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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
Light Up Tails Sculpture
Here's a Tails sculpture that really lights up! The figure & base are both made of painted sculpey, but the base has 3 LED lights (battery operated) inside that create the light up effect. The tinted yellow glaze gives it the color. Made & photographed by Archaedin
Perler bead Sonic Knuckles Tails Title This is a large and complicated Perler Bead project. Using so many beads, is this title screen style shot of Sonic Knuckles & tails in a winged ring. When on a large enough scale, these pixel art beads can capture detail such as the ring being shiny, and the blue gradient background. Made & photographed by KeonaKii
Clay bead Tails Doll fan figure This fan figure of the Tails Doll is made from painted oven bake clay. The stitches are painted on, and the pieces are attached with wire loops. To make it floppy & pose-able the arms and legs are yarn. Made & photographed by KeonaKii
Cosplay Sally Nicole detail photo Here's a cosplay fan costume of Princess Sally. With a fully 3D head, vest and boots, all the details are there. She even has a Nicole prop that really hooks onto the boot, and folds open. The card/necklace is an ID badge for the convention that this costume appeared at. Made & photographed by Donna Cosplay Sally costume head
Recycled Materials Metal Sonic Fan Figure This fan made Metal Sonic statue is made from recycled materials, and painted. The 'flying' look is achieved by having a wire stand connecting him to the base. The base is a shaped wood piece, with Sonic title ring/banner decal added. The eye is reflective material, for a glowing look. Made & photo by Felifan Battle Damage Sonic Figure This is a fan modified 3.5 inch JW figure, into battle damage Sonic. (sometimes you will see 'battle damage' versions made officially, in lines like DBZ) This Sonic has either been damaged or has been causing it, with blood, and an eyelid painted on. Modified & photographed by: habachibi
Gmod Game Sonic models These are models found inside the game GMod. As you can see, it's a fully 3D, sandbox style game where you can fight enemies and build models. Someone's used the customization to make lots of accurate looking Sonic characters to use. Photos by Icelollyman
Roblox models Silver, Sonic, Shadow
Roblox 3D Town Scene
Roblox fan models Amy, Blaze, Knuckles, Super Sonic
These in-game customized models were made in Roblox. You can turn your character into any of these characters seen here. They seem to work sort of like lego people, with basic bodies that have customized colors & shoes
Trackmania Nations Custom Sonic Racers
but, that have very unique heads. Each head seems pretty accurate to the character, and you can see Silver, Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Blaze, Knuckles and even Super Sonic who seems to have the ability to fly. The world is 3D, as evidenced by the town scene above. Photos by Icelollyman
These racers have been customized in the game Trackmania Nations Forever. It's a racing game with loops, bumpers and fantasy elements on the track. Someone's customized Tails, an EggRobo (! you dont see those too often) Metal Sonic, and Sonic himself. Sonic has no legs because they are using his feet as the wheels, rather than having a character that just floats (as the other 3 do) Photos by Icelollyman
Cream the Rabbit Fan Ears Hat Here's a fun Cream theme hat! This hat is made of cloth & felt. It's just the top of Cream's head, with her big floppy ears, and the stripe. (Much in the style of the 'Sonic spikes' hat) You can see the colors here really match the plush version, for cosplay fun! Made & photographed by LittlePidgey4 This Knuckles figure is supposed to represent Hyper Knuckles (shiny coating) but with added repaint dirt/damage. Discovered on ebay by: Sonicfan09
Shiny Customized Knuckles Figure
Metal Scourge Figure Fan Repaint This is a fan figure re-paint. The Jazwares 3.5 Metal Sonic has been re-painted into Metal Scourge (from the Archie Sonic Comic) He appeared only once, and was pretty much just a color-shift. The two slots on the middle part represent his scars, instead of being the jet-engine opening that the regular one has. Figure modified with paint & clay, photographed & made by WakeAngel Metal Sonic 3.0 Repaint figure This is a customized Jazwares 3.5 inch figure. It has been re painted to have the color scheme of Metal Sonic 3.0 , much like what Jazwares did with their mock-up art. Made & photographed by HotShot
Fan modified Shadow light up motorcycle Here's a cool fan modification for the Jazwares 3.5 inch Racing Shadow with lights up! An LED has been added into his head-light, and a battery has been added to the 'engine area' of the motorcycle, along with a little switch. When you turn it on, his headlight really works. This took some skill to add, with wiring and actually opening the figure. The result is neat to see. Customized & photo by: Ninian
Mecha Sonic Archie figure customization Here's a fan modified compilation figure. It's made from Jazwares 3.5 inch Knuckles, Sonic & Metal Sonic parts, with sculpting added on. It's a figure for the Archie comic version of 'robotocized Sonic' which was based on the Mecha Sonic from Sonic & Knuckles. Customized & photographed by WakeAngel
Sonic & Amy wedding cake topper Wedding cake toppers can be rather generic...but someone's gotten creative here! Toy Island Bendy Amy & Bendy Sonic have been added to the top of this real wedding cake. Of course, the couple are both real Sonic fans! The bendies haven't been modified...but they still make a cake topper that (Amy, at least!) would approve of. These unmodified figures make an exception onto fan-items as they're on a real wedding cake. Photo by Bride.
Big Shadow Graphic Car Side Another amazing car by Tikal!
This bright red vehicle has been decorated with a HUGE leaping Shadow graphic. He's actually made up of several smaller decals tiled together. The result is really professional looking and dynamic. His colors look great with the red of the car, and the way the art was applied makes it look quite natural. Car customized by Tikal
Fan made Eggman action figure Fan made badnik robots Fan egg-o-matic Eggman pod checker wrecker
All of these figures here are fan made constructions! The Eggman is made from (appropriately) easter egg parts and Ghost Busters arms. The Egg-O-Matic is another Easter egg, with foam and spare parts. It even has interchangeable weapons like the claw and the 'checker wrecker' from Sonic 1. The badniks are sculpted and (very appropriately) use rattle-eyes. The Tails torso below was created so he could fit into the Tornado papercraft (Which can be downloaded in the paper-craft area)
Egg o matic claw vehicle
Tails torso papercraft plane Tornado The Metal Sonic above is a modified Jazwares 3.5 inch line one, made to look like the Silver Sonic from Sonic 2. With extra parts, silver paint, and different eyes, he can still be moved around. Notice also that the base has been re-painted as well. The Green Hill papercraft /set in the background is also downloadable. All assembled & photographed by Strap.
Shadow & Rouge birthday cake Here is a birthday cake done right: at home! No buying frightful quality chemical print-outs online to top the cake. Plus, get it personalized properly, not with some sort of bogus sticker, but with real frosting. You don't need fakes to have a Sonic themed birthday. Cake for: TurboTheHedgehog Metal Sonic Fan Costume Metal Sonic fan costume! This is a simpler suit, but makes good use of the items it uses. The sunglasses are a perfect
NY Comic Con Werehog Fan Suit
This Werehog fan costume was spotted at the New York Comic con. It's more like a mascot suit, with the full head that's sculpted from foam. The whole costume uses shaggy fur to imitate the werehog look, and adds fuzzy blue gloves for the hands. This cost quite a bit to make, as it was featured on the io9 expensive costumes of ComicCon entry. Made & worn by Mama Luna Robotnik
addition: they're dark, & you already know you can see through them to complete the mask. Look at the special shoe covers and robo-fingers gloves too. This was also at ComicCon! Made & photo by WakeAngel
Sonic Face Carved Pumpkin
Bags of Flavor re-made Sonic sheet tote This is a strange's sort of a fan item, and kind of not. Can a store be a fan? Maybe so. This is a tote bag produced by "Bags of Flavor". It is not a bootleg because it uses official Sonic fabric. In this case, it has recycled the UK Sonic Sheet from their early bed-set to make this bag. The store itself is in Manchester, and the bags generally cost 40 Pounds. Photo & owned by Orange Unicorn.
This pumpkin brings Sonic to the Halloween spirit! This jack o'lantern has been carved with a great looking Sonic face. The round shape of the pumpkin helps the spikes look really 3D. This design appears to be created by not cutting all the way through, but scraping away the gourd instead. Made & photographed by Peaugh