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This page should have 2013 & 2014 Sonic clothes.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothing, mainly shirts. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Top Heavy seems to be producing less, but newcomer Bio World is making more. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and WalMart. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at TopHeavy Clothing Online now or the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

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Game Master Stripe Tall Tee Here's a slightly unusual tee. It's a "Tall Tee" notice how long the body portion is to it, compared to other tees. It's simply a different style. The tee is black with gray/white very thin horizontal stripes. It has modern jumping-twist Sonic nice & large in the middle with a scattering of 6 gold rings. "Game Master" is written at the bottom in a font that is reminiscent of the "Masters of the Universe" (that's He-Man) logo so it may look familiar. Is this in kids sizes only? Write in if you've seen this tee.
Here to party breakdancing orange tee photo This shirt features a NEW for 2014 Sonic modern stock art! Is this the FIRST item to feature this new pose? Here, "Breakdancing Sonic" appears on a bright orange tee. He is layered over & outside of a graphic meant to look like a Polaraoid (instant picture) that has "Here to Party" written in pen-like font on the title area. The picture itself is likely a real photo of a city / traffic , taken from above, blurred, filtered & added a pink/darkening effect to so that it could become abstract. This is from Wal Mart in the boys/teens area but if you buy the XL size, it should fit a good range of people. It is only 6.97 , a real bargain! This is in the SonicGear Collection.
Men's X-Large Honeycomb Classic Style Sonic This is a men's sizes only tee, so it should fit nearly everyone. It is another of those "Faux classic" tees with the "weathering" on the design. It has classic arms-crossed Sonic on a yellowish honeycomb background pattern. A horizontal stripe & gradient effect has been applied to the classic "Sonic" word from the logo. The t-shirt itself is a navy blue color. But where is it?
Super Fast Red Blue & Gray kids shirt This gray tee is rather interesting in its design. It's red, white & blue only and uses a Sonic face Sihlouette, but not the ST logo. It says "Super Fast" below the head, which also has a few speed-lines thrown in. "Sonic" is written in an interesting font with alternating colored letters. Notice the 'no brand' Sonic & Tails rectangle tag. That usually means "Issaac Morris" & possibly JC Penny or Sears having the shirt. This is a little kids size tee pictured here, but does it go up to teen sizes too?
Jumping Twist Sonic Blue Stripe Shirt Another horizontal stripe tee, this time in blue & dark blue, with Jumping-Twist modern Sonic for the art. "Sonic" is written in big white letters vertically up one side. The font has horizontal stripes through it and adds interest to the design. This is a teens/adults size shirt. How much is it?
My Game Never Stops Walmart Kids Shirt Watch out for this tee at Wal Mart in 2014.
This is in the little boys / kids area. It's a normal enough looking red (appears orange in store lighting, but is more reddish than this) tee with the slogan "My Game Never Stops" in big white letters. It has modern SA1 type Sonic (looks like it could be the skateboarding or snowboarding one of him, but with the board removed?) However, as you can see with this one, the graphic has an error. The 'belly dot' of that beige color is missing, so the orange shirt color shows through & makes him look wierd. This tee also has a paint flaw (its flaking) for the pupil of his the quality control all around on this just doesn't look like it was that good. It is official, as you can see with the modern logo at the bottom & the tag in the's simply not that well made. Photo by: Witapepsi
Multi-character Blue Modern Tee This modern tee is rather strange, due to the selection of characters featured on it. They have chosen the usuals, Sonic Tails, Knuckles & Shadow...but look in the back there, they've crammed in Jet the Hawk & Charmy Bee for some reason. Why JUST Charmy out of all the Chaotix? Why shoehorn Jet in there if it's not a Riders based shirt? The character choices on here make it look fishy, but the fabric tag in the back makes it look official. Photo by SonicxAndTailsx
Original Player Classic Style Sonic Shirt This shirt can be found at JC Penny stores in 2014. It's in the boys/teens section, & has the slogan "Original Player" at the bottom. It has classic style finger-waving Sonic on a rising sun/rays type of background in an arch. The shirt itself is a short sleeve in a graysih brownish color. Do notice 1 interesting thing about it: Sonic's eyes have no "shine dot" on the black part like he usually does. This makes the art look flatter than normal. You can see the printed-on logo/copyright tag in the back. This should be about 8.99 if you find it in stores.
Old Navy Twist Sonic w/Tails This tee can only be found at Old Navy. Their designs are generally exclusive to just their own stores, so it's not surprising. This red tee has a close up of 'jumping twist' modern Sonic with an angle-stripe background. However, look up in the corner by his ear, they've crammed a tiny Tails there in the back of the design. He's not overly small as to look like an afterthought/accident, but the positioning is still kind of strange. This is in the boys area but the larges could fit some/most people. This is a spring 2014 item
Side & Bottom Fade K-mart Shirt This shirt is from Kmart and introduces a new t-shirt maker company. It's a plain blue tee, in the boys/teens area with stock Standing Sonic as the design, pretty big on the front. His spikes fade to the edge, and his hands & legs fade at the bottom. (white thing on face is the sticker tag) Since not a whole lot uses standing Sonic, this makes for an all right / more unique design. The tag here is easy to recognize, it's a square with some big 'pixels' & modern CG Sonic face with logo. The pixel/squares design carries over to the back, where the only clue about the company is the initals "IML" (see inset) Photo & owned by Crystal Sonic Fan
Side Sonic Edge Tee This tee is pretty creative with the placement of the art. It uses the old standard "forward facing" classic standing Sonic, but puts him right on the edge of the tee, as you can see at left. While being worn, you can only see half of Sonic at once, on the front or back (since he is symmetrical) However, instead of just printing half of him (the cheap way out) it's a whole image, as seen to the right (sleeve is flopped over to show the face) Photo & owned by Dex
Supersonic Star Circle 1991 Style Tee
Here's yet another shirt with the word "Super Sonic" on there that has nothing to do with actual Super Sonic. This is a modern tee from 2009 or so, with the side view of classic style running Sonic. The background for him is a circle with swirl of blue & a white star. It says "Supersonic 1991" over & under the circle. Look at the edges of the shirt though. The sleeves & bottom are bordered with a barely-visible on the outside white interior fabric of some kind. Is the shirt double thick? Is it meant to be slightly exposed? No other shirts seem to have this feature. Photo & owned by Dex
Built For Speed Red Tank Top
This shirt is classic style, but it uses the "Built For Speed" slogan that's usually on modern style tees. This red shirt is different too, because it's a tank top. The graphic is the more "Japan style" streamlined classic Sonic on a gray grid pattern. The word "For" blends in there at the top because it's written sideways. This was available at Kohl's stores & had the Kohl's tag on it, likely in 2013/summer. It might not have been at all Kohl's stores. This is a little kids size shirt. Photo & owned by Crystal SonicFan
Epic Threads Classic Style Green Tee
This tee marks the entry of a new company into making Sonic things. Will this be their only shirt, or will there be more? The company is "Epic Threads" with items made in Guatamala. This is a classic style shirt with more of that 'faux wear' weathering to the design. It has 'getting ready to run' Sonic, with orange lightening bolts & his name in white at the top. The i is dotted with a star. You can see their printed-in tag on the neck (with Sega copyright) at the bottom. This is in teens to adult sizes. This is at Macys stores in 2014 / summer. Epic Threads is making more than 1 Sonic tee, & Macy's is the place to find this brand. Info added by:
Sonic is a Word Red Abstract Type Tee This tee design is quite unusual. It uses modern Thumbs Up Sonic as a base, but then composes him out of distorted letters to spell out "Sonic the Hedge Hog". Look at how they have styled the font letters into his head shape (for Sonic) then "Hedge" is written across the body with the hands, arms & gloves. Finally, "HOG" is part of his shoes, with the circle of his sock becoming the "o". It's a bit of a reach, but the end result is unlike any of the 100s of other tees. Where is this sold? It looks like a little kid size.