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If it goes on your head and isn't specifically for winter time, it's probably on this page. The hats were taking over Sonic Accessories, so they have to be divided out onto their own separate set of pages. This page will have only modern era hats from 2010 onward. They CAN be classic in style/classic-style-Sonic, but made after 2010 or so. Any information on how to get the cap or where it was sold should be along in the entry.
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All Checker Bio World Youth Sonic Cap Hat A busy hat!
Bio World releases this all checkered, all-over black and white cap in winter of 2020. This is a "Youth Cap"'s probably smaller than normal? Does that mean it's only for little kids or could most people still wear it? Hopefully it is not too small. The brim is curved (not snapback) and the entire thing is covered in fairly small black/white checkers. It also has a scattering of running classic Sonic over the checkers & one large face bordered with red in the middle, so it comes across rather busy. The middle face is likely to be a thick/cut rubber application rather than an embroidery. Where is this hat for sale?
Gray Snapback BioWorld Sonic Face Hat Cap Here's a hat that's not very exciting.
It's a mottled gray snap-back cap with light blue bill & button for the top. It has probably that flat/cut-rubber layered material (usually seen around the key-chains area) for a classic Sonic face on the front. This is thicker, so you see the black border. But...that's kind of it. There's nothing new, no gimmicks. The hat is otherwise plain. This is by Bio World and released in winter 2021. It's ok if you didn't already have something similar...and wanted a fairly plain hat.
Embroidered Ring Jump Black Sonic Cap This black baseball cap hat puts some neoclassic Sonic art to good use.
The thick, embroidered design on the front of the cap has neoclassic jumping Sonic, but they've added a gold ring so that he looks like he's jumping out through the ring. (Like for a special stage etc) The design is almost down to the brim of the cap and is pretty large. It is otherwise plain.
This is a Bio World item, releasing in winter 2021. A good, solid design in colorful embroidery.
Game On Kids Cap Hat at Target This is the "Game On Kids Cap Hat".
This hat appears in 2021 winter season and is available at Target...probably in the kids accessories section. The hat specifically tells you that it is sized for children / kids. BUT it might also appear in the video games/toys/electronics area depending on the store.
It has an all over various size squares print in gray black & dark blue. The bill has the slogan "Game On!" in embroidered white pixel-style font. The Sonic face/just a head design is embroidered too...but it is NEW for 2021. It uses (for the first time in embroidery) the "determined/concentrating" face for classic Sonic, so he's not smiling & looking kind of up. This use of neoclassic art makes the hat more interesting. It is a good deal at only 10 dollars!
Tie Dye Youth Snapback Blue Sonic Cap This is the "Tie Dye Youth Snapback Cap"
It is yet another Target item in 2021. The tie-dye in the title is a nice mix of dark and sort of aqua blue in random splotchy pattern all over the whole hat. The Sonic graphic is a good neoclassic one where he is running forward but looking a bit to the side/with hands also forward. It is made of thick embroidery, with a black outline. To add interest, it's placed such that part of one of the feet is on the flat bill of the cap. This makes it a bit more fun and dynamic.
It's still unknown if adults can wear a 'youth' label cap or if it's actually really small or something. Also a kids cap, this should be about 10 dollars as well which is a decent deal.
Black Spin Attack Cap Target Hat Target is seemingly non-stop with the hats in winter 2021.
Here comes another, likely to be in the Video Games/Electronics section of the store, but it might also be in the accessories area. (It is not a 'kids only cap') It's an all black baseball cap style hat. The Sonic element is the large embroidered neoclassic Sonic on the front.
With this neoclassic art, he's rolled up but not drawn just as 'a ball', you can see him curled up but looking forward still. There are added 'motion lines' in white around him, and a bright blue & white take-off sort of trail behind him. These added design elements make it look like he's getting ready to roll/makes the hat more interesting.
This is a Target 2021 item, and should be about 14.00
Sonic Circle Snapback Cap Hot Topic Hot Topic adds a hat in summer 2021.
This is the "Sonic Circle Snapback Cap". It's fairly standard stuff, with a blue top, black brim and red border for the edge of the bill. The design is embroidered onto the front only, with 'finger waving' classic Sonic in a circle that has a red to yellow fade inside. The classic logo is above/over it. This does stand out a little (literally) because it uses the "super thick" type of 3D-ish embroidery for the 'Sonic' word. Theres an extra detail on one side, it's a yellow circle with silouette Sonic face in it. That part does not appear to be embroidered, but may be more like a stamp. This should be in stores & online at Hot Topic for about 18 dollars.
Hidden Scene Embroidered Hat
Here is the "Hidden Scene" cap! A creative cap!
The top is fun, with large, flat embroidery. It has running/profile classic Sonic (the old Japanese art, or a neoclassic made to look like it) in front of his name spelled out in thick font white Japanese letters. The brim is red and so is the top dot. It's a fun look by itself but then...
When you lift it up, a hidden scene is revealed! Under the bill of the cap is a 16 bit pixel scene of Sonic & Tails from Sonic 2 fighting the Egg Drill boss. This is made of printed colorful fabric so it is sturdy. It is a fun idea to hide a scene like this under the bill of the hat. It adds another element without making the hat too busy. It makes the hat more fun to own (although maybe harder to display? Hmmm)
How much is this hat? Where is it sold? It's a nice item to collect in summer 2021
All-Over Design Green Hill Sonic Cap Hat Bio World is breaking loose into Green Hill with this flat bill cap hat. This is an "All Over" cap, where the design is literally on all the surfaces of the cap. The flat bill is the GHZ checkered ground. The upper part panels have the tops of palms, the blue sky, some of the pillars and a little bit of the grass area from the zone. The front has textured embroidery for the classic logo. It's a creative cap, & the allover pattern makes it look fresh, along with the thick quality embroidery. This may be at Game Stop in winter 2020
Big Face Knuckles Snapback Cap Hat This is called the "Big Face Knuckles Snapback Cap". It's a flat-bill baseball cap that's all red. It has a borderless Knuckles face on the front 2 panels of the cap, all done in embroidery. This is another of those 'the head is supposed to be Knuckles' head' type items.'s ok. The lower face is kind of large because perspective is lost/he looks best with his spikes. The embroidery is nice & the quality of the face is good though. As an item however, it's a little bit strange.
Black Flat Bill Classic Type Sonic Hat
Another classic cap appears in fall 2020.
This black, flat-bill baseball cap can be bought in Books A Million stores. It has a gray dot on top, and a gray flat brim. The design is all embroidery, with Sonic's name spelled out where the "O" is a yellow ring. In the ring is nose-touch classic style Sonic where he is standing 'thru' the ring. The letters are done in that special 'thick type' embroidery where it's done over a base that is several milimeters thick so it's kind of 3D for a fun effect. It's a solid cap with a design that is simple, and does look like something that could be from the classic era. Photo by Taaron
The Sega Shop online gets into the 'character cap' trend with this, the Tails Snap-Back cap. This orange baseball cap style hat has a flat 'snap back' brim & stuffed/plush type ears on the top. The white brim represents his lower face, and includes the little nose triangle. The eyes are embroidered on. This is classic style tails. It has a plastic adjustment band in the back.
It is fairly expensive at 27.99 , but the price does fit in with their above average prices. It's a cute enough cap, but character caps are inherently nerdy?
This is a fall\2019 item...but it HAS been seen on Amazon in 2020. Did the SegaShop try to use Amazon to clear out caps that wouldn't sell? It's possible.
Tails Snapback Cap Classic Ears
Team Sonic Racing Froggy Cap Hat It's a ....Froggy character cap?
Indeed, of all the (fairly) obscure characters to choose from, here comes a Froggy hat. This is a 'character cap' style, where the hat itself is made to resemble the character's head. It has the eyes on the front, the yellow top marking, the two side markings are on the back & there are also the cheek dots. The bill is right below where the lip would be.
The hat is a curious choice but....
It DOES come with an explanation (at least here, on Gear!). If you watch the little shorts Sonic 'cartoons' on Youtube, you'll find the Team Sonic Racing ad / mini-show. In it, Eggman tries to trick Big (of Team Amy) into quitting the race by putting up a "Frog Merchandise Stand" with all frog themed items. This cap, and the t-shirt are among them. Wacky hi-jinx of course, ensue...but what's even wackier is that the Sega Shop decided to make the hat a real thing.
This hat is about FORTY dollars! Plus, Froggy is fairly abstract to begin with so it's almost in "Secretly-Sonic" territory where even a big fan might not recognize what the cap is all about. And it's a 40 dollar hat. Is this even going to sell? Isn't the joke from the mini-show that the hat and tee are so silly & wierd that only Big the Cat would ever wear them? Even though it is explained, the whole situation remains strange. And Green. This is a 2019 item.
Sonic Dies Rings Lose Hat Spencers Here is a hat from Spencers Gifts in 2019.
It seems fairly well put together, with a nice, thick all-embroidery Sonic on the front, and an all-over golden rings design for the black background...however, the art it uses isn't the best. This baseball cap style hat has the "he died" classic Sonic sprite among the rings design...
But, as any fan knows, when Sonic loses his rings he doesn't die...that's the whole point of having rings. Also, the art is neo-classic (ish?) and kind of odd, with his spikes shown as fairly far up, and a wierdly shaped mouth/front of face. It's an ok concept, but a strange execution with wrongly applied art. Photo by Taaron
Tie Dye Knit Beanie Cap Hat Classic This is called the "Tie Dye Beanie Cap" doesn't really look traditionally tie-dyed as there's no rainbows, swirls or the signature 'marks' of the tiedye process. It's more of a 2 tone mottled blue color for the knit beanie hat. The only Sonic element here is an all-embroidered classic style Sonic face on the front of the roll/flip up part at the bottom of the cap.
Its an ok item if you need something somewhat Sonic for the winter. Is this a SegaShop item, or is it Spencers? Photo discovered by TheTumblex