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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Hidden Palace Zone All Paper Craft Hidden Palace Emerald Stands Look at this cool Hidden Palace Zone paper craft. When you build this, it makes a little diorama of the zone that your Jazwares figures can fit into. It looks great with paper emeralds that you fold yourself (left) or with the Super Pack emeralds & a big 'jewel paper weight glass' (right) This can be printed with 11 x 17 paper (take it to a copy shop such as
Hidden Palace Paper Size Compare Kinkos if your home printer won't make it) and as usual, card-stock works the best as it is sturdy and stands up to glue and tape. Do you want to make this yourself? You can! The creator of the pattern Strap has provided a PDF for you to download. Press this link:
Hidden Palace Zone Paper Craft and use your PDF viewer to save the file so you can print it. Made & photographed by Strap
Above: hidden palace size comparison. You can see it here with the official Green Hill & Tornado crafts. It's sized just right for the Jazwares 3 inch line figures.
Simple Sonic Face Pumpkin
Sonic Team Wood Logo Face This Sonic Team logo style Sonic face is a wooden fan object. It's made of thick, cut wood, and painted to look like the logo. The figure lets you know how big it is. Made & photo by TurboTheHedgehog
Here's another cool Sonic theme jack o'lantern. This one features a simple Sonic profile face, but it works quite well. You can see the carving in the daylight shot, and how big it is on the actual pumpkin. Doing a cool Sonic carving is a great way to celebrate Halloween. Made & photographed by: Sonickoda
Sonic Riders custom character boards Here are some fan made Sonic Riders air boards. They're made to scale with the 3.5 inch Jazwares figures, and colored to look like the boards the characters use in the game. Each board has a unique shape (just like in the game) Made & photographed by Sonic guy14 Sonic riders character boards
Green Hill Shelf Sonic Collection Area Where better to keep a Sonic items collection, than a Green Hill Zone themed shelf? These custom shelves are green to match the surface-ground, with felt to protect figure-feet & the wall behind them is checkered like the exposed 'rock' of Green Hill Zone. At right, you can see all of the many Sonic action figures, toys & items that can be stored on the set of shelves. Plus, you can spot many other Sonic items in the photo, such as giant plushes, the Sonic fleecey blanket, a clock & several posters & videos. Shelf made & photographed by s-aint-15. Process available at LiveJournal. Green Hill Shelf w/Stuff
Custom Egg O Matic w/ Light A new and improved egg-o-matic pod! This has a real working headlight, and checker-wrecker ball. Look at the detail inside, there are tiny dials and control panel. The flame at the back is translucent plastic. You can see how custom Eggman fits right in, as it sits on a figure stand. This is a great fan vehicle! Made & Photographed by: Strap
Custom Charmy Mighty & Fang Knack Figures Company not making the figure you want? It's time for fan figures! These are all customized figures that can still be posed. Charmy is almost totally sculpted (legs aren't), Fang Knack is a Super Shadow who was re-worked and re-painted, and Mighty is a Super Silver who was re-worked and re-painted. Sculpey oven bake clay was used for all the added work. Made & Photographed by: Strap
Fan made clay colors wisps Tiny Wisps! These little wisp figures from Sonic Colors are made from clay. All of the Wii wisps are represented here, though the white one has fallen over. Made & photo by: SonicFan09
Nike Fan Sonic Shoe Because they STILL refuse to release a shoe that looks just like Sonic''s another fan modified shoe. This one uses an all-red Nike walking shoe as the base. No paint needed if the shoe is already red! A white strap (cloth) and gold buckle finish off the look. Modified & photographed by:
Fan Made Acceleration Panel Cannon Core Level Time Switch SA 2 Item Container
Here are 3 things you'll easily recognize from Sonic games. Fan items don't always have to be character related...they can also be set-pieces too. The accelleration pad is all hand made fom polymer clay. The 2nd item is the time stopping switch from the
"Cannon Core" level of Sonic Adventure 2. The third is an item container, made with clear plastic ball. It can be made to look like it's holding any type of item you draw. These are all to scale with Jazwares 3.5 inch line figures. All made and photographed by Mew14
Facebook Buddypoke Sonic & Shadow These little characters are Facebook Buddypokes. You can customize these chibi styled humans with various accessories and then display them on your page. With the addition of colored 'ninja masks' and cat ears, this later set of buddypokes looks even more like Sonic & Shadow than the previous set. Made & photographed by Shade1602 Shadow Metal Sonic Chip Cosplay
Archie Sonic Evil Char Figures Here are 3 JW figure customizations from the Archie comic character line-up. Scourge makes another appearance, Manik (also from SU, but having put in an Archie appearance) and lastly the less-popular "Evil Tails" from the dimension where everyone who is good, is bad. Customized and photo by: SunnyTheHedgehog
This photo is for a Ginjika style cosplay of Shadow, Metal Sonic & Chip. Ginjika means (usually) humans styled after the look of non-human characters. Hence, Metal Sonic being represented with hair & sunglasses. With nice detail, this is a fun set to see. Photo by: RapedMaster
Chronicals Egg Bot Figure
Seldom seen & interesting JW figure customizations here too. At left, you can see an Eggman who was customized into an Eggbot. The Eggbot was an enemy only seen in 1 level in Sonic Chronicals: Dark Brotherhood game. It inhabited one of the actual Eggman's old cities. At left is SatAm Robotnick. A clever use of Big the Cat brings out a good likeness of the villain. (Isn't it surprising how close the proportions are for this figure!) Customized and photo by WakeAngel
Dr. Robotnick Sat Am Fan Figure
Dark Super Fan Figs A JW Super Hedgehogs 3 pack has been customized into the 'dark' versions of each super form. Silvers' psychic glove-glow has been switched to red, and all of the emeralds have a black hue over the natural color. Customized and photo by
Bark Polar Bear Fan Figure Ray Flying Squirrel Fan Figure Tails & Bean Dynamite Duck Figure
Actual characters too caught up in licensing woes to have official figures made? Fan figures can be made no matter what. At left is Bark the Polar Bear from the Sonic Fighters Arcade (made from re-painted & re-sculpted Toy Island Knuckles) then there's Ray the Flying Squirrel from Sonic Arcade (made from a Jazwares Tails) & last are Riders style Tails & Bean the Dynamite Duck from Sonic Fighters Arcade. Made & photographed by HyperTailsX
Motobug Badnik Fan Figure This is a real pull-back-n-go fan customization. Motobug started off as a Cubix pull-n-go toy, but with some sculpting, and added parts it's a badnick. It still retains the movement feature too, so it can be sent rolling across a table like the real thing. Made & photographed by WakeAngel Perfect Chaos Serpent Custom This serpent item has been given a sculpted face makeover, & some new paint so it looks like Perfect Chaos from Sonic Adventure. Customized & photo by IndigoSonic92
Fan PaperCraft Alert:
With this PDF Booklet, you can make a Hero Chao, Super Shadow, Nazo (odd colored super from Sonic X out-take/cell) & different colors of Shadow Androids by printing out the pages. ALL papercrafts are included in the booklet, so to choose 1, just select its pages (ex. "1-3") when you get to the 'print' screen. If you want to print all at once, just use the printer icon on your pdf reader. Use "Shadow & Chao Papercraft Booklet" link to download your PDF. Papercrafts compiled & customized by: Glaysson
Swatbot fan figure Megatox Custom Figure Bean & Guntiver Custom Figures When you make fan figures, you can make anyone, even if they only appeared in a few issues of the Sonic comic. At left is a SwatBot with Archie style paint job. It's made from War Machine & a Nanomech from Ben 10, with additional Durepox sculpting for the head.
In the center is MegaTox who you'll recognize from the Fleetway Sonic The Comic. He's an ActionMan figure villian repaint. A Woody Woodpecker PVC gets new paint and sculpting to be Bean the Dynamite from Sonic Fighters, and last is Guntiver the Wolf who was the leader of the Arctic Zone Freedom Fighters from Archie Sonic comics. He is made from a Ben10 wolf and Durepox. All figures customized & photographed by: Glaysson
Fan customized paper crafts Fan made item monitors of Sonic 1 If you can papercraft... you can customize the crafts too! At left is Shadow Android (blue version) complete with all new machinegun arm attachment. Middle is Mephilies the Dark
from Sonic 2006, notice the crystalized spikes and flame feet. Last is Manik, and you can see his 3D spike bracelets, paper jacket and even Drums themed necklace/charm. Item Monitors were a big part of game-play, so why not make some of those too? You can see nearly all of them from early Sonic games, all on a Green Hill & totem-pole base. All papercrafts customized & photographed by: Glaysson
Merlina Wizard Custom Barbie
Here are 3 customized Barbies, to look like some of the few human female characters from the games (& a concept art!) At left is Merlina from Sonic & Black Knight, complete with purple hair and costume. Next is Sharah the genie from Sonic & Secret Rings. But at far right is...Madonna. Who's that? A woman from an early Sonic concept art who he was supposed to rescue much Sharah Genie Custom Barbie Madonna custom Barbie
Muttski & Robo Muttski Plush Dog like Mario/Donkey Kong. Since that idea wasn't used, she remained a concept. In the Archie comics Sonic & Uncle chuck had a dog Muttski, who was later robotosized by Robotnick. Both versions are seen at left as modified plush dogs. All customized & photographed by Gin93