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This page should have 2012 & 2013 Sonic clothes.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothing, mainly shirts. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Top Heavy seems to be producing less, but newcomer Bio World is making more. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and WalMart. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well! You can also shop at TopHeavy Clothing Online now or the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .
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Sonic's Speedster Academy Tee This shirt is the "Sonic's Speedster Academy" tee, and it is in just little kids sizes. (Won't fit you) The shirt isn't trying to look like an actual academic type shirt either, it's just some modern pose for Sonic with lightening-type background, and the slogan written around it. It's also the 2nd shirt released in a short time to say "Speedster" on it for whatever reason. Likely to be a Sears item, released in summer 2013
Polyester Blue/Green Sonic With Name shirt Polyester ahoy! This is a polyester shirt, where the design is part of the fabric. As usual, they have chosen a bit of a loud design with bright blue & green plus an interesting orange font for Sonic's name. A large graphic of modern jump/twist Sonic is all over the front. This isn't a bio-world item (note tag style) , that particular tag generally never has a credit on it. This is a teens / boys size, but where can you find it?
Green Circle Portraits design tee This tee is fun thanks to the nice variety of portraits. The pale green color is slightly unusual as well. Modern Sonic is nice and big in the middle, under the logo. There are circles with overlap/edges for each character portrait with rough/spatter black to help outline them. You can see peace-sign Tails, fist up Knuckles, psychic hand Silver, ranting Eggman, Shadow & even Metal Sonic. Always great to see Metal, for the Metal fans! You should be able to find this tee at Old Navy stores in 2013 / summer season. Do note that not all Old Navys have the same merchandise, it may be found at some, but not others. This can make the tee more annoying to buy.
Zapper App AR Tee This is the "Sonic Zapper App Tee". It's the FIRST TEE with actual AR! What's AR? "Augmented Reality". Of course, it is very simple. The square design you see here is actually an AR tag. When you have an AR app on a device with a camera, like a pad, a tablet or a phone and the camera sees this mark it will activate the augmented reality and you'll see....some sort of animation, probably. Like the design on the shirt looks like it "Comes to life" while you watch it through your phone screen. That red sticker there shows how to do it. You have to download something called the "Free Zapper App", watch the shirt through the phone, then whatever it is happens. It's all very interesting. Do you know what this shirt does? Write in for credit!
One Way Green Fast Lane Tank Top
Here's a re-issue of the Sonic "One Way Fast Lane" sign design. (The yellow sleeves you see are actually from a shirt behind the set on the rack) This time, it's on a bright green tank top paired with blue shorts. You can see the blue shorts hanging below it here. This is in little kid sizes only at Walmart in summer 2013. It should be between 8 and 10 dollars, which isn't bad for a clothing set. Photo by CrystalSonicFan
Camo Classic Style Target Tee
This tee has an all-over camoflage pattern. It's a slightly blue-gray camo, that's pretty dark. It appears here a bit more gray than blue. The camo pattern is actually a part of the shirt, so it'll never fade off. The Sonic design is printed on over the camo. That white line on the side of him there is actually the size indicator sticker strip so just ignore it. It's your standard classic style forward facing Sonic, pretty big on the front. This may be the first Sonic shirt to feature camoflage all over. This is a Target tee, found in the boys/teens shirt shelf section. It's usually about 9 dollars, but you can find it on sale for 7 or so. (Watch for Target flyers & sales) This was released in summer 2013. Photo by CrystalSonicFan
Modern Sonic Roll Sweep Text Tee Yet another "This is how I Roll" Sonic meme type tee. This time, it's modern jumping Sonic, & he's not actually spinning. The colors in the curving text & background are a nice addition. The tee itself appears to be a light mottled gray long sleeve. Good, if you're looking for a long sleeve that's not the double-sleeve look & don't already have something similar. This appears in summer 2013, but where is it sold?
Oldschool All Blue Arch Re-release Shirt Here are 2 blue tees. Both are in men's sizes only, so they should fit everyone. The left is a re-release of a previous "Old School" slogan tee, this time with an added arch behind classic style Sonic, & the design is slightly smaller. The right tee says "Player" in the Sonic font, & the entire design is white. This leaves the dark blue of the shirt to show through & give color to Sonic. It's eye catching, but seems to use that 'faux wear' to the deisng. Both appear in summer 2013. Player Blue Men's Tee
Sonic Merchandise USA Tee Selection All of the shirts in this row can be shipped to the USA from that OfficialSonicMerchandise site that usually caters to just the UK or EU area.
All of these tees recently appeared for late summer / early fall line on the web site. The first 3 are just color variants of eachother. In yellowish, red or white you can get modern kick/jump Sonic in a circle with the Japanese text below him "Too Easy!". All of these have that crackling 'faux wear' on the design.
The blue & white one has a really different look from other tees, with a somewhat-shaded Sonic line art all in blue. It's a different pose, because it is from an Archie Comics Sonic art piece. The last is the "Hidden Palace Zone" Knuckles head logo one that also appears on the UK Clothing page of gear. All of these come in adults sizes, so they'll fit anyone. Watch out for super high prices though! Everything seems around 28 or more dollars each...expensive! Photos discovered by: ShadowFoxx757
You're Too Slow Mens Classic Tee This black men's tee has the familiar slogan "You're Too Slow" but this time, in a sort of glow effect font that draws attention. Classic finger-waving Sonic is nice and big in the middle of the shirt. The classic logo appears all in red by his shoe. A decent shirt if you don't have something similar, the glow-look font really helps this one stand apart. This is a summer 2013 design.
I Get Around Blue Modern Sonic Tee Here's another sort of random slogan shirt. This one says "I Get Around" over a portrait of modern Sonic pointing. The circle he's in has a red to yellow gradient and white border. The modern logo sits at the bottom of the design. Which company made this tee?

The tee at right has a column of block-font "Sonic" names down one side, & modern thumbs up w/fist Sonic art in an orange to yellow gradient circle with white border. You can see the Sonic & Tails rectangle tag at the top. This is likely a Sears boys/teens shirt in 2013.

Name Column Blue Sonic Shirt
Here's a blue tee found at K Mart (oddly enough) starting with their fall 2013 season sale & clearancing in fall 2014. It's a kids/teens size, in the boy's section. (not just for little kids, but it's not going to fit most regular adults either) It should be about 8.99. It has running Sonic with dust clouds and the word "Zoom" in comic book font behind him. Screen-tone dots decorate some of the dust clouds. But look at the art used here: is this the first time it's appeared on merchandise? It appears to be a new for 2013 Stock art, judging by the position of his fingers & the angle of the pose. What company has produced this tee? Photo by: ShadowFoxx757
Get Outta My Way Slogan Sonic Tee Here are 2 different slogan tees, with 1 unusual thing in common: they are purple! For some reason purple is almost *never* used in making Sonic clothing...or really, much of anything else. Why purple is so rare in merchandise, is unknown. (It's a "royal" color, it's not specific to anything (ex. pink) & it's a cool-side color like blue is so it's not going to clash with Sonic's color, etc) The left shirt is dark purple while the right is quite a bright color of purple. I'm Just Recharging Purple Classic Yawn Tee
The left has running modern Sonic in a swirl circle with screentone dots in yellow & red, with the phrase "Get Outta My Way!" written around it. The right has neo-classic art of yawning Sonic & Tails (one of Tails' waiting animations was the yawn move) with the phrase "I'm just recharging". It should also be available in the Sonic Gear Store , but where else is it sold? This appeared in late summer 2013.
Is this tee the real deal? Is it a very well put together phony? Write in if you've got tag photos / proof / company names. If you see this tee anywhere, inspect it for proof that it's a real, licensed item before you buy. First of all, it's fully designed, with background stripes, decent font & a slogan. This is no iron-on cheap-o-junk type tee. The Sonic art is just fine, normal looking & modern.
The slogan, however, doesn't really make sense. It says "It's not that I'm fast / your too slow!" However, because it's Sonic it ACTUALLY IS that he's fast, therefor, everyone else would, in fact, be too slow. Second of all, the "Your" should be "You're" there's clearly not the proper contraction there so it ruins the whole sentance. What's up with this mistake tee?