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Still more Sonic Fan Items! Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
Here's an enormous Farmville project. Taking center-field (literally) is this giant running Sonic image, complete with green hill style ground and his name in the corner. You can see all the little animals they own looking on from the edges. This took several upgrades and lots of gold to build, due to the size. This was made on the farm of
Pixel Iced Sonic Cake
This cake takes a different approach! A certain icing-tip creates a tiny flower shaped dot when squeezed. So why not put them together to make a 'pixel art' for the icing? This creates a fun pixel art style cake, seen here. This cake was for the creator of Sonic Robo Blast 1 & 2.
Drawn To Life Sonic Character Drawn to Life is a game for the DS where you can draw your own protagonist and then play with it in the game. Of course, Sonic fans will want to use it to add in Sonic characters! The first game, someone created a Sally sprite to use (seen on Fan Items page). The sequel has been released in 2010, so this time here's a Sonic sprite. You can see the different fields for the body parts (how it will animate later) and the amount of detail/size that can be captured by the pixels. Made by x24Sonic
Mighty Armadillo Fan Figure Here's a Mighty the Armadillo fan figure. He was made much the same way as the sprite was for Chaotix, by modifying a Sonic. In this case a Jazwares 3.5 Sonic was modified (spike removal) and repainted to help create Mighty. With a sculpted shell & new ears out of baked clay, the figure is very Mighty-like. He can still be posed, and stand on his base. Made & photographed by WakeAngel Team Wisp of Chile Cosplayers Here's Team Wisp! These really creative cosplayers are dressed up as each color of wisp
from the game. From left to right you can see Blue Cube, Cyan Laser, Red Burst, White Boost, Orange Rocket & Dark/Corrupt wisp,complete with full mask. Some have even brought their Sonic plushes . Team Wisp resides in Chile. Photo by KaguraSanCosplay
Sonic Tails Knuckles Eggman Farmville Construct
For this fan item, it's time to return to Farmville. With 3 upgrades and over 150K in gold, you can see the creative, colorful hay bales arranged for Sonic Tails Knuckles and even Eggman, as a sheep watches from the side lines. With careful arranging, you can make field-size pixel art. Made and photographed by TomatoisJP
16 inch Bunnie Rabbot Fan Plush
This is a mural that has been painted on the wall of someone's room. The style of the art makes it look related more to the Fleetway Sonic comic than anything else. However, there's a strange green bug man, and Amy on some sort of flying jet ski, if you look in the background. Still, for wall sized art decoration, a Sonic mural is definetely the way to go! This is a Bunnie Rabbot fan plush that was modeled from an Amy plush. Plush-pattern-making is very difficult so it can help to use a base. This is 16 inches high, and uses shiny fabric for her robot parts. The green eyes were used from the original Amy doll. Made & photographed by Butterfly Penguin
Small Bunnie Rabbot Plush Doll This is a smaller Bunnie Rabbot plush, this time with two different tones of shiny fabric, plus a fuzzy one for her pink leotard. This one is from an original pattern, and uses her older Archie design (no metal underwear) Made & photographed by Genocyber Laying down Bunnie Rabbot Action Figure Custom Bunnie Action Figure
Here's an action figure a fan has customized into a somewhat alternative version of Bunnie Rabbot. It started out as a human woman figure, but with added sculpting for the face, hair, ears and robot parts, plus some new paint it has changed into an original figure that can really stand on its own. Don't forget though, it can still really pose, as seen in the right photo, so it's still really an action figure despite the modifications. Made & photographed by JohsPlace
Teen Titans Theme Tails Fan Sculpt
This Tails fan sculpture has a bit of a Teen Titans theme for 'teen Tails' who is standing on a wooden base with symbol top, and is shown in shorts and long gloves. It uses the old Archie colors of brown/cream for him. He's made of solid modeling clay with painted details. Made & photographed by DarkWax
Bunnie & Sally Fan Plushes Here are two little fan plushes for Bunnie & Sally. Made of soft fabric with felt details, neither plush leaves out an archie detail. The Bunnie has super shiny metalllic limbs thanks to special fabric. Made & photographed by BabyLondonStar Fleetway style dress Amy plush
Dr Finitevus Fan Figure In the Fleetway Sonic The Comic series, they dressed Amy in an all new outfit that was only vaguely based on her original one which you saw in Sonic CD. This fan plush takes the opportunity to show her in the outfit from the comic, with plaid skirt, heart shirt, and velcro top sneakers. Made by VictimRed
Tails Wooden Tornado Plane
SWAT Bot SatAm Action Figure Custom
Modified polly pocket into Sally figure
Modified action figure Sally doll
Multi character fan made keychain row
Everything in this group was all made by the same fan artist. In the top corner, you can see the evil Dr. Finitevus custom action figure (he's a villain from the Archie Sonic comic) which was made with a Knuckles as the base, and added sculpting. (notice his hands have fingers,and his new shoes)
Next is Rob o the Hedge, an Archie Sonic clone type character who uses bow and arrow instead of speed to fight evil. He has all new hands as well, and was based on the 3.5 Jazwares Sonic figure, with new shoes and accessory added. Tails in his plane uses a wooden plane toy base, with totally sculpted Tails mini-bust added. Look at the Tails symbols on the wings, and the plan at the top. The SWAT bot is an Astroboy Metrocity figure modified to have the SatAm style swatbot color and armor. The two Sallies are a modified Polly Pocket (total re-paint and modified plastic vest, and the other is another modified Astroy Boy series figure, this time with an all new head & hair sculpted from oven bake clay. The keychains are all fully sculpted works (no toy as the base) and are oven-bake clay as well. All of these items were made and photographed by WakeAngel
3D Relief Sonic & Tails Sonic 2 Logo Sculpture Classic Style Sculpted Sonic Classic clothing Amy Rose figure
Knuckles Fan Figure Sculpture
Each of these cool 3D sculptures were all made by the same fan artist, and they're all classic and fun! The Sonic 2 logo is done in high relief with 3D elements, complete with poster-like background so it really jumps off the wall. The Sonic appears like he did at first in the USA (no buckles on shoes), and Amy is shown (as is rarely done) in her original Sonic CD outfit. Knuckles hasn't changed much, but this fan figure even beats some of those old PVCs in looking like him. All made & photographed by Aoi Bonyari
Tails Doll Tall Plush Despite only appearing in one game (Sonic R ) the odd/creepyness of the 'Tails Doll' still inspires fans to make fan items of it. Here, an old Kellytoy plush has been modified into the Tails Doll. With added parts like the spring & bead, as well as big stitches, and the deletion of some details (Eggman made the doll simpler than Tails) Made & photographed by Silverknux1 Banjo Kazooie Built Block Sonic Face
This Sonic face shaped construct was created in the Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts racer creator. Of course, since it's only made of the '1 by 1' metal blocks it's not going anywhere, but it does make an interesting to look at 'pixel art' in 3D of Sonic's head. Made & screencapped by MarioBro27 using Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts
Fan Modified Shadow Plush Here's a nice modification of the notoriously lame Toy Network plush. Someone has fixed the eyes, streightened the ears, detailed the fingers and re-stuffed the shoes as well as adding a 3D pattern for the hover holes. You can also see added fluff for the white chest fur area. In all, these modifications actually turn this plush into a doll you'd want! Discovered by Kirchu
Rob o the Hedge custom figure
GOSH Shadow Fixed
GOSH was known for making Shadow plushes which none of them had the white patch of chest fur. Here's a fan fix for that prob. which adds the white patch with a piece of felt & helps him look normal. Made & photo by JoelxSonic
Valdez Geoffry Wombat Stu Bomb Archie Figures Kiln Fire SatAm Fan Vehicle Monkey Khan Rob Amy Fan Clay Figures
Polymer Clay Sonic 3D Blast Flickies Archie Evil Alt Sonic Figure Earthenware
Dark Legion Lego Fan Group Figs
Archie Comic badguys & Accessories clays
Here are a variety of clay figures, all made by the same fan. They're either kiln fire clay such as ceramic, porcelain, earthenware & etc, or polymer oven harden clay. At the top you can see Valdez (Archie's Espio clone) Geoffry St. John and Wombat Stu who was from Archie's down unda freedom fighters. (on Fake Australia) also, Bomb from Chaotix appears. The vehicle is from SatAm, and usually housed swatbots. Evil Sonic from the Archie comics appears in his sunglasses, as well as Rob o the Hedge, classic clothing Amy, and Monkey Khan (Archie) The flickies are polymer, and come from Sonic 3D Blast. The lego set accessorizes the Dark Legion figure sculptures, including their standard UFO shaped ship. The bottom has more sunglasses-wearing evil Archie variants, but includes loads of accessories/props seen in the comic. All made & photographed by MacX5