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Still more Sonic Fan Items! Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
Large Glass Chaos Emerald Here's an example of a much larger 'chaos emerald'. This is a big version of a glass paper weight/decor item. These are found in home-goods stores and sometimes craft shops. They're not meant to be 'emeralds', just decorator pieces, but any Sonic fan can see the great resemblance...and collect them. While this one is green, you'll often see many colors (how appropriate) This one is shown here with an official Cream plush to demonstrate the clear quality and the size of the jewel. Photographed & owned by MrsHannahKaulitz
Metal Knuckles Fan Fig Mod This is a Metal Knuckles fan figure modification. It's regular 3.5 inch Jazwares Knuckles, re-painted to look like the DS game boss. Since it is mostly a pallet swap, not much sculpting was needed to create the look. The figure retains all the articulation. Modified & photo by WakeAngel
Penguin Sonic Fan Theme This penguin figure seems to be like a customizable 'munny' type item. It can be painted or customized into anything you want. In this case, why not do Sonic? With red feet/shoes, and spikes painted onto the back, it is still penguin like but Sonic themed. Customized & photo by MrsHannahKaulitz
Caterkiller Playdoh This Caterkiller badnik is all made out of play doh. Which is a bit of a feat because Play Doh isn't all that easy to work with, especially if you want details. Black areas are red here due to no black play doh. Made & photographed by Piplupfan77 Rollin wheel Sonic lego Cube Guy Style Sonic Lego
Two little Lego Sonic creations. These are in the 'cube guy' style, and the one to the left looks like it would actually roll! The red stripe/spiral on the wheel is a convenient touch. But who made these items?
Shadow Chao Fan Plush Here is a custom made Shadow chao plush. It has all the color details the actual chao does, including the pale-bordered eyes and horizontal foot striping. Made & photographed by Darkshade
Sonic Underground Sonia Custom Figure This custom Sonia Sonic Underground figure is a combo figure. She was made from a Sonic 3.5 inch, and an Amy's legs/boots. She has all new paint, and custom clothing and hair. The outfit isn't one she wore in the show, it's an alternate dress/top with boots. Since she's a customization, she can still stand on the little base. Made and photographed by WakeAngel
Sonic head pinata This is a Sonic head pinata, with traditional style outer coating. Notice how the decorative papers aren't glued down all the way, they're more like little flaps with raised bottoms. That is a decorative pinata style. Made and photographed by Soniccookie
Sonic X Cosmo plant alien custom figure Here is a custom action figure of Cosmo the plant alien from Sonic X. She is based on an Amy figure, but with extensive sculpting to add her hair buds, dress and differently shaped feet. As seen here, she can still be posed, and stands on the base. Made and photographed by WakeAngel
Light up Silver the Hedghog Sculpture Here's a cool Silver the Hedgehog sculpture...complete with real light up base! He's sculpted from oven-bake clay, with painted details. The base is hollow inside, with LED light array and battery to run them. They appear blue thanks to a liquid sculpey & dye coating.This matches well as he had glowing accents on his gloves in the game. Made & photographed by Archaedin
Welded wire Sonic fan face Wire Sonic face casts shadow What is this line-like item? It's a Sonic face...but it is made from welded wire! It's made from medium gauge wire, and constructed so that it will stand up by itself. However, you can see it has another trick to it at right, in that when you shine a light on it, it casts a shadow onto the wall behind it! It is a bit of a feat to figure out the line-work so that all the parts of his face can be attached. Made & photographed by PilotTails
Tails in Tornado customized airplane
Here is a customized Tornado airplane, complete with Tails. The airplane is a re-painted Barney Stormin' (from ToyStory), complete with Tails logos added to the wings & "Sonic" written on the side. The Tails inside has a totally customized head (no figure base) with goggles, but the hands & torso are Jazwares, so they are posable. Made & photographed by WakeAngel
Manic Sonic Underground Fan Figure Here's a Jazwares 3.5 Sonic customized into Manic of Sonic Underground. He has sculpted bags, jacket, earrings and changed shoes. He's repainted, but still posable, and uses the JW stand as well. Customized & photographed by SirCalistine
Fan Modified Tails Plush Here is a fan modified Tails plush. The top is how he originally looked, with legs that were too long & he was under-filled. Cardboard was added to his ears to keep them from falling down, his glove cuffs & socks were given black ribbon, & his legs were shortened, as well as being re-stuffed so he isn't all wilted. This is the 12 inch size. Modified & photograhphed by RaeLogan Computer set piece custom Shadow This sculpture isn't a character, but rather a set-piece. It's a switch from Shadow the Hedgehog (The game) which had to do with finding the computer room, which was a goal in one of the levels. It is about life-size to a 3 in. Jazwares figure and also features glowing paint for added effect. Made & photographed by Mew14
Sonic Birthday Cake Mini Sculpture This little sculpture was made to celebrate Sonic's birthday in 2010. It features a 'chibi style' Sonic sitting on a birthday cake slice, with balloon, party hat and cherry. The card seen behind it has a birthday message for Sonic. The base is painted wood with glitter for confetti. This festive sculpture made & photographed by: BlueSonikku Sally 3 inch custom figure
Hero chao paper craft Scourge paper craft Here are 2 fan made paper crafts. Hero chao and Scourge the hedgehog from Archie Sonic comics. Scourge features new details like the head piece, glasses, coat, scars and different shoes. (there isn't an official paper craft for him, so this is a fan modification) Each one stands on a labeled base and is fully 3D. Made and Photographed by Glaysson This Sally figure is made from a Jazwares 3 inch line Tails. With new sculpey details for hair and vest, plus new paint (and the tail removal) the figure becomes Sally from Archie comics. Made & photographed by Sircalistine
Silver hedgehog fan plush This Silver fan plush is all original. (not a modified plush) They've included all his details, including boot cuffs, glove cuffs, chest fur, and even added a custom paper tag. The fabric looks like a crush-velvet style. Made & photo by: Jak95
Sculpey Sonic Fan Figure
Metal Sonic Clay Figure This Metal Sonic figure is made from colored clay and wood. The basic structure is wood, and it has limited articulation. Made & photographed by Mew14
Scylla robot fan clay sculpture This is a fan sculpture made of colored clay (and glowing clay) along with wood. It is the (somewhat obscure) robot character Scylla. This Emrl-like robot is a Gizoid which only appeared in Sonic Chronicles for the DS. Made & photographed by Mew14
This Sonic figure is made entirely from sculpey clay over a wire base. The colors are painted with acrylic, and glazed. The detail for the hands and spikes is quite nice, and the figure turned out smooth. Made & photographed by AmazingSuperhero