2013. Both shirts discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Allstars Racing Transformed Blue Shirt Here are 2 shirts for Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. Each shows off the vehicle modes used in the game. The first is blue, with Shadow in his plane/hover car thing, Tails in Car mode & Sonic in the regular Speed Star. It's got the games' logo & checkered flag background. There is another of this shirt in RED. The other shirt is mottled gray w/smaller logo & just Sonic. It showcases his car in all 3 modes: flying, boat & regular car. The background spells out "RACE" but there's a store tag stuck over part of it. Left photo discovered by Shadowfoxx757 Allstars Transformed 3 Mode Sonic Tee
Built for Speed Short Sleeve Tee
This is the short-sleeve version of the "Built for Speed" shirt, which is on winter-wear as it is a long-sleeve. This one is identical to the other, except that it's a short sleeve. May be found at Sears stores or online. It MAY come with earbuds (not shown) It should be around 8 dollars in boys/teens sizes. discovered by Shadowfoxx757 Polyester Green Hill Shirt
Sonic Tails Shadow Blue Name Tee This blue tee uses a slightly unusual combo of Sonic, Shadow & Tails. It uses newer 2012 art for each character, plus a rounded square/ color coordinated background. "Sonic" is spelled out in an unusual font at the top where a star dots the "i". This has a nice modern look. This should be at Sears stores or online in spring 2013. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Well here's a busy tee. It's 100% polyester, so the Green Hill design is sewn into the fabric, rather than being applied, like most shirts. It has various Sonic, Knuckles, Eggman Egg o Matic & motobug sprites scattered about & in different poses. Notice Sonice 'die' pose getting shot at by a Buzz Bomber too. It may be busy, but is likely durable due to how it was made. Photo discovered by ShadowFoxx757
One Way Fast Lane Sonic little kids shirt This shirt is "One Way Fast Lane". It's a little kids (tiny) size only tee with gray sleeves & collar. Newer 2012/2013 stock Sonic is running under the familiar "One Way" road sign arrow. It's a decent design, that likely won't fit anyone you know. This is a spring 2013 release. MAY be at Sears.
Neon line classic Sonic mens shirt Remember the modern neon line colors Sonic tee? Here it is in classic style. This one is a mens' size too, not just kids so anyone can wear it. Either Sonic looks decent with the hot color treatment.
Bring It Sonic & Shadow Blue Shirt Here's a cool blue tee featuring just Sonic & Shadow. Both of them are CG art, so it's new/fresh looking poses. The slogan here is "Bring IT", in big yellow block letters. Sonic is running right off the bottom of the shirt (foot has fullbleed to edge) for added interest. This is a kids/teens size and is new for 2013. It should be at Wal Mart
Info provided by Speedster.
Rainbow Polyester Shadow Knuckles Shirt If you want to stand out in a crowd, here's a shirt for you! This is another all polyester tee where the design is part of the fabric. It has a super bright rainbow all-over color so it can't be missed. But look who's here, it's Shadow and Knuckles...a rather unusual combination. Sonic is on the front by himself. (rt photo) These polyester shirts certainly have all-over design.
This is a Bio World item, and is available at Walmart in the kids/teens section for about 7 dollars in summer 2013. Note the shaped tag. The inset (white) has the printed / copyright info in the back collar of the shirt. Shirt is in SonicGear collection
2 Fast 4 U Mini Kids Tank Top & Short Set Stripe Here is a little tank top & shorts set. Look at the proportions, you can tell its only for little kids. (too bad, the stripes are fun) It has scribble color stripes, stars & shapes, with turning/running Sonic. In the corner you can see outline letters that spell "2 Fast 4 U". The shorts appear to be plain blue. The black tag at the top has "Sonic" & the copyright info. This was found at Factory2U / Fallas Paredes. Photo by CrystalSonicFan Speedsters Sonic Shadow Knuckles Shirt This is a nice (but small) black tee with blue collar & sleeve tips. It says "Speedsters!" across the top with rectangle portraits for Shadow, Sonic & Knuckles. The modern logo ties the design together at the bottom. This was found at Factory2U / Fallas Paredes. Photo by CrystalSonicFan
Game Master Sonic Rings Tee This blue tee says "Game Master" in a sort of 80s type font at the bottom. It has modern jumping Sonic, with 6 gold rings & some light blue paint-splat type background. The modern logo is small and nearly hidden at the base of the slogan. This was found at Children Place, but it looks like it could be a teen size too. A variation is at K-Mart. Photo by CrystalSonicFan
Walmart Paint Strip Sonic Tee This Walmart 2013 tee is in kids/teens sizes, so it should fit more people. It has jump/twist Sonic with his name in a blocky white font. The interesting feature here is the decorative paint strips/stripes actually go across Sonic, not just behind him. Photo by CrystalSonicFan