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This page should have 2013 & 2014 Sonic clothes.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothing, mainly shirts. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Top Heavy seems to be producing less, but newcomer Bio World is making more. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and WalMart. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at TopHeavy Clothing Online now or the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

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Sketch Hero Sonic Shirt This is called the "Sketch Hero Tee". It's meant to look like a page doodled into a notebook. You can see the blue lined paper 'background' & Sonic is scribbly colored in, as if with a pen or colored pencils. So are the lightening bolts at the top & doodles around the logo. You can also spot Eggman down in one corner, Metal Sonic above him, Knuckles near a 'sound effect explosion' & Tails jumping over the word "Bloop" at the bottom. There are also little rings and stars scattered about. Everyone but Sonic is mostly a line drawing. This shirt design is very unique, there's no other tee out there like it with this 'sketchy page' idea. This is a 2014 item.
Sonic & Tails Long Tee
This is an adults sizes white tee. It has modern Sonic & Tails in full color. The lettering is sort of blocky font 'varsity style' text, which has a weathering effect applied. Curiously, the design itself does not, which is nice to see. This was described as a "Ladies Tee", but really, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly ladies about it, so probably anyone can wear it. This is a 2014 item.
Toddler Green Tee & Shorts Set
It's been a while since anyone saw a "Toddler Item" showing up, but fall 2014 brings this tiny set. A green tee with black collar & cuffs is paired with some drab plaid shorts to create a set for babies / toddlers only. It has Japanese 'getting ready to run' classic Sonic in front of a big yellow lightening bolt. The logo is in an orange & yellow rectangle at the bottom. It's a decent enough set, but too bad the shorts don't have a Sonic element to them.
Sonic Speed Lavender Words Shirt
This is an adults sizes only shirt from 2014. It has classic running Sonic as a white+line art graphic. He's printed over the words "Sonic Speed!" Written over & over, as it gradiates from white to...purpleish. What's sort of unique about the whole shirt is that it's lavender. Sonic is rarely seen on purple anything (why?) let along an odd sort of lavender color like this. Because the art of Sonic isn't filled in at all, both he, his shoes AND his arms (notice that's a mistake there...the arms should have been the color of the belly dot, but they're not) are also that lavender-ish color. It's an interesting shirt with a bit of an odd effect.
Too Slow Classic JP Style Art Shirt This tee sort of tries & fails a little at it's message. It has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in a white ring with stars on it. The 'slogan' at the bottom is "Too Slow!" But with the way it's positioned, it looks like it is labeling the characters as 'too slow' , which is weird & makes no sense. The art is either neo-classic, (the flying Knuckles) or early Japan style (running Sonic & flying Tails) Red screen-tone dots are also used a little bit to create a shadow/background. It looks like the design uses a bit of faux weathering. This was discovered in 2014, but where is it sold?
City Escape Street Running CG Tee This shirt is titled "Run the Street", & the design is all CG. It's actually Sonic running down a hill from the City Escape level (where you were chased by the GUN truck) or the similar level from Generations. Either way, the street & buildings/background has been lightened/faded. This is an adults size white tee. This was discovered in 2014, but where is it sold?
Built For Speed Glowing in Dark Shirt Just as with that 'rainbow outline' black Sonic tee, this shirt was released twice, the second time, the design used glowing ink for an extra cool effect. This one features modern 'pointing outward' Sonic, but half of him is transformed into a surface grid overlay of green lines. Technical background features like a gear, arrows & circles are added. The slogan is "Built for Speed". That round green sticker up at the top there says "Glows in the Dark!" Anywhere there is that hot green ink, the shirt will glow. This is at Sears in fall 2014, & should be in the boys/teens area for about 8 dollars.
Graphic Characters Classic Style Tee Here are 2 shirts from Target's winter 2014 selection. The left is sort of interesting, it's like a plain "graphic layout" or character profile type tee. It is classic styled, with the weathering effect on the ink. There are 3 rings, Sonic, Tails, Eggman & Knuckles, all faced forward. Then, you can see kekleon, moto bug, roller & burrobot with the classic logo. This shirt is pretty unique, with it's layout-like design.
The right shirt could be for Sonic haters? Why would someone want a shirt where
Die Sky Pixel Sonic Tee
Sonic is shown dieing? It uses part of the 16-bit Sonic 1 blue sky background (applying a blur effect on the top clouds) & overlays a big pixelated "death pose" Sonic. Is it to advertise the wearer is bad at his games? Maybe the shirt people (it's just the plain Sonic logo / copyright info collar tag) had to use every single pixel pose available, and so a dieing one would come up eventually. It's unique too, but oddly so.
4 Old-Style Art Sonic Checker Turquoise Tee This shirt is fun, if you didn't already have a similar one. It's another variant on the "4 squares with images in them" for a design. This time though, they choose really, really old Japanese artwork from the Sonic 1 era. It's placed on a yellow & blue checker background. Since the shirt itself is an off-blue color & the original red for the logo was kind of clashes. Look at the bottom left art, that one is quite seldom-seen. The unusual / uncommon art selection helps to make this shirt more unique.
This is What Awesome Looks Like Red Star Tee This could be the third "This is what Awesome looks like!" tee. The first had classic Sonic, the 2nd had modern with lowered-peace-sign hand, and this one has turning thumbs-up. Sonic is shown in a ring of white stars, with the modern logo small above his hand. Because the shirt is red & the design is printed on, do watch out for fade through if it gets used a lot. The slogan is quite true though!
Turquoise Character Group Tee This turquoise tee has an off-square grid featuring 9 characters. The cool thing is that they chose Eggman AND Metal Sonic for 2 of the squares, so it's not just good guys & provides some variety. You can see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Shadow, Metal, Eggman, Big & Vector. (Vector's a bit random though, where's the rest of the Chaotix? Why not pick Blaze or Rouge instead of isolating Vector?) The bright colors, fun shapes & great variety of characters makes this a nice tee.
I'm Outta Here Gray Squares Tee "Getting Ready To Run" classic Sonic is the right art to choose for this slogan tee. It says "I'm outta here" at the bottom. There are a variety of blue squares and some lines for interest in the background. The tag is just the rectangle "Sega" copyright one. Looking at the proportions of the tee, you can see this particular one is for little kids. Hopefully it comes in more than just extra small.
Epic Threads Speed Bro Tee
This shirt is from Epic Threads in 2014. It may be using Riders art, or at least Sonic with some green goggles as the main art for the design. It's a slogan tee, and says "You Dont have this Speed Bro!" That white vertical thing to the right of the design portion is a sticker stripe of "Medium"/not part of the tee. The modern logo is at the bottom. The words are stylish, half cut out of the background as negative space. This tee comes in adult sizes so anyone can wear it. With Sonic being mostly-backwards, it's also pretty fresh looking.