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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see!
What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?

Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?

Sonic Raver Custom Fan Glowstick Pants These custom pants get things off to a bright & colorful start!
Someone has customized a pair of wide leg black pants into Sonic Rave pants. And they've done a good job, too! The pants have accurate Sonic X style face logos, Sonic's name, and even a really big (and accurate) Jumping punch Sonic on one leg. And if you look closely, his hand has been modified to be the front of a pocket that holds...what else but a glow-stick! (They really are pants for Raves) The material used seems to be reflective, and they've also added several reflective belts as well.
Whoever has made this went to quite a bit of trouble, and for it they look professional. Photo discovered by: JaQ. S.
Sega theme rhino custom art This is a customized pop-art piece. In recent years a trend has been that a company, or charity will release blank creatures (Cows, fish, flamingos, etc) in sculptural form. Then, creative people can buy or sponsor a figure to be decorated as they wish. SonicTeam Flying Rhino
The figures range from small (seen) to life-size versions of the animal. They're usually displayed at a gallery or public space as art. SuperSonicFanatic obtained a flying rhino, and gave it a Sega / SonicTeam theme! The logos and paint are very smooth, giving it a crisp looking result. Photo and design by:
Flat Lego Mosaic Style Sonic & Shadow Here are Sonic & Shadow done in Lego, but this time as a more mosaic style. Treating the legos more like tiles, these are mostly flat, except for the hands and feet. Where are Sonic's feet? That's what happens when you do not have enough blue legos to go around. Still, the variety of Sonic related Lego based sculpting seems to be great, as each one has quite a different style. Photographed & created by
Sonic Shadow Tails Small Lego Figures While the above Lego figures were rather large, these are rather small, highlighting another way that creative people can use these bricks. Here are mini Tails, Shadow and Sonic, all done in some of the smallest pieces. But just because they are small Small Lego Figures Backs
doesn't mean they lack features: Tails' tails will actually move. These were made and photographed by: CaseyAkatsuki who is in the Netherlands.
Customized Sonic theme Guitar Many musicians sometimes customize their instruments, so if you like Sonic, why not have a cool Sonic themed guitar!
This electric guitar has been customized with Sega, Dreamcast, Sonic and Tails stickers, as well as a painted on Sonic face. (Notice even the word 'Dreamcast' appears near the top) An electric guitar is already a pretty cool item, but a Sonic theme one is automatically cooler! Guitar owned, customized and photographed by Gabriele.
Beaded Sonic & Sally Magnet Here are 2 fan items that look like sprites from a video game! These are actually fridge-magnets, though. They were made from "Perler Beads" which here, each bead acts like a pixel. The beads are laid out, and then melted slightly to fuse them and create solid art-shapes as seen here. Add a magnet to the back...and you're set! Beaded SatAm Robotnik
The first Sonic & Sally one is clearly smaller than the Robotnik, who is from the SatAm show (notice mechanical arm) Made & photographed by SerenaAzureth discovered by: scavenger4food
Cosmo Sonic X Fan Plush Doll A Sonic X fan has made a little Cosmo doll!
This is a fan plush of Cosmo the plant alien from the Sonic X show. They've done a nice job with her leafy 'dress' and hair, and the face looks good as well, with detailed eyes and little mouth. It also looks like they've added her red jewel. This is a fun fan plush!
Photo discovered by: firedragon973
Repaint Werehog Figure Shadow Here, someone has re-painted their werehog figure. They repainted him into a Shadow the Werehog! It looks like some airbrushing went into it, so the figure looks pretty authentic. They also changed his shoes around some, to make them more like Shadows' shoes. They've added their figure to a black wooden base (likely to help keep him standing, as this was a top-heavy figure to begin with) The result is rather authentic looking! Later, whoever made it attempted to sell it on Ebay. Photo discovered by:
Plush of Sonic R Tails Doll
Sonic R Tails Doll Fan Plush Here is a fan-made plush of the Tails Doll from Sonic R. Despite only appearing in that single (somewhat obscure) game this Eggman-created villain (?) still gets attention. Mostly because it was considered creepy because it was a floating plush toy that resembeled Tails. (Much like Metal Sonic resembles Sonic) With its stitching on the outside (Eggy can't sew too well?) and a jewel on it's head it floated around the track. Here, the stitching has been purposefully
kept to the outside to keep with the theme. The ears are rounded as well, like the one in the game. It is 1.5 ft. long. This was made and photographed by RaeLogan.
Jet the Hawk Cosplay Suit
Here's a cool cosplay or mascot suit for Jet the Hawk from Sonic Riders. Bubba TRex has made a full body mascot type suit, complete with boots, goggles and real feathers. With all the angles here, you can see the different details of the costume. It takes a great effort to get a costume that looks and wears so well. It can then be worn at halloween, to fan conventions and more! Costume made and photographed by Bubba T. Rex, photo discovered by Fueledbychaos.
An Eggman cosplay guy This has been discovered to be a cosplay costume. It has been moved from the Japan Mascots page. Whoever this fan is, has done a good job with the Eggman suit. The moustache is felt, the goggles are for swimming, and he's wearing some sunglasses. Is he holding one of the early Sonic Plushes? Either way, this isn't all that bad of an Eggman.
Super Capsule Sonic Customized Super Sonic Figure Look at this cool Super Sonic figure!
It may not be very big, but it is very interesting. It is actually a modified England Sonic Capsule Figure. The creator (and photo taker) Gary, used a lighter to melt the spikes a little and turn them up. A difficult task, with the way the figure was made. (But don't try this at home! Some plastics can give off fumes and of course there's the heat to worry about) and then gave it a re-paint with modelling paints.
As you can see here, the result is authentic looking. It's too bad an official figure isn't a "Surprise Secret Figure" on this set...that would be a real treat!
Mini Custom Sonic Figure Compare
Chip Sonic Unleashed Fan Plush Here's a cute Chip plush!
Someone who really liked Sonic Unleashed has made their own little Chip. This plush turned out cute with a big smily mouth and furry accents. They've even given him an accurate triangle nose and that green ball he wears around his neck. This plush is a cool fan effort, but will an official one be released?
Plush made by: Victim-RED
Photo discovered by: Sonik_Kokiri
Green Hill Zone Unreal Tournament - Someone has made a mod for Unreal Tournament that gives you a level to fight in that is much like Sonic 1's Green Hill zone. It has loops, the checkered dirt, palm trees, the iconic blueish rock, and even that random totem pole type thing. Though it appears you can't go everywhere in the level, it's still rather interesting to see. If the video is figured-out to be embed-able it'll appear here. However...until then, just use the link above. Discovered by: Taaron.
Amy MySpace Buddy Poke Character On MySpace, you can make little anime styled characters. They're sort of like the Miis on the Wii. However, you can dress these up more and give them little accessories like gloves and kitty ears. Since you can customize them, why not try some Sonic style ones! Here's an Amy and a Sally BuddyPoke. These were both made by Streakthefox. Sally MySpace Buddy Poke
Rouge The Bat MySpace Buddypoke
Marine Raccoon Buddypoke Here are 2 buddypokes, one for Marine and the other for Rouge. You can see that even makeup can be applied here to help them look like the characters. Interestingly also, you can get fairly accurate shoes. These were both made by Streakthefox.
Tiny Chip Fan Plush Here is a fan plush even smaller than the first. It's a little Chip, and he looks to be made from fabric paints. The other set shows Tails carrying mini Sonic and mini Knuckles. Since these plushes are so small they can all be strung together for the carrying effect. These were made and photographed by Icelollyman.
Paper Cube Tails Figure Don't want to shell out for those cubic Japanese figures, but still want a Tails? Here's someone who made one. This is made from cardboard, but can still be used as an action figure because the head, shoulders, tails knees and ankles will all move. It is similar to a Sonic Papercraft, but usually those don't move. This was made and photographed by Icelollyman.
Bunnie Rabbot with Gun Sculpture Both of these small sculptures were made with Milliput material. It's a type of clay that can hold details well. Both figures are fully 3D, with bases and accessories. Bunnie's gun is actually removable, much like an action figure. Sally is shown holding Nicole. Each figures' base is labeled with their name, and the figures are based on the SatAm Show, rather than on the Archie comic. (note slightly different style and proportions.) Made and photographed by YewDee. Sally on Stump Sculpture