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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Fang Nack Fan Figure Here is a customized fan figure for Nack / Fang Weasel. Using a Jazwares Shadow figure base, he's been sculpted & repainted. You can see the details like the metal plates for his gloves, belt, & giant tooth. It appears to be copyright issues that prevent an official Fang figure from being released, so why not create a fan figure in the meantime? Made & photo by WakeAngel
Customized Tornado Fan Airplane Here is a toy airplane (originally from Weebles) that's been customized into Tails' Tornado Biplane. As you can see, it's the right size for the figures to fit in and stand on. Hopefully an official plane is made, the Tornado is a great prop! Customized by: Juan Martinez
Unleashed style Sonic tattoo Here's a great Sonic tattoo! The artwork is from Unleashed so Sonic looks cool and modern. Look closely though, as blue-arm Sonic has been chosen. The tattoo is full color, and about 4 inches high. Photo by & tattoo on Dustin Lee Autry
Sonic Fan Costume Just in time for fall/Halloween, here's a Sonic Fan Costume. With a custom shirt and custom shoes, it's easy to use the official Sonic Spikes cap/plush hat and add a pair of white gloves (and blue jeans) to put together a Sonic costume without resorting to anything old or bogus looking. Photo, costume & worn by TailsDude12
Honey Cat Custom Figure This is Honey The Cat. She is a variation on Honey (the human) from Virtua Fighter. She appeared in Sonic the Fighters Arcade game...but ONLY in the code! She never made it to be play-able in the final version, though she had a move-set & animations. Though cut from the roster, she still was created by the game programmers. This custom figure uses Jazwares 3.75 Honey Cat Fighters Fan Figure
Amy's boots, but adds a tail, dress details, and even drilled hands so she can actually hold a mallet, which is made from sculpey and cork. (light enough to not tip over figure.) The Piko Hammer & Anti Piko use toothpick handles so any drilled-hand figure can hold them. Piko made with sculpey & pill bottle, so it is hollow. Customized by WakeAngel
Sally Cosplay Here's a fun Sally cosplay, worn to Otakon in 2010. With full body suit, boots, ears & vest the costume uses the wearer's own styled hair (pulled foreward and back, like Sally's, also brown) to complete the look. The Sonic doll seen here is the S&K shirt wearing doll from the old Sega catalog, a fun addition! Costume made & worn by Elisto Green Hill Zone theme Wooden Box This is a cute Green Hill Zone themed wooden box. What started out as a regular checkered wood box has been given fun decorations for a Sonic theme! Motobug & a monitor are on top, badniks, rings & spikes on the sides, and inside there's even a totem pole & background scene. Customized & photo by Elisto.
Super Sonic Fan Plush Here is a Super Sonic fan plush. He's not modeled after any existing plush, the pattern is unique. He uses fuzzy fabric & felt for the details. This is all hand sewn and over 10 inches high. Made & photo by: GoClone999
3.75 JW Silver Figure Keychain modify
These 2 items are fan modifications. They use something official (in this case Jazwares 3.75 line Super Silver & GE Entertainment's metal enamel keychain Sonic) to create different items. With the attached key ring/chain & clip, Silver becomes a keychain ornament. The enamel Sonic, once removed from his "Sonic & Gold Ring Key Clip" has become the charm for a necklace. Left photo discovered by: TurboThe Hedgehog, right by Toxic the Skunk Keychain metal charm necklace modify
Fan S&K Slot Machine Here are 2 items you'll recognize right away from Sonic & Knuckles. At left is the slot machine from the casino level, & at right is the 'gumball machine style' bonus stage where you could win shields or lives as you turned the knob at the top after bouncing off the bumpers. It's a tall coin bank that works...and look, it even lights up too! Both made & photo by Kingboo Gumball Bonus Light up bank
Green Hill Rings Fan Cake Layers This cake may be professionally made, but was likely commissioned by a fan. It's a cool 3 layer cake covered in fancy fondant, to resemble Green Hill zone. Little sunflowers, rings, & palms are great details. The topper is a Jazwares Sonic figre holding a giant ring, which gives you an idea of the size of the cake. This is a fun cake for a cool Sonic celebration. Photo discovered by Damnlol --but who is the cake for?
Metal Sonic Ornament Modification Another 'fine line' item between fan thing & bootleg. Here, someone has taken an authentic Jazwares 2 inch line display figure for Metal Sonic, drilled a hole in his spike, & added a loop to make him a Christmas Tree Ornament in an attempt to re-sell him. But do people want a villain on their tree? Photo discovered by: Hali66
Enerjak Silver Saga Figure Modify In the Archie Sonic Universe side-series, Silver got an arc. In it, he fought another version of Enerjak (different people can 'be him' in the continuity) This one has a more elaborate mask & clothing, as seen here with this customized Enerjak Mask Custom Figure
Prelate hedgehog custom figure
Jazwares small line Knuckles. The mask is removeable, and the costume uses real cloth too. This version of Enerjak could also do something like a 'soul steal' manouver which would turn other characters into 2-tone 'slave versions' called "Prelate". The entire Chaotix appeared this way, and needed to be freed. Their eye color (solid) was the indicator of their original body color in the comic. Here, a Sonic figure has been repainted in the Prelate color scheme. These figures can be seen given to Ian Flynn (Archie Comics staff) at ComicCon with the ComicCon Video. Customized & photo by WakeAngel.
Cyan & Nega Wisp Plushes Here are 2 fan wisp plushes. Nega wisp & Cyan wisp from Sonic Colors have embroidered details for the eyes & mouth, and they are made of fleece. Embroidery is durable, but somewhat difficult to achieve. Each one is all hand sewn & stuffed. Made & photo by Goclone999 Julie Su Fan Plush
Here's a Julie Su the echidna from Archie Sonic comics plush. She has her vest, belt & detailed shoes. Silver-tone fabric is used for her metallic accents. Made & photo by Usako-Chan
Black & White Sonic Graphic Fan Truck Clearly, the truck of a Sonic fan. Someone has added big, black gray & white decals or magnets of some kind to the side of this pick up truck. It has classic Sonic speeding along past some rings. But who owns this truck?
You can make Sonic themed things in WarioWare Microgames. The microgames are just that: extremely simply few-second tasks (often wacky) that you have to do quickly to win/pass. The game includes an engine you can use to make your own of course, people want to add Sonic! Here are some videos from fans who have made their own:
Be Eggman! Drop a weight on Sonic - by NS2TheAlbrascan
Control Motobug! Run into Sonic - by HinchyFatCow
Parody the annoying mine cart from the GameGear games - by Shigamado
Fan Diorama Asteroid Chase Tails Tornado Fan Mod Plane Here's a cool toy airplane modification. The "Barney Stormer" airplane can be re painted & re-detailed to look like the Tornado that Tails built. What's extra good though, is that the Jazwares 3.75 line Tails figure will fit into it. (easily, so you can take him out whenever without him breaking... somewhat unlike the Racers Tailsplane item) Plane modified & photo by WakeAngel
This is a diorama of the Doomsday Zone (final area, if you got all the Chaos Emeralds) It's made with painted foam sides, real rocks for the asteroids you had to break through, and paper cut outs for Super Sonic who had to chase Eggman in his robot suit at the edge of the atmosphere for this last zone. Made & photo by: DarkSonicGold12
Super Scourge Fan Figure Here is Scourge the Hedgehog from Archie Sonic comics, & his super form. Since he's green regularly, his super form is purpleish/blueish with black & red eyes. Interestingly, it gets his shoes to change Scourge Archie Comic Fan Figure
color somehow as well. You can see his different accessories here like the crown he put on (he wants to rule the world), his sunglasses & cloth coat. These were made with JW 3.75 line figures, and it uses Knuckles' shoes to complete the look for his boots. Customized & photo by WakeAngel2001
Mephiles Fan Figure 2 Here's another Mephiles fan figure, (why does JW not release this villain as an official figure?) He's made from a JW 3.75 line Shadow, with sculpted & painted details for the extra spikes on his head & shoes. This is the 2nd Mephiles by this customizer! Customized & photo by WakeAngel2001 Eggman Nega Fan Figure Here's an Eggman Nega fan figure. He first appeared in the DS portable games, and is from an alternate dimension. This is a Jazwares 3.75 line figure re-paint for his laternate colors. Customized & photo by HyperTails/KingMinun
E123 Omega Fan Figure Everyone's favorite TeamDark violence loving robot, E-123 Omega! While this is technically a customized figure, it's got lots of unique parts. He was made from a Jazwares Manarctica figure (from Fanboy & ChumChum)
but uses JW 3.75 line Knuckles' elbows (as the figure had none) and then, the back is carved wood. Plus all the painting and sculpting that went on, this is a very complicated figure. Customized & Photo by WakeAngel2001
Fiona Fox Fan Figure Here is Fiona Fox from Archie Sonic Comics. She is made by customizing the JW 3.75 line Amy figure, along with a Tails, and adding oven-bake clay for the details. With a full repaint, she's Fiona who went away with Scourge the evil extra-dimensional hedgehog. Customized & photo by Dustin Lee Autry Sonic 4 Fan Case Genesis What would Sonic 4 look like if it had come out on the Genesis instead of as a download release for modern systems? This fan-made case illustrates a possibility. To make it, the logo, background & Sonic were put together & printed out. Discovered by Dustin Lee Autry
3.75 Classic Knuckles Fan Mod Figure Lots of customization went into making this 3.75 line size pose-able Classic Knuckles figure! The body is Jazwares 3.75 modern Knuckles, the head and fists are classic First 4 Figures, & the feet are Gachapon. The tail was sanded down, and the arm-uppers were removed. He fit all together again, and is still fully pose-able. (Why didn't Jazwares release a Classic Knuckles & badnik pack?) The result is authentic looking here, with fan-made back-drop too. Customized & photo by Strap
Coconuts Close Up Here is a fan figure for Coconuts the badnik monkey robot. He is poseable, and in scale with the JW classic line figures. He uses a modern Sonic head, Tails torso, Marvel Legends Mojo legs, Bionicle feet, a wooden coconut & a total repaint. Because all action figures were used, look how pose-able he is. Customized & photos by Strap Coconuts Monkey Fan Figure
2D Lego Tails Here is a Tails figure made from various Legos. From the front, it resembles a 2D style bead-sprite, but then look at the side for the interesting pieces used. Made & photo by FuriousKnuckles2
Perler Bead Sonic Face Ornament This fun little item is a Christmas tree ornament. It is a SonicTeam logo/1 up logo Sonic face, that is made from
perler beads. However, if a hook is added, & it's the right size, it goes from bead-sprite to ornament! Made & photo by: Rae Logan
Chaos 0 Fan Figure
This is a Chaos 0 fan modified figure! Isn't it interesting how closely the Werehog proportions fit for Chaos 0? This is the Jazwares Werehog modified with sculpey & repainted into Chaos 0. The see-through brain area is made with hot-glue (a smart move, because it is both somewhat transparent, and pretty tough too) Figure modified & photo by WakeAngel2001