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If it goes on your head and isn't specifically for winter time, it's probably on this page. The hats were taking over Sonic Accessories, so they have to be divided out onto their own separate set of pages. This page will have only modern era hats from 2010 onward. They CAN be classic in style/classic-style-Sonic, but made after 2010 or so. Any information on how to get the cap or where it was sold should be along in the entry.
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Sonic Ring Side Black Cap Hat Here's a fresh new cap for 2017.
The hat is all black, with a plain blue brim. The running Sonic silouhette is blue with white border & yellow with orange 'shadowing' behind it. But this hat's got something extra! There's a pixel-style embroidered gold ring large on one side, complete with little square pixel 'sparkles'. The two graphics give the hat some extra flare, and help it stand out. This is a Spencers' Gifts only item, appearing in summer 2017
This hat is called "Hedgehog in Training".
It is a camo patterened military / army stale cap hat. It has army-green printing on the front in a 'stencil' type font with the slogan. Because the hat is similarly colored, the slogan is blending in. The cap has wear/weathering on the brim. This is a Sega Shop online item in 2018, and is $25 dollars.
Clearly, another Sonic Forces item, because everything for that game is set up to be grunge/military. Certainly, it's unique among Sonic stuff for...not really having much to do with Sonic? Maybe it's trying to be subtle but it comes across as a tad plain with a not so sensible slogan for something as costly as 25 dollars.
Hedgehog in Training Military Camo Cap
Thick Patch Sonic Gray Flatbill Cap This cap is a little unusual, due to the thickness of its Sonic design.
It is a 'flatbill' style cap, where the brim is stiff, not curved at all. The main cap part is mottled gray, with a single classic Sonic face on the front. It looks like a smooth cloth/embroidery combo item, but it's somehow even thicker than usual...maybe raised on a fabric backing?
For added interest, the brim is blue, with full color running classic Sonic with a 'speed smear' of color trail behind him. The two elements combine to make the classic type hat seem fresh. This is a 2016 item, but where is it sold?
Red Cloth Cap Hat Embroidered Sonic
Here is a new at for 2017, from Bio World. It was found in a Think Geek retail shop, and should be 20 dollars. It's not made of regular hat fabric, it's a light-weight nylon (most likely) similar to windbreaker jackets & a bit shiny. The color is 'pomegranate red' & it has a large embroidered front. It's Sonic wagging a finger in the winged star ring with banner, just like in the title screen of Sonic 1. The bill is very flat & 'snap-back' type. Inside, there's a bit of mesh netting to keep your forehead cool. The tag is classic, with an off-rectangle shape. With the nice, big & quality embroidered design right from Sonic 1, & the different-feeling fabric this hat can be really classicly styled, with a bit of a fresh angle. Photos by All-Star Warriors
Ring Monitor Cap Hat Here's a bit of a clever cap.
This hat doesn't even have Sonic on it at all. It's plain blue, with just a ring monitor sitting on Green Hill Zone grass for it's main design. The bill of the cap has GHZ 'dirt' in the classic checkered browns pattern. This design is instantly recognizable to any Sonic fan, but it is otherwise non-obvious, making it a bit more subtle of a hat. That green dot there on the brim isn't part of the design, it is a sales ticker. Cap may be found in some Spencers' Gifts stores/possible. This likely qualifies as a "Subtle-Sonic" item. Photo by Taaron
Target Embroider Classic Style Face Hat This cap has been found at Target stores in the USA.
But not all of them. If it's there, it should be in with their branded hats, in the boys clothing area, usually above 'character tees'. It's a light blue baseball cap style hat, with checkered brim. It has a large all embroidery patch on the front with a classic Sonic face. The 'background' for the face is a yellow and orange...pixelated looking sort of circle. The 'squares' that make it up are different direction bundles of embroidered thread. It's nice to see Sonic back on shelves at Target in early 2017. Photo by CrystalSonic Fan
Party City 2017 Blue Embroider Face Cap Party City gets in on the 'Sonic face cap' action with this hat.
Party City used to sell just decorations, but they broke into a few tees, hats & general-wear type accessories. This hat is one of them, for spring season 2017. The all-blue ball-cap style hat has stand-up Sonic ears for the top, and his classic forward face spread over the front of the hat and onto the brim. The thing that makes this cap unique (there are so many face caps already) is that it's blue themed. All the border embroidery is blue, and so are Sonic's eyes, nose & mouth line. The only white bits are for the eye edge texture & highlights. This should be avaliable in stores for all of 2017. Price unknown.
Speed King Snap-Back Blue Cap Here's a snap-back slogan cap.
This all blue cap has the 'snap back' flat bill with a thin white border at it's top edge. There's an embroidered patch on the front with finger-waving classic style Sonic on a checkered background. The top text says "Speed King" & the bottom has "Rollin' Since '91" The back of the cap is adjustable with a band & also has a full color classic logo embroidered onto the back. With a cool slogan, nice embroidery & added logo detail for the back, this is a well thought out cap. This cap is supposed to be a Spencer's Gifts 2017 item, but is it exclusive to there? It began appearing in summer 2017.
All-Around Design Green Hill Zone Cap Hat Here comes a new type of hat, the 'all around design hat'.
Instead of featuring embroidery, or a design on the front, this cap has Green Hill everywhere. Notice also how it isn't made of panels like a usual hat, it's one piece but stitched at the top to form the cap shape with the usual dot on the top. This different way of forming the hat lets them use all 1 piece of Green Hill Zone printed 16-bit look (notice how Sonic is pixelated) fabric to create it and make it all 1 really big design. The edge near the brim has the usual checkered ground & Sonic is a sprite who appears once on the front, leaving the rest to be the zone he's running through with the usual palm trees, sunflowers & clouds. The all around design keeps this hat looking fresh, though it is all classic. This hat can be bought at Hastings in 2016. Photo by Taaron
Sonic 3 Special Stage Allover Print Cap A Sonic 1 allover print cap is followed quickly by a....Sonic 3 allover print cap!
This one follows the same new hat making format where it's all one piece of printed fabric sewn into the cap shape. Here, the design is the Sonic 3 'spheres planet' special stage. You can see a shot of it for the 'background', then the art of it too where it has the checkered flat 'ring' around it. There's a large airbrushed looking Sonic splashed over the front giving the "3" sign. The logo appears to be either added over top of him, or it's embroidered on. So this hat doesn't make a 'scene' like the other one but rather a collage. The brim is all black without any designs. This hat can be bought at Hastings in 2016. Photo by Taaron
Gray Embroidered Title Screen Type Hat Here's a cool classic cap hat. It's a bit mottled-gray with black bill. Embroidered onto the front is the winged ring from the Sonic 1 title screen. Sonic is in the ring, with his 'finger wagging' pose (where he originally pops up at the title) The design is all embroidery stitching. But look closely at the word "Sonic" on the 'ribbon', it's done with a different type of stitching so the letters are very thick and 3D for a nice added touch. It looks like this hat is about 17.00, & appears in spring 2016. It has a paper tag, but what company produces it?
Sonic Pixel Stitch Die Sprite Cap Here is another pixel-stitched cap.
Pixel-stitching is embroidery that's overlapped in squares so the design looks pixelated even though it's interwoven. This makes it look extra classic with 16 bit style sprites & lettering. This all black cap has a blue flat bill & large bent embroidered block/pixel word "Sonic" spelled out. However, the use the "Sonic is dead" sprite's torso for the design. He's falling, so that everything below the lower chest isn't included in the cap design. Why would people want a cap for when they lose the game? This cap appears in summer 2016.
The World Is Mine Eggman Hat Eggman fans only need apply!
For this fun, black & white cap hat. It has an old-fashion looking design with Eggman in a simple ring shape with curly designs at the bottom, an 'old west' type looking font for his name & sort of 'wood sign' type bar for the catch-phrase for this hat which is (appropriatly for him) "The World is Mine!"
There's no sign of Sonic here, which is good, because each character has fans and should be able to be the star of their own merchandise. With the grand-standing Eggman art, fun phrase & bold name placement, this is likely a cap even the Dr. would approve of. But where can you buy it? This is a fall 2016 item.
Hot Topic Race Team Style Hat This hat is likely to be a Hot Topic exclusive.
It's the "Race Team Style Sonic Cap Hat". The black cap is covered with lots of colorful, embroidered patches to resemble a race-car drivers' sponsor-covered hat. Only these patches...are only to do with Sonic!
The front of the cap has a nice classic Sonic art embroidered large in a blue rectangle. The sides have a "91" disk (for the year) the word "Cham-Pion" in a square, rings, the #1, the word "Sonic" in a circle & "Speedster". The various patches give this a unique look for your cap collection. This is an early 2017 item.
Leopard Spotted Classic Face Cap Here's a rather mysterious cap. making one wonder why it was made this way. For some reason, the cap-makers have chosen a blue & black leopard spotted fabric to make the hat. Sonic, however, has never had any such pattern--so it makes even less sense that this is a 'face cap' where the blue portions of it are supposed to be resembling his skin/surface. Printing a picture of Sonic onto spotted material is normal/fine, but using it as if Sonic himself is spotted is just somewhat confusing. The hat has a flat brim, stand-up little ears & a classic style. The lower face area has a slight doubling problem (same portion printed on upper part & brim, giving the edge a wiggly look) This is certainly an unusual hat from 2015.
Tie Dye Blue Patch Classic Cap It's Tie Dye from Target with this cap hat.
This hat can appear in several places (depending on which store) in 2021/summer. It can be in video games/toys, in the kids socks area or in the boys/teens clothing on an accessory rack. Here, it is seen in the electronics area. It has a swirly/mottled dark blue/blue tiedye front and plain blue back. The Sonic design here is a rather thick white patch with a classic face on it. The logo is also done thick in black/white below it. It has a round paper tag with running classic Sonic on there, which suggests the maker is likely Bio World. Price unknown but likely about 15 which their hats usually are.
Trucker Style Knuckles Red Mesh Cap Here is a trucker style cap featuring just Knuckles!
Perfect for Knuckles fans, the front and bill are red, and the back is the usual black 'trucker mesh' that gives the cap it's feel/style. There is a square patch on the front with a portrait of 3-point-landing (fist back) Knuckles looking determined. It's got his name up toward the top in white.
There IS a very common bootleg of this hat as well, for some reason. It looks identical except for that the stitching quality (if you buy the fake one) will be really poor somehow. Why the fakers pick on this particular cap is unknown, but it is a 'buyer do the research' to buy it from somewhere that's not going to pass off a fall-apart fake that looks the same in ordinary photos.
Character Icon Brim Walmart Hat Kids
A cool and reasonably priced cap!
This is the "Character brim" Sonic cap from Walmart in 2022. It has a larger stamped? (its not iron-on, its not embroidered either) jumping-twist modern Sonic on the front, with red and blue stars and red and blue arrows. The brim is fun, as it is completely covered in foreward-facing character face icons in sort of green hexagons. But, it's got more than the regulars covered as you can see Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Metal Sonic and Eggman. (So this is a good one for fans of multiple characters)
What's also great here is the price, it's only 7 dollars which makes it a no-brainer to pick it up if you see it. It does qualify as 'kids cap' , but it does have the adjustment in the back. The underside of the bill is plain and the only other Sonic content is a logo. There is also no tag with a maker on it (tag is Walmart's only that you see in the photo there) This item is in the SonicGear collection