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Still more Sonic Fan Items! Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
Vector Crocodile Fan Mascot Costume
Vector fan suit Pose Get things off to a cool start with this Vector fan mascot suit! With all the detail, you can see his chain, buckles, headphones and cuffs. This looks just like something you'd see Sega have at a Sonic fan event of some kind. The suit can be walked around in, and posed just like a mascot suit. Look in the last picture for part of a person, which proves this isn't just a giant plush, it's the real thing. You can watch it in action with this video too: Vector Walks , it even has a moving tail. It is actually more accurate than some of the official Sonic suits. This was commissioned from a professional Special Effects Studio, which did a great job. Worn & photographed by:
Foot hole fan modified 3in Sonic The stands/bases released with the second Jazwares small line were a great idea and helped your figures maintain more/varied poses. However, the first series couldn't use them due to a lack of a little hole in the foot. Here are some fan modified figures, using the bases. To make the hole, a small craft knife (such as x-acto) was used, along with a VERY small/fine screwdriver. It's important to not use any power tool of any kind on these, as the plastic is too soft and easy to ruin. (ie, no dremels etc) If done right, and the hole is fine enough, they can be made to use the bases. Altered & photographed by DioSoth
Werehog Shadow Custom Figure Were Shadow Fan Figure Comparison
Here is a fan customized werehog figure. They've customized him into 'were-Shadow' by adding on details and different paint. You can see here the spikes on the shoe edges (to retain the glide-holes) added chest-fur patch instead of the belly dot color, extra arm fur, red hands/face and eye edges, eye color change, and more fangs detail. All the articulation is the same, and with the special shoes, the detail looks really great. Werehog Shadow fan figure made by Kcherryka, owned & photograhped by Beloved Doll
Fan Custom PC Case 3D Sonic This fan item is actually a working computer! The computer case has been modified to look like a ring monitor from the Genisis Sonic games. (It's a pc that looks like a monitor, an interesting reversal) To add even more of a Sonic touch, they've added a fully 3D paper mache Sonic & his ring to sit on the top. Made & photographed by: Tyler Many Fan Costume Gathering
This group of fans displays not only many kinds of costumes, but many characters too! You can see a Shadow hat, a full mascot style Silver, a clothing-based Vector, a themed Rouge (in front, with wig, glove, ears) a themed Amy, a partial Sonic, and even Big the Cat! This appears to have been taken at a convention of some kind, where Sonic fans are really representing! Photo by SonicRemix, discovered by FueledByChaos
Julie Sue Fan Mask This clay mask of Julie Sue from Archie Comics had the added degree of difficulty in that it had to be formed over a human face shape when it was made. It has an exact-fit/cast interior. Made & photographed by Beloved Doll. Elise & Marie Barbie Customs These Barbies have been customized into the 2 human characters Maria & Elise. The Maria has long blonde hair and a blue dress like the original, and Elise has stockings, her royal ceremony dress and gloves. The hair has been styled shorter, like hers as well. Made & photographed by Gin93
Mephilies Custom Figure Dark Spine Sonic Secret Rings
Both of these custom figures were made from the Jazwares 3.5 inch line, with clay additions sculpted on, like new hands, spikes or the rings for the socks/glove cuffs. They can still be moved/posed. At left is Mephilies from Sonic 2006/Sonic 360, which didn't need much paint as he started as a Shadow figure. The other is DarkSpine Sonic from Sonic & the Secret Rings for the wii. Made and photographed by WakeAngel
Chip fan plush Here are 2 plushes for Sonic Unleashed, Chip & the Werehog. The Chip uses really fuzzy fabric for his head and tail puff, and the Werehog is also appropriatly hairy looking. The woolyness of the material helps out the Werehog (so why didn't the official one use something similar? The whole point of him is to be super hairy) Made & photographed by Gin93 Werehog fan plush
Rouge big ds case open
Where do you put your custom Rouge the Bat theme DS? Why, into this customized big DS case! The case matches the theme with Rouge everywhere. The outside has a PVC keychain applied to it, as well as matching pink hearts. Inside, is a fan-made button, and you can see the DS as well. (It's also on another page of fan items) This is a great and safe way to store the DS! Customized & photographed by Dio Soth.
Rouge custom big DS case
This video shows various fan made Sonic figures,all of which are made of colored clay. Some of them are classic styled, while others are bendable due to pipecleaner arms and legs, with sculpted hands & feet. You can see various angles for each of the figures while Sonic background music plays and descriptions are shown. Made & video produced by JSHedgehog
Fanmod Shadow's Gun This isn't a fan modded figure, but a modified gun. As you'll notice, the Racers Shadow figure has open hands to hold his handlebars on the motorcycle. Well, if you can find small enough guns (like with dollar store gun packs/action figures) you can carve the handle down (if necisary) and give them to the figure to hold, just like in Shadow: The game. Will JW ever release Shadow with actualy fire arms like he has in the game? (one can only hope) but, in the meantime, you can modify little plastic ones for him. Mod & photo by DioSoth
Gold Paint Version 3.5 Sonic Jazwares made a blue-version Sonic, but not a gold one (as seen among the gashapons & bendies) so here's a flashy gold-painted 3.5 inch figure, complete with new red base (all standard bases are black) He looks convincing here, with the quite-shiny all-gold paint. Painted & photographed by JoshuaSonicFan Masher Fish Badnik Fan Sculpt
This is an all-sculpey fan sculpt for Masher/ChopChop the fish robot badnik. It uses colored clay (not paint) for each of the colors and is about 3 inches long. Made & Photographed by Gamercola64
Knuckles Mini Hama Bead Keychain Honey Cat Bead Sprite Fan Jules Hedgehog Beadsprite
Each of these items are bead sprites. The mini-Knuckles keychain at left is made from Hama Mini Beads (very small versions of normal perler beads) to make it key chain sized. Above is Honey the Cat, who's data was in Sonic the Fighters Arcade, but who ultimately failed to appear in the game. At right is Jules Hedgehog, who, in the Archie continuity is Sonic's father
He's shown both ways he appeared, first normal, and next robotisized by Robotnick. Nack is shown with his gun and with an emerald, which he's always on the hunt for. Made & photographed by SerenaAzureth.